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Car Fire - Santa Monica

From Los Angeles Bay Incidents:

"The Santa Monica Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle fire on Sunday, March 27th. The fire was located in the hood of the vehicle and contained to the hood."

HOKALI Beach Cleanup Day- Venice

All the HOKALI Community of surfers will be cleaning the beaches together!!
Date and time:
Sat, May 28, 2022
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM PDT

Venice Beach Recreation Center
1700-1706 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

HOKALI is announcing guidelines for individuals to conduct solo beach clean ups as long as local governing bodies allow for public beach access. A solo cleanup is defined as an individual cleanup by one person or household unit, not necessarily organized by the chapter, but promoted as an activity for the public.

The following requirements are outlined to assist in evaluating your ability to conduct a solo beach cleanup.

Your state and local governing agency allows access to the beach;

Active use of the beach is allowed under applicable laws (e.g. walking included);

Additional restrictions on active beach use are followed, e.g., open and closing times

Beaches are not so crowded that active users can maintain a safe physical distance of 6 feet

Participation in a solo cleanup event is voluntary and solely at a participant’s own risk, including risk associated with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Individuals should only participate to the extent that they can comply with applicable federal, state, and local rules and restrictions, and the below required practices including physical distancing.

The following rules must be followed to ensure individuals are equipped to make an educated, safe and mindful decision to conduct a solo cleanup while following CDC public health guidance, local beach access restrictions, and EPA recommendations for properly discarding used PPE items.

Be responsible! If you are feeling sick or generally unwell, please stay indoors and heal.

Participate in a Raffle: Send us your photo or uploaded the picture to social media with #hokalichallenge and tag and participate for a FREE SURFING LESSON + HOKALI HAT.

Where to find US: Look for the HOKALI Flag at Venice beach, near Jays Rentals Surfshop. Our coach Moritz will be there waiting for you :)

What to bring: mask/cloth face covering, gloves, 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, grabbers (if you have them), 2 separate collection receptacles.

Check with your local authority on beach use and access restrictions. Select a location where you can maintain a minimum physical distance of 6 feet. Avoid crowded areas at crowded times.

Wear a mask or cloth face covering when in public per CDC recommendations.

Wear gloves. We cannot stress this safety precaution enough. Viruses can live on hard surfaces, and individuals should exercise extreme caution when collecting litter. Wearing gloves discourages you from touching your face or face covering. If using reusable gloves, be sure to properly sanitize between uses. Effective sanitization of a reusable glove depends on the material. Individuals should comply with CDC and EPA guidance on how to effectively sanitize reusable items against COVID-19.

Grabbers are a good way to minimize contact between your gloves and trash items. Sanitize these after use and before transport or storage.

Refrain from touching your face or public surfaces during the cleanup.

Remember to use hand sanitizer after the cleanup is over, then wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds as soon as you’re able to do so.

Remember to properly disinfect all reusable equipment before and after the cleanup using an EPA-approved product for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


Dead Body Found At Zuma

On March 29, 2022, Lost Hills’ Sheriff deputies responded to a call for a possible assault that occurred overnight, in the parking lot of the at the Trancas Nursery on 30700 block of Pacific Coast Highway and discovered a deceased individual. As of today, personnel are working the event as an ongoing investigaion with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau, who have assumed control of the investigation.

US Open Of SUP At Santa Monica Pier

The world-famous Santa Monica Pier will host a weekend full of World Tour and Open racing, as well as our City Paddle Festival with a $25,000 prize purse on offer.

Jun 24, 5:00 PM – Jun 27, 5:00 PM

Registration for all Pro-Am and Amateur races can be found HERE and all pre-qualified athletes will recieve entry information directly from the APP.

The US Open of SUP at Santa Monica Pier will be the most inclusive and high-profile SUP event to have taken place in the US for many years. The Event will bring together Professional Competition, with Amateur and Corporate participation, as well as youth and health and wellness enthusiasts all wrapped up into our City Paddle Festival and World Championship Tour stop.

As the US flagship stop of the APP World Championship Tour, the US Open of SUP will feature all the World’s very best Stand Up Paddle Racers as they kick off their 2022 campaign for the World Title and for the 25k prize purse at the iconic Pier.

The Sprint Racing in the surf will provide a dynamic sporting spectacle in a fast paced, elimination format that will see the top contenders competing round after round until the Final. This 300m course will provide the most spectacular racing imaginable, and the view from the Pier will be unparalleled in terms of sports entertainment. There will also be amateur, open sprint racing for all non-professional attendees.

