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It’s Coming.....ZJ Boarding House's Spring Sale Starts Friday

ZJ Boarding House
2619 Main St. Santa Monica, CA
(310) • 392 • 5646
Store Hours:
Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm
Sun 10am - 6pm

Allen Sarlo getting some waves in Malibu. These photos were taken by Sunny Hunter

Solid Swell Combo Mid Week, Winds Not Ideal. Surf heights for the West Coast through mid week.

Medium to solid swell mix through middle of week
Strongest for more northern areas; small S swell
Winds an issue for many spots with onshore flow
Storms moving into the coast with unsettled weather

The Mighty Underdogs is holding their 2nd Annual March MUDness in Malibu on March 31st.

For more info, visit
Allen Sarlo, Venice Breakwater, December 1985

Photographer Josh "Bagel" Klassman has finally created a website to share his huge collection of photos he took as a surfer/skater growing up in Venice:

The majority of my photos that you will see on here were shot from the mid 1980'z to the mid 1990'z. That era was an extremely volatile, gritty, dangerous, violent, chaotic, crazy, unruly, insane, and radical on many levels, and for me being 14 to 25 years old during that time it was all a beautiful disaster and very fun to say the least, I loved every second of it. Oh ya, and let's not forget all of that beautiful graffiti, the more the better, graffiti art, tagging, gangster style, murals, stories, political, statements, every style of graffiti covered the streets and it made for an incredible esthetic. My photos are an insiders perspective, I was a part of all you see, it was my every day life. I was a participant documenting my world...

Head over to Josh "Bagel" Klassman Photography and check out vintage photos of how Venice used to be.

Follow Bagel on Instagram too at @jbk_photos

Jay Adams
It’s baaaaaaack! For the third year running, Patagonia Santa Monica will be hosting the Patagonia Film Fest.

Calling all filmmakers! Now accepting submissions up to 5 minutes in length, reprising Patagonia's Ocean Action & Activism theme. Get out there and shoot some frames, or dig into the archives and get the goods.

Submissions will be accepted until May 17!! Questions? Call the Patagonia Santa Monica store at 310.395.6895, and mark your calendars for June 21st, when the film fest goes off!!

Check out this raw video footage from the archives of Venice Skatepark and Venice Surf-A-Thon founder Ger-I Lewis.

Gotcha feeling nostalgic? Check out Ger-I's book, 1978: Crashed Memories

Mix of Swells for the Weekend, Light AM Winds. Surf heights along the US West Coast for Saturday morning.

Modest WNW/SSW swell-mix for SoCal into weekend
Light morning winds persist for the next few days
Morning winds most favorable, afternoon onshores
Good potential for larger WNW and S swell next week
Surfing Heritage and Culture Center has been working with sponsors and agencies in Sacramento to create “The Endless Summer” special interest license plate. If approved, proceeds will help SHACC programming to share the history and culture of surfing with future generations.

The plate is licensed by Bruce Brown Films and features the iconic poster image designed by artist, John Van Hamersveld.

The State of California requires that SHACC submit a minimum of 7,500 applicants before it will approve the plate and proceed with its creation. SHACC has opened a “pre-registration” site in order to gather names to show the public’s interest. The pre-sell will commence after the sponsoring state agency files a letter of intent with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the proposed license plate is approved by the DMV and the California Highway Patrol.

“The Endless Summer”is credited with being the first “Adventure travelogue” and introduced the idea of surf travel to mainstream America. Bruce Brown proved its popularity by booking a theater in Wichita, Kansas where it sold out for two straight weeks in the dead of winter. He did a similar booking at New York’s Kips Bay theater where it ran for a year. After these two successful runs, Brown secured a distributor and the film has played millions of times since.

Help make “The Endless Summer” special interest license plate a reality! Go to SURFPLATE.COM and pre-register to show your support of the plate.