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Fading but still fun NW swell for the end of the work week will be joined by a stronger, longer period WNW swell Friday afternoon. That solid swell maxes out this weekend.

Friday, January 24th: 2-3’+ at good NW breaks. Light wind through early afternoon.

Saturday, January 25th: 3-5’+ surf off building WNW swell in the AM at well exposed spots, then more size in the PM. Light morning wind.

Come down to The Waterfront Venice this Thursday January 23rd for another run of Surf Film Night at The Waterfront. This installment brings us a great film from film maker Perry Gershkow. ELUDE featuring Noah Wegrich, Nat Young, Nate Tyler, Jake Kelly, Gearoid Mcdaid, Colin Moran, and Conor Maguire. Film starts around 7pm so show up early to secure your seat and beverage

Check out the trailer for ELUDE, a visual surf odyssey through five different countries:

The Waterfront Venice
205 Ocean Front Walk,
Venice, CA 90291
(424) 309-5331

New NW Swell Peaks Wednesday

Conditions will be generally favorable for California as this swell peaks.

The first of these swells is developing now, courtesy of a low that tracked off Japan a couple days ago and maintained very respectable 35-45 knot wind as it traveled east, with a weakening trend expected over the next day or two as it moves into the Gulf of Alaska. The relatively low latitude storm will mean the resulting swell has a decent bit of west in it for both Hawaii — where it will fill in later Wednesday and peak Thursday— and the West Coast, which will build late this week and into the weekend.

California will be under the influence of modest high pressure Friday and Saturday for generally light wind and pleasant weather, before stronger onshore flow potentially builds later in the weekend.

The average water temps as of January 20th.

Bianca Mitchell, founder of Ocean Goddess Surf, is the guest on the newest Salted Spirit Podcast.

Join the Harry Barovsky Youth Commission-sponsored Zuma Beach clean-up days on Sundays, February 9 and March 29 and help keep our coast clean and beautiful! To RSVP for either day, please visit or call 310-456-2489 ext. 279. RSVPs are needed.

The average water temps as of January 13th.

This classroom-based workshop is designed for surfers of all levels who are interested in deepening their understanding of short-board wave riding and setting personal goals towards improving ability, style and self awareness. The workshop uses video analysis of waves and people riding waves to get into granular detail on specific on-board movements and technical positioning. There is also plenty of two-way discussion around how to get the most out of every surf session. Come with questions and and open mind.

About the instructor: Mike has been researching, practicing and helping others improve surfing performance through improving movement, nutrition, mindset and technique for 15 years. As a surf coach, he uses video analysis, performance neurology, surf-specific skateboarding, bodyweight strength training, meditation, DNS, performance neurology & vision training to fast track client's surfing progression. Mike is based in Malibu where he's focused on helping others to surf better through education, practice, and refinement.

What to Expect:

Session 1 "The Big Picture" | Saturday January 25th | 9-11 AM
Topics covered include:
Surfboard design
Detailing the design aspects of the shortboard and what it is designed to do on a wave.
Different rail shapes, tail shapes and how they work.
Wave reading
Reading the wave and the way water moves is the foundation of all surfing.
Learn where the power & speed zones are on the wave so you know where to look and what to look for.
A large part of the workshops focusses on working through individual questions and discussing personal experiences so that each attendee can get the most out of the session to set and achieve individual goals.

Session 2 "Strength & Motion" | Sunday January 26th | 9-11 AM
Topics covered include:
Surfing technique

How to position and move your body.
Covering, the pop-up, the bottom turn, top turn, cutback, snap, and tube riding.
How to distribute your weight, foot placement, where to hold your arms, where to look, etc.
Training for surfing
What works, what doesn't.
How to learn and strengthen surfing techniques on dry-land.
Some practical takeaways to start practicing.
Review and Q&A

Coffee, Tea, Fruit and Breakfast Bars included.
$140 for both sessions (includes 2 day passes to Traveler Surf Club.)
$160/ at door (if space permits) 22941 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA 90265
For more information: 424.425.8033


Are you a lover of classic longboarding? Are you mesmerized watching surfers effortlessly doing dropknees and bottom turns? Do you yearn to cross-step and perch on the nose, just like them, but not sure how to do it? Or are you a beginner who wants a chance to ask all the questions you have about how to improve, catch more waves and longer rides?

Carla Zamora grew up at First Point Malibu, one of the best longboarding waves in the world. Under the guidance of her father as well as a long list of logging legends, Carla learned the proper nuances exclusive to traditional longboarding.

Join Carla for a series of one-hour workshops at Traveler Surf Club in Malibu, geared specifically for the longboarder looking to improve their game. The workshops will progress from basic beginner level through to more advanced techniques and topics.

Come for the sessions that are of most interest to you, or sign on for the full set so that you can build on new knowledge each time.

$30 with advance purchase, $35 at door

22941 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA 90265

For more information: 424.425.8033

Session 1 | Saturday February 15th "New to the Bu" | 9-10 AM
If you are a beginner and want more knowledge about how to navigate the breaks in and around LA county, this session offers insider guidance on how to best to get your feet wet. Topics covered include:
Paddling and positioning
Going down the line
Proper Equipment

Session 2 | Saturday February 22nd "Motion in the Ocean" | 9-10 AM
Maneuvering your board as an extension of your body is a key element to gliding gracefully and safely across the water. Topics covered include:
Bottom Turning
Cutbacks and redirecting
Staying with the Curl

Session 3 | Saturday February 29th "Fancy Footwork" | 9-10 AM
So you think you can dance? Learn how to move along the length of your board in classic longboard style. Topics covered include:

Session 4 | Saturday March 7th "Party Wave" | 9-10 AM
Finally, we will do a cumulative review of what we've learned and go into detail on any topics that were not covered in-depth. Topic covered include:
Combining skills
Taking your skills to the next level
Advanced Equipment
Squaretail vs
Fin Placement
The Proper Noserider