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"Beg. Surfers Put Better Surfers In Danger"

"Paddle Towards The White Water."

"Look Left or Might Get Your Head Chopped Off."

Tonan finds one of his old surf trophies and reclls some good times with Christian Fletcher, Matt Biolos, and more....

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"The Point is Dangerous"

"Bay/Cove Great Learning Spot With Lots Of Space."

"Take Surf Lessons To Learn Fundamentals."

"Paddle Around The Breaking Waves"

"Surf Sunset For 2 Years First."

"Learn To Be A Good Swimmer First."

Topanga, Not the Best Beach for Beginners.

Daily Venice Pier Surf Reporter Glenice Venice was guest on KCRW this week. He talked about the recent swell, the poor regional water quality after the heavy storms, and more.

Listen to the podcast below:

Glen photographed by Darya Alexandra for T2TR Clothing

Noah Hill has a new film coming out.

The film will screen on Thursday, January 5th at The Waterfront in Venice.

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou - Kylan, a grom at Topanga Beac