The Pier-to-Pier Distance Race will provide an iconic and high- performance course for the World’s Best, leaving from Malibu Pier and finishing at Santa Monica Pier, a 16km/ 10-mile race. It will be particularly poignant given the significance of this stretch of coastline in history as the regular commute that California’s first Surfer of African American and Latino descent made from Santa Monica to surf up at the famed waves found in Malibu. There will also be a slightly shorter, 8km/ 5 miles distance race from Topanga to Santa Monica Pier for all non-professionals to compete in.

Whilst there will be non-stop competitive SUP action, our City Paddle Festival will provide plenty more opportunities to enjoy the water and the ‘So-Cal’ life. With SUP yoga, youth clinics, fun racing and relays, our City Paddle Festival will fully immerse you into the life of Stand Up Paddling and will provide plenty of entertainment in-between. There will be live music, entertainment and food and drinks for when you need to relax in between adventures or cheering on the pros.

Whether you're hanging with the family, competing on land or at sea or partying with your friends– the City Paddle Festival has got it all!

The Santa Monica City Paddle Festival will mark the launch of our global corporate challenge, the APP Nautical mile, which is an immersive team building experience, which takes place in the heart of Major Cities across the globe as an integrated element of the APP World Tour’s City Paddle Festivals.

Ocean Water Quality Rain Advisory

It has been a little while since our last significant rainfall and storm drains are flowing today! An Ocean Water Quality Rain Advisory is now in effect through Thursday per LA Public Health. Beach users are advised to avoid water contact for at least 72 hours after significant rainfall.

Elevated To High Surf

Surf remains elevated to high from our storm today. Rip currents will be strong at area beaches until Tuesday afternoon when conditions will slowly improve. Check with a lifeguard or postpone your swim if unexperienced in dangerous ocean conditions.

Drug Overdose At Venice Homeless Shelter

Sunday, there was yet another overdose death at the Ramada Homeless Shelter on Washington Boulevard in Venice.

Storm Surf Forecast

Sunday, March 27th: 2-3’ surf from new NW, old SSW swells. 4’ waves for standouts. Building S wind.
A modest new NW pulse tops out to end the weekend as the SSW swell on tap starts to wind down. A lot of knee-waist high surf to be found. Summer spots see similar size. Light S/SE wind in the morning for most zones, steadily building out of the S through the day, getting moderate for the afternoon.

Monday, March 28th: 3-5′ early, 6-10′ by midday as westerly swell slams coast.
Waist-head high surf is likely at Dawn Patrol but expect a quick rise in W/WNW swell (275-295) through the day. Thanks to the ‘west’ direction in this swell — along with storms close proximity — expect widespread head-high surf midday and into the afternoon. Good spots will easily hit overhead with standouts up around the double overhead mark. Unfortunately (or fortunately), expect a hefty dose of rain throughout the day — along with breezy S wind. There is potential for wind to go light/variable by the evening as the storm slides over the coast but overall conditions will be pretty jumbled/raw.

Originally published on Surfline

St Monica Church Burglarized

Thursday night, St. Monica Catholic Church suffered a burglary in which camera and audio equipment was pilfered. The thieves also attempted to breach the tabernacle, which was damaged. However, it held strong and the Blessed Sacrament remained intact. What an inspiring demonstration of the protective power of the Eucharist! You can read the full statement, including how the livestream schedule will be affected:

Arson Attempt on Venice Boardwalk

Venice Beach, Thursday 3/24/22 filmed by Cop Watch Venice

"Arson attempt at the Beach house apartments on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Arson investigators found remains of a mortar style firework and have opened an investigation. The residents reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing a fire on a balcony after. The resident was able to put the fire out and suffered injuries to his hands."

Cop Watch Venice follows LAPD pacific division on world famous Venice Beach, showing a point-of-view style cop watch and update on Venice's current conditions. We make edited shorts, full scenes and are working on a documentary about homelessness and city failures. Donate to Cop Watch Venice via Cop Watch Venice Paypal

Fire On The Santa Monica Pier

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"Santa Monica Firefighters respond to a fire at the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday, March 20, 2022. The Santa Monica Pier Safety Task Force were the first to respond to the fire. Santa Monica Police Officer Madrid was able to put out the fire with an extinguisher before Santa Monica Firefighters arrived."

Santa Monica Close Up is a photo blog by Santa Monica based Photojournalist/Press photographer Fabian Lewkowicz. Fabian is the former staff photographer for the Santa Monica Daily Observer Press, Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Corsair.

