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Caltrans wants to know if you prefer construction work on the Big Rock Retaining Wall project in Malibu, to take place during the day or night.

Share your preference for daytime/nighttime construction work by taking the online survey through January 31 at Malibu Secant Wall Project Survey
Lifeguards located the dog about 600 yards from shore, secured it on the rescue sled, and transported it back to beach. While rescues like this one sure put a smile on our face, Lifeguards would like to remind beachgoers that dogs are not allowed on LA County Beaches.

Strong winds on Saturday knocked trees onto Pacific Coast Highway west of Heathercliff in Malibu, no one was injured.

The City of Malibu Arts Commission’s winter public art exhibition in the Malibu City Hall Gallery, “Deliver Me,” featuring original works by world renowned fine artist Tom Fritz, is open to the public December 13 through January 20. The exhibition can be viewed Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. City Hall is located at 23825 Stuart Ranch Rd., Malibu, CA 90265. No appointment is needed. Facemasks are required inside for COVID-19 safety.

More info at

Some dolphins cruising along some surfers along the coast of the Malibu.

"Losing everything in a housefire. Surfing the cosmos. Indian Casinos. Parking Lot Parties. Sound Baths, Finding your North Star. Prioritizing Fun. How to say “thank you” and “no thank you.” Building KASSIA+SURF the “High Vibe. Low impact” brand. Kassia is synonymous with radness and surfing in Los Angeles. Her story is incredible and her vibe is unbeatable. Drop in!" Video Interview by Shared Ingredients

The Temporary Skate Park is located at 24250 Pacific Coast Hwy and open daily from 8:00 AM - Sunset.

Skate Park users are required to bring their own helmet and must wear it at all times while inside the Skate Park. Users must review and adhere to the Skate Park rules.

Aerial surfing of single fin logger Kassia Meador. We’ve seen Kassia surf out at Malibu & San Onofre and she’s as smooth as It gets on a longboard. Her style & easy flowing approach on waves is a pleasure to see In person. Here’s a couple waves on a magical evening glass off from HULA SURF T.V.

The rain has subsided, but the rock fall hasn’t. Use caution driving the canyons. The Malibu hillsides are unstable and saturated. Boulders and rocks will continue coming down for days or weeks after rain storms have ceased.

From PMTV:

Dozens of people were evacuated Thursday morning at a Malibu campground after a slow-moving and strong storm brought hours of steady rain to Southern California.

Cars and pickups were partially submerged in rising water at Leo Carrillo State Beach campground. The city of Malibu said people were evacuated with help from firefighters and lifeguards. Others sought shelter on higher ground.

"We had some campers that were trapped, unable to make it higher ground, due to fast-moving water,'' said Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. Ron Haralson. "Their vehicles were flooded up to the doors."

In a tweet, the fire department said about 50 people were helped to safety.

Authorities were dispatched to the scene at 4:22 a.m. The rescue effort also included personnel from the Ventura County Fire Department, the city of Malibu reported.

"We're still at the scene working with campground (officials) and their list of campers to confirm that we removed everybody and everyone is accounted for,'' Haralson said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

"We knew it was going to rain, but we didn't know the river was going to flood," said camper Susan Hawkins. "Our friends came out of their trailer and said, 'You need to come in.' Shortly after that, the fire department arrived and said, 'You guys need to go.'"

More Malibu road closures from Thursday's rain. Decker Canyon/Malibu: State Route 23 is closed on the south end at State Route 1 (PCH) due to mud & rock slides

Thursday's rain claims another road, Malibu Canyon Rd is reduced to one lane at HRL at noon, while a mudslide is being cleared.

At 4:22 a.m. L.A. County Fire Department responded to a water rescue call at Leo Carrillo State Park. Approximately 50 people assisted to safety, no injuries reported.

On Tuesday afternoon, LA Beaches & Harbors reported that both the underpass to the entrance of Zuma Beach and the Arizona crossing between the Zuma exit and Westward Beach Road are closed due to flooding.

Due to the huge increase in surfers' vehicles getting broken into along PCH, LAPD put out this flyer:

Our photographers have watched first hand these pieces of shit casing vehicles at surf spots such as Sunset, Topanga and the spots in Malibu. But unless caught in the act, police will do nothing. Hell, even if caught in the act, the scumbag city officials have told the police not to arrest anyone, so the city has made it more enticing for those a-holes to keep stealing from everyone.

