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Venice Breakwater - Saturday 1-30-2016

More waves from another El Nino swell at the Venice Breakwater. Photos by Steve Christensen Photo

Check out a bunch more shots at Steve Christensen Photo.

Venice Berms

During the El NiƱo winter that spanned the years 1982 to 1983 Venice Beach was battered by storms that flooded Venice and destroyed the Pier.

Video: Beck Adler

ZJ team rider Beck Adler surfs the Venice Pier every morning, eats a breakfast burrito, goes to school and then practices baseball, football or chess, depending on the season. Here at ZJ, we learned our work ethic from Beck. Let us not forget to mention his tremendous surfing skills, as advertised by this great video.
New Wave of Venice Beach Surfers

Weekday mornings at Venice Beach the old guard at the Pier hand over the best waves to the young groms. Giving them valuable wave riding time before they head off to school, helping build a solid generation of young surfers. Introducing Beck Adler part of the new wave of Venice Beach surfers...#BeckAdler #Hurley #HechoenVenice #AndersonSurfboards #VeniceBeach #VeniceBeachPier #SurferLife #SurfLife #SurfingLife #Surf #Surfing #Surfers #SurfsUp #Venice #WorldSurfLeague #gromlife #grom

Posted by Yo Venice on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Venice Breakwater - Friday 1-29-2016

More waves from another El Nino swell at the Venice Breakwater. Photos by Steve Christensen Photo

Check out a bunch more shots at Steve Christensen Photo.


Jan 24, 2016 - Santa Monica
It was a beautiful Sunday for our High School Division 1 SSS event LA to Santa Barbara at Santa Monica tower 22. With off shore winds that lasted till the afternoon it made for some fun clean waves in the 4 to 6 foot range. Oxnard had an outstanding performance running away with 78 total team points. 1st place in the Men’s Short board was Carson Dohan from Malibu. The winner of the Men’s Long board final was John Simon from Ventura. Winning the Women’s Short Board final handling the harsh low tide conditions was Ventura’s Jackie Regan. Taking 1st in the Women’s Long board division was Vienna Werner from Oak Park. Last, but certainly not least, taking the win in the Body board final was Collin Bossey from San Marcos. Thank you to all our sponsors who make this season possible.

*Team Results Division 1

Oak Park 72 def Palisades 54
Ventura 76 def Malibu 37
Oxnard 78 def San Marcos 54
Dos Pueblos 68.5 def Santa Barbara 61.5

*Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1. Carson Dohan, Malibu
2. Sky Petretti, Malibu
3. Sam Reichel, Dos Pueblos
4. Cade Bright, Oxnard
5. Mario Diaz, Oxnard
6. Dakota Crowley, San Marcos

Mens Longboard
1. John Simon, Ventura
2. Cole Spooner, Oak Park
3. Kade Bright, Oxnard
4. Evan Blix, Santa Barbara
5. Zane Booth, Dos Pueblos
6. Italo Mesina, Malibu
Womens Shortboard

1. Jackie Regan, Ventura
2. Vienna Werner, Oak Park
3. Jessee Ransone, Santa Barbara
4. Jules Neshadax, Ventura
5. Juliet Dodson, San Marcos
6. Eileen Anderson, Santa Barbara

Womens Longboard
1. Vienna Werner, Oak Park
2. Jessee Ransone, Santa Barbara
3. Phoenix Judd, Oxnard
4. Natalie Balem, Oak Park
5. Ginger Mellot, Oxnard
6. Michaela Bostwick, Dos Pueblos

1. Collin Bossey, San Marcos
2. Tristen Werner, Oak Park
3. Zion Denzel, Ventura
4. Nick Shore, Oxnard
5. Chad Skowron, Palisades (NO SHOW)
6. Jakob Quitter, Dos Pueblos (NO SHOW)

Video: Venice Breakwater Surf

It was hard to stay behind the camera this morning.

Allen Sarlo

Allen Sarlo was catching some waves in Venice this weekend. Photos by Steve Christensen Photography

Venice Pier - Sunday 1-24-2016 Pt 2

Great day at the Venice pier, photos by Steve Christensen.

Check out Steve's site for his complete gallery of surfing photos at Steve Christensen Photo Venice Beach Gallery. Buy a print!

Ocean Park - Sunday 1-24-2016

Fun day on the big waves at Tower 26.. Photos by Six12 Media

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Venice Pier - Sunday 1-24-2016 Pt 1

Photos by Six12 Media

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