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Suicide Jumper On California Incline

Just after 1PM on Monday, a man armed with a kitchen knife abandoned his car and climbed the Palisades Park bluffs and onto the pedestrian bridge over the Incline where he hung onto the outside of the rail.

SMPD and the Crisis Negotiations Team arrived on the scene and attempting contact with a distraught individual resulting in the complete closure of the California Incline. SMFD placed an airbag under the man. The Crisis Negotiations Team was able to convince the man to toss away the knife.

After 5 hours of negotiation, police officers got a hold of him from the bridge as firefighters used the Hook And Ladder truck and came up behind him. They got him over the railing and onto the bridge.

The man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

If you or someone you know is thinking about harming themselves call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.

The full video is currently on our Shackedmag Instagram Story

Earthquake Offshore Of Malibu

The quake occurred more than eight miles south-southeast from Malibu, in the ocean, at a depth of about 6 miles at 9:02 a.m. on Monday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Sunset - Sunday 3-20-2022

Here's surfing photos from Sunday, March 20th at Sunset.

This set of surf photos was shot by Six12 Media and brought to you by Body Glove.

These are just a few of the 100+ photos from this session. If you were out there, you probably got some surfing shots, probably multiple photos, they will be in the complete photo gallery for this day, check them out, the link to the complete gallery is down below.

You can find about 100 more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in this photo gallery:

Sunset - Sunday 3-20-2022 Gallery

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

Wanna see photos from previous days at this and other local surf spots from this photographer?
Click Surf Spot Galleries and look for the spot and then the date.

Tigrayan Protest Shuts Down PCH And California Incline

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"Members of the Tigrayan Community closed down both directions of the Pacific Coast Highway and the California Incline during a protest march in Santa Monica on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The protest aims to bring awareness to the Tigray Genocide."

Santa Monica Close Up is a photo blog by Santa Monica based Photojournalist/Press photographer Fabian Lewkowicz. Fabian is the former staff photographer for the Santa Monica Daily Observer Press, Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Corsair.

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Crash On PCH At Sunset Sends Car Into Ocean

Awful crash on Southbound PCH just south of Sunset Thursday night just after 10PM. One car went over the side, smashing into the rocks and down into thetide. The two people in the other car fled the scene on foot. LAPD searched for those people and found two people hiding in the bushes about a half mile south. At least one person from the car that went into the ocean was rushed to the hospital.

Venice Beach Homeless Update

Venice Beach, Friday 3/11/22 filmed by Cop Watch Venice

"The Venice beach boardwalk is looking as dirty as ever, but has way less homeless people than a couple of weeks ago. Council member Mike Bonin has apparently given up on everything since announcing he's quiting, and has refused all city services for weeks. LAPD has been chasing everyone inland to annoy neighbors intentionally, all as new people show up everyday. Some were chased out of a different areas and some, dropped off in buses like the sheriff's dropping off recently released inmates and like all the hospitals emptying out and releasing their homeless patients here. This isn't legal, but happens all the time. There's still no shelter or housing offers for anyone as the city wastes more and more on pointless services and outreach.

Sanitation is out for a "major homeless encampment clean up" and skip their first two locations because everyone moved. They still get paid to do it, and sat around wasting the time. They wound up on 3rd Ave where most people already left or were in the process of leaving. They stood around and watched as the homeless people did their jobs for them as always. And they of course kicked me out and spent plenty of funds on keeping me out, just so they wouldn't be filmed. Not only wasteful and probably illegal, it's also very pathetic.

Everyday millions of dollars out of Homelessness funding is wasted like this because the voting public doesn't care about people and apparently like the government stealing from them."

Cop Watch Venice follows LAPD pacific division on world famous Venice Beach, showing a point-of-view style cop watch and update on Venice's current conditions. We make edited shorts, full scenes and are working on a documentary about homelessness and city failures. Donate to Cop Watch Venice via Cop Watch Venice Paypal

High Surf Alert

Elevated to high surf will affect our west-facing beaches through Thursday afternoon, with strong rip currents expected.

Sea Lions At Point Dume

Muscle Beach Reopens After 3 Years

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach, and the nearby communities.

"Finally, today after three years of being shut down, the world famous Muscle Beach Gym on Venice Beach reopens with the ribbon-cutting, all new equipment ready for everybody to build thier body under the California sun. This is the most iconic gym in the whole wide world, it’s every bodybuilder's dream from all over the world to work out on Muscle Beach in Venice, a historic place where Arnold Schwarzenegger started his career."

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