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The average water temps as of December 9th.

Jacks Surfboards Holiday SALE starts today!

Monday, 12/9-Tuesday, 12/24

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Jacks Surfboards
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Tuesday night plan to celebrate local photographer Brian Averill & the Release of His Photography Book Concrete To Saltwater.

Great music, excellent food and drinks, signed copies, and a full book slideshow. If you’re free, swing by The Waterfront Venice and say hello!

The Waterfront Venice
205 Ocean Front Walk,
Venice, CA 90291
(424) 309-5331

Malibu's Frankie Seely and friends, filmed by SaltWaterSoulutions™

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be skating a fresh new board every other week like some of us. It’s time we as a community come together and help those out who can’t afford all the sick new gear that some of us just sit on and never even use!

Come out to Bay Street Boards at 3216 Santa Monica Blvd, and donate for a cause.

We would like to introduce you all to the first ALLOVE Skateboarding Foundation skate donation drive. We’re accepting all new and used skate equipment, boards, wheels, trucks, shoes etc through Christmas and New Years. All donations will go to Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, and programs that involve skateboarding around Los Angles so every donation counts! Thank you and remember it’s ALLOVE

Bay Street Boards
🌴☀️Santa Monica ☀️🌴
Surf & Skate Shop
3216 Santa Monica Blvd
Mon-Fri 10a-8p Sat 10a-7p Sun 10a-5p

A few words from Venice Surf-A-Thon Founder Ger-I Lewis:

Everything about the Venice Surf-A-Thon is custom. From the trophies to the art work on the graphics.

The contest primary function is to showcase the talent of the many participants,volunteers and sponsors and have a good surfing time! The surf contest that was intended to be a one off that became not only a neighborhood institution but an international one also.

In 26 years the Venice Surf-A-Thon has increased the entry price once. The entry is a paltry $25.00. If a competitor is unable to pay, the contest waives the fee. The entry price includes a custom and limited t-shirt, entry to compete and to the award show after the contest at the Sidewalk Cafe. A super deal!

Most contests charge upwards of a $100.00 to compete for a plastic trophy. Why? because those contests are about making money. Venice Surf-A-Thon is not. It is about having a good time, staying funky and true to the roots and aloha spirit of surfing. It is the surf contest thugs, gentrification and hipsters could not ruin or kill.

I personally wish to welcome back Sector 9 to the sponsorship fold. Back in 1993 EG and Steve Lake jumped right in to sponsor the contest. A few years ago after 23 years of continuous sponsorship Sector 9 choose not to sponsor. Well EG is back at Sector 9 and on board with Venice Surf-A-Thon! We are stoked to resume a wonderful relationship!

You may notice many competing brands that sponsor the Venice Surf-A-Thon. It is unusual. The reason being Venice Surf-A-Thon is plain 'ol fun and truly a non- profit venture just to stoke folks out. You don't have to take my word for it, ask the sponsors, volunteers and competitors themselves.

Finally any funds generated by the Venice Surf-A-Thon (less production costs) are donated to MLD Christian School, Mindanao Philippines.

Executive Director

The entry fee includes the award ceremony party at the Sidewalk Cafe! $ 20 pre-entry via Paypal at $25 Beach entry.

Visit the 26th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest Facebook Page for more info.

Check out the coverage of the 2018 Venice Surf-A-Thon.

These surf photos from Topanga were shot by Brian Behrens.

Brian Behrens has posted some raw surfing 4K footage from Saturday 12-7-2019 at Topanga.

Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

Powerful WNW swell mix cranked out by a strong northeast Pacific storm will fill in tonight and max out for Southern California this weekend. Similar to last weekend, that impressive looking low dropped southward from the Aleutians and develop 35-40kt+ winds aimed directly at our coast. More importantly, this is another lower latitude storm which means that the resultant “westerly ” directed swell gets into most spots so there will be plenty of waves to go around.

Solid surf tops out Saturday afternoon, stays strong into Sunday morning, then eases into next week. Favorable winds on Saturday, turning unfavorable on Sunday.