So do not hide you keys on your tires or under the car. These pieces of trash sit in vehicles and watch. Some will slowly walk along the park cars looking for the keys.

Yeah, we seen a number of surfers hiding the keys under their vehicles all the time.

At least, get a good key lockbox to deter these assholes.

PSPS power outages continue in some parts of Malibu, power is restored in some areas. Traffic signals are functioning. Red Flag fire conditions w/high wind, low humidity continue.


City Public Works Crews maintained emergency generators overnight to keep traffic signals in operation. SCE has re-energized some circuits and is working to restore all other circuits currently deenergized in the Malibu area. All circuits are off PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff) period of concern, subject to change.

Multiple traffic signals are out in Malibu due to SCE Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) due to high winds & Red Flag fire conditions. Motorists should proceed with extreme caution - approach dark intersections as an all-way stop sign, beware debris.

Temporary generators are being deployed to get them operating due to the widespread Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) implemented by Southern California Edison (SCE).

Crews are patrolling around Malibu and clearing debris from roadways and working on downed power lines in multiple locations. City Public Works crews are patrolling Malibu monitoring for road hazards, power lines, or any other hazards.

Overnight, a falling tree took down power lines and communications cables on PCH at Heathercliff, Point Dume approximately 1:30 AM. Wires down reported at 2:53 AM at Fernhill Dr, Point Dume; at 6:34 AM at PCH and Paradise Cove; at 8:11 AM at Cross Creek and Civic Center Way; at 8:37 AM at Sweetwater Mesa near Malibu Pier, at 8:40 AM at Big Rock.

Southern California Edison has implemented a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), cutting off power proactively to the Cuthbert Circuit in western Malibu (Latigo Cyn Rd to Bonsall Dr, and from PCH approximately one mile inland) due to current Red Flag fire conditions.

SCE had notified the City and customers that it is considering a PSPS on the following circuits, covering most of western Malibu beginning at noon today through 9 a.m. on Friday (subject to change): Merlin, Galahad, and Maguire most of western Malibu.

Malibu residents should be prepared for potential fires, power outages, downed branches and power lines and other wind-related hazards during the current conditions. Under California law, motorists must approach any intersection with a non-functioning traffic signal as if it were an all-way stop sign.

City staff are making preparations for the Red Flag event and potential/anticipated/ongoing Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) activations over the following three days:

• City Public works has been coordinating Caltrans to ensure we have back-up power for traffic signals. They have checked the battery backup systems on all the traffic signals from Trancas to Paradise Cove. All are working.

• City Public Works’ street maintenance crews are on standby, ready to be dispatched, and have placed the changeable message signs in western Malibu, displaying information regarding the PSPS and that traffic signals may be out.

• SCE may deploy a mobile Community Crew Vehicle set up at Bluffs Park depending on duration of the shut-off.

• City EOC staff have been placed on alert.

• The Fire and Sheriff’s Department have increased staffing and Sheriff’s Department has increased patrols.

The current weather outlook for Wednesday afternoon November 24:
• Red Flag remains in effect due to high winds and low humidity until 6:00 PM Friday
• Areas in and around Malibu currently meet Red Flag criteria or are very close
• The peaks winds for this event will be tonight (Wednesday) through Thursday afternoon with gusts of 40 to 60 mph
• Winds will decrease Thursday afternoon through Saturday
• Humidity will lower tonight then further lower Thursday and Friday into the 2 to 10 percent range, overnight recoveries will remain poor

National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning for Malibu Sunday, 11/21, 9AM - Monday, 11/22, 3PM. due to unseasonably warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidities.

Dangerous sea conditions in nearshore waters, mainly from Ventura to Santa Monica and across the San Pedro Channel, are also expected due to offshore winds.

Residents should be prepared for potential fires, evacuations, power and traffic signal outages, downed tree limbs and powerlines, hazardous driving conditions, debris in the road way. Residents should monitor emergency and weather updates on local AM and FM radio (which will work with handcrank, solar, battery-powered and car radios if the power is out). The City will send out emergency alerts as needed and post all emergency information on the website

Trancas Canyon Park and Charmlee Wilderness Park will be closed during the Red Flag Warning period.