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Malibu Surfing Association hosted the annual "Costume Cup Expression Session Spooky Surf-Off" at First Point, Malibu, California, under an appropriately ominous, gloomy sky. Unwashed throngs of local ghouls and monsters turned out in full regalia to devour donuts, shred the gnar and compete for best wave and best costume.

Have you ever dreamed of staying in one of the legendary North Shore houses? Well, now's your chance. The Billabong Hawaii House has everything you need - comfort, space, surfboard storage, entertainment and an ocean front view of Off-the-Wall, Pipeline and so much more. And...

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Malibu Surfing Association's annual “Costume Cup Expression Session Spooky Surf-Off” was held on the weekend before Halloween at Surfrider Beach in Malibu. Her's some photos shot by Jason Hsu.

ZJ Boarding House is teaming up with Surfrider for a Night Sesh this week that you won't want to miss. You know the drill!! Come to the California Heritage Museum Friday night at 8PM, bring your chairs, bring your drinks, bring your surf buds. We'll see y'all then!

There's more photos on Steve Christensen Photo.

Last Saturday, surfers got dressed up in costumes to compete in the 9th Annual ZJ Boarding House Haunted Heats Surf Contest. Held near Tower 26 in Ocean Park, Santa Monica.
The contest had two parts each surfer had to compete in. First up was the costume performance...

Highlights include, battling Ninjas, a tiny spaceman, Darth Vader in a Lightsaber battle, and scenes from Titanic and Free Willy.

A full gallery of all the costumes are in the: Performances, Awards, and Costumes

Page 2 - Groms Surf

Page 3 - Adults Surf

Page 4 - Awards

23 years in a row the one and only Venice Surf-A-thon Surf contest! Be there!

$25.00 gets you a limited edition tshirt entry into the contest and the awards party.

Specify division you wish to enter. $25.00 per division. Proceeds go to fund MLD Christian School , Mindanao P.I

This year we would like to fly in the "Beast from the East" the one and only Trip Freeman to be our Marshal and guest of honor. Band on the marque to play are Cycotic Youth DJs TY and Jaques with more to be announced.

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