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Pathetic Only Fans/Tik Tok Scumbag Tries To Start Conflicts At Malibu

So there's this pathetic self-rightious clout-chasing Tik Toker guy that feels because he has been sober for like 15 years, that it entitles him to go around being a douchebag to people in order to get video footage of them confronting him to use on his struggling social media accounts.

Because as we all know, drama = views, and eventually views = $.

But, this scum's money comes from whoring out his wife on Only Fans. As he proudly proclaims in the video, as he also puts down people who work "9-to-5" jobs.

In the video this idiot posted (which is below), he paints himself as the all rightious victim of localism by a surfer at Malibu.

But what really happened is that the second he arrived at the parking lot at Surfrider, he tries to get himself into a confrontation over a parking spot. According to many of the comments made throughout a few of his social media accounts, getting into drama with people is something he is constantly doing.

He aggressively approaches a beachgoer with his phone filming and tries to instagate a confrontation over the beachgoer parking in the spot he claims he wanted.

A fairly well-known surfer can then be heard in the background trying to defuse the situation, calling out this scumbag for trying to instigate drama.

So then Mr. Holier-Than-Everyone goes up to the surfer to get the drama footage he so pathetically needs.

The video is like 8 minutes of this idiot trying to get a rise out of the surfer, and bragging about himself and what a social media star he thinks he is (pfffft, his follower counts are not even a high number). But at the end, he shows that when he returned to his SUV, someone wrote "Influence This Bitch" with wax on his window.

So beware surfer guy from the video, whoever you are, this Tik-Tokking-Wife-Whoring-Out-Superstar says he is going to be looking out for you at Malibu in the future.


  1. Love that someone is covering this story! This idiot needs to learn that he isn’t welcome at any beach in LA!

  2. I just want to rip my ears off after listening to this face tatted sissy and his weirdo cabal for 10 seconds. Possibly the most annoying mentally challenged idiot in Cali.