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Who are The Malibu Under Dogs.
RON ROBINSON Santa Monica Flagship Store
Join TASCHEN x RON ROBINSON to meet author Jim Heimann for the exclusive launch and exclusive book signing for Surfing: 1778-2015.

This Thursday, June 9th from 5-8pm at the RON ROBINSON Santa Monica Flagship Store.
Curation of surfboards for exhibition and sale by The Vintage Surfboard.

The sea would ultimately claim Nick Gabaldon, but not before his dedication to surfing made him a role model whose legacy lives on. In an era still defined largely by Jim Crow laws, Gabaldon became California's first surfer of African-American and Latino descent when he learned to surf at "The Inkwell," an "informally" segregated beach in Santa Monica. Passion thus fueled, Gabaldon would regularly paddle 12 miles north to Malibu, where he held his own and then some with the top surfers of the day. Yes, 12 miles.

Director Richard Yelland tells Gabaldon's story in his aptly titled film, 12 Miles North: The Nick Gabaldon Story.

A foggy Friday morning at the Venice Pier. Photos by Six12 Media .

There's some more photos from this day in the Venice Pier - Friday 6-3-2016 Gallery.

The 5th Annual Nick Gabaldón Day celebrates Santa Monica Bay’s first documented surfer of African- and Mexican-American descent. The celebration takes place at the historic Inkwell, Tower 20, a historical African-American beach site from the Jim Crow era, and the location where Nick Gabaldón first began his ocean experiences.

The day begins at the beach at Bay Street for surf lessons ( registration required), history exploration and a look at shoreline ocean life. The Conservancy and historian Alison Rose Jefferson will host an exhibit at the beach to interpret the site and its significance as well as provide information about preservation and the Conservancy. At 1 pm the programming moves to Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium for various activities. The event is presented by the Black Surfers Collective, The Surf Bus Foundation, Heal the Bay and the Santa Monica Conservancy. The event is free, including entry to the Aquarium.

Bruce Brown footage
"You know, human beings just take, take, take from the natural environment and not many put anything back. Like Malibu sits there year after year, and gets surfed and surfed, and how many people who've used it give anything back? How do you pay back for all the years you've surfed and partied and taken from the beach and that special element?
People don't care about anything today. It's like, "I'm gonna get down to the beach, and I'm gonna take all the waves I can, and I don't care what happens to the beach beyond that." I mean, how many people are aware, sitting out in the water at Malibu, that there's the Santa Monica mountains. But no, there they all are, sitting with their heads stuck up in the air, staring out to sea, anxiously looking for the next set, necks stretched out like a bunch of cranes. They're not even aware of what's going on around them. I mean, it's beautiful...
Look, I don't get into any big philosophical stuff, but I'm trying to spread some appreciation and awareness. When I go to the beach I don't amp up to go surfing. I try to psyche down, relax. I'm not trying to get in anyone's way, not trying to get in any hassles. I'm trying to relax, enjoy what's around me." - Lance in Surfer, 1984

Meet Brooke Carlson, First Point Malibu local. Even though she's only been surfing since the tender age of 8 (that's four years to the mathematically challenged) she's mastered moves that some folks will never be able to pull off, no matter many how much of their hard-earned cash they drop on the best private lessons money can buy.

Brooke's stoke and joy in and out of the water is contagious and she never loses her cool in the often hectic, crowded, world renown line up at Malibu's first point. Her mom drives her to and from the beach almost every day of the week so Brooke can get as much time in the water, perfecting her game and bringing massive style, good vibes and a positive outlook.


Looking to paddle out on a CJ Nelson Designs model, here's your chance. they are having board demo on Saturday June 4th at Bay St. in Santa Monica with Jack's Surfboards.