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Due to the huge increase in surfers' vehicles getting broken into along PCH, LAPD put out this flyer:

Our photographers have watched first hand these pieces of shit casing vehicles at surf spots such as Sunset, Topanga and the spots in Malibu. But unless caught in the act, police will do nothing. Hell, even if caught in the act, the scumbag city officials have told the police not to arrest anyone, so the city has made it more enticing for those a-holes to keep stealing from everyone.

So do not hide you keys on your tires or under the car. These pieces of trash sit in vehicles and watch. Some will slowly walk along the park cars looking for the keys.

Yeah, we seen a number of surfers hiding the keys under their vehicles all the time.

At least, get a good key lockbox to deter these assholes.

PSPS power outages continue in some parts of Malibu, power is restored in some areas. Traffic signals are functioning. Red Flag fire conditions w/high wind, low humidity continue.


City Public Works Crews maintained emergency generators overnight to keep traffic signals in operation. SCE has re-energized some circuits and is working to restore all other circuits currently deenergized in the Malibu area. All circuits are off PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff) period of concern, subject to change.

Multiple traffic signals are out in Malibu due to SCE Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) due to high winds & Red Flag fire conditions. Motorists should proceed with extreme caution - approach dark intersections as an all-way stop sign, beware debris.

Temporary generators are being deployed to get them operating due to the widespread Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) implemented by Southern California Edison (SCE).

Crews are patrolling around Malibu and clearing debris from roadways and working on downed power lines in multiple locations. City Public Works crews are patrolling Malibu monitoring for road hazards, power lines, or any other hazards.

Overnight, a falling tree took down power lines and communications cables on PCH at Heathercliff, Point Dume approximately 1:30 AM. Wires down reported at 2:53 AM at Fernhill Dr, Point Dume; at 6:34 AM at PCH and Paradise Cove; at 8:11 AM at Cross Creek and Civic Center Way; at 8:37 AM at Sweetwater Mesa near Malibu Pier, at 8:40 AM at Big Rock.

Southern California Edison has implemented a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), cutting off power proactively to the Cuthbert Circuit in western Malibu (Latigo Cyn Rd to Bonsall Dr, and from PCH approximately one mile inland) due to current Red Flag fire conditions.

SCE had notified the City and customers that it is considering a PSPS on the following circuits, covering most of western Malibu beginning at noon today through 9 a.m. on Friday (subject to change): Merlin, Galahad, and Maguire most of western Malibu.

Malibu residents should be prepared for potential fires, power outages, downed branches and power lines and other wind-related hazards during the current conditions. Under California law, motorists must approach any intersection with a non-functioning traffic signal as if it were an all-way stop sign.

City staff are making preparations for the Red Flag event and potential/anticipated/ongoing Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) activations over the following three days:

• City Public works has been coordinating Caltrans to ensure we have back-up power for traffic signals. They have checked the battery backup systems on all the traffic signals from Trancas to Paradise Cove. All are working.

• City Public Works’ street maintenance crews are on standby, ready to be dispatched, and have placed the changeable message signs in western Malibu, displaying information regarding the PSPS and that traffic signals may be out.

• SCE may deploy a mobile Community Crew Vehicle set up at Bluffs Park depending on duration of the shut-off.

• City EOC staff have been placed on alert.

• The Fire and Sheriff’s Department have increased staffing and Sheriff’s Department has increased patrols.

The current weather outlook for Wednesday afternoon November 24:
• Red Flag remains in effect due to high winds and low humidity until 6:00 PM Friday
• Areas in and around Malibu currently meet Red Flag criteria or are very close
• The peaks winds for this event will be tonight (Wednesday) through Thursday afternoon with gusts of 40 to 60 mph
• Winds will decrease Thursday afternoon through Saturday
• Humidity will lower tonight then further lower Thursday and Friday into the 2 to 10 percent range, overnight recoveries will remain poor

National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning for Malibu Sunday, 11/21, 9AM - Monday, 11/22, 3PM. due to unseasonably warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidities.

Dangerous sea conditions in nearshore waters, mainly from Ventura to Santa Monica and across the San Pedro Channel, are also expected due to offshore winds.

Residents should be prepared for potential fires, evacuations, power and traffic signal outages, downed tree limbs and powerlines, hazardous driving conditions, debris in the road way. Residents should monitor emergency and weather updates on local AM and FM radio (which will work with handcrank, solar, battery-powered and car radios if the power is out). The City will send out emergency alerts as needed and post all emergency information on the website

Trancas Canyon Park and Charmlee Wilderness Park will be closed during the Red Flag Warning period.

Live conversation with Tim from the Mighty Under Dogs

The Mighty Under Dogs is a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to the recreational rehabilitation of participants by exposing them to adaptive surfing taught by world-class instructors.

World Surf League event at the iconic Surfrider in Malibu, California.

Event winner Ben Skinner.

Video by Sealaka.

A large rockslide occurred and there is an unstable cliff with potential for further falling rocks at Little Dume beach (at the end of Cliffside Dr, Malibu). Avoid the area. The City is coordinating with County Beaches and Harbors and CA State Parks.

BEACH HAZARD – A large rockslide has occurred and there is an unstable cliff with the potential for further falling rock at Little Dume beach (approximately at the end of Cliffside Dr, Malibu). The public is urged to avoid the area. City Public Safety staff are coordinating with Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors and California State Parks, and City Building Safety and Geology staff are inspecting the location to determine further actions, hazards to the public or notifications.

The slide happened around noon on Monday at Little Dume Beach at the end of Cliffside Drive. Officials say there's potential for more falling rocks and the cliff is "unstable." There are multi-million dollar homes along the cliff.

The city and county are inspecting the area to determine what to do next.

It's unclear what caused the slide.

Drone video edit of surfers catching nice waves in Malibu beach.

Log Rap's coverage of the 2021 Malibu Classic.

"That was one for the ages. By far the best contest we've ever covered. The swell actually showed up and the behind the scenes action was all time. Major props to Devon Howard for getting the tribe back together and to WSL for letting us come along for the ride. Thanks to all the surfers/family/staff members who let us film and share their stories."

Video by Log Rap.

Filmed by
Ryan Cannon
Ryan Hackbarth
Josh Valera

Edited by
Ryan Cannon

Not a tutorial or a vlog. Just beautiful surfing by Harrison Roach and Nathan Strom in Malibu, California.

Video by Aloha Visuals.

FromDon Foley Photography:
"10/12/2021 6:45am at Malibu First Point during the pre-heat session (contest began @ 7:35am) - good luck sneaking a wave from these badass surfers."

The 2020/21' Longboard Tour concludes at the Jeep Malibu Classic pres. by Havaianas beginning on October 11 and 12.

The World Surf League (WSL) 2021 Longboard Tour will conclude at the Jeep® Malibu Classic presented by Havaianas on the shores of Malibu, California's iconic First Point. The competition will run over two days, on October 11 - 12, 2021, and will be broadcast LIVE on Event organizers determined the run days within the October 3 - 13 window after working closely with swell forecasters to decide the best possible days.

Two-time WSL Longboard Champion and current No. 3 Joel Tudor (USA) searches for a historic third World Title to join the likes of Rusty Keaulana (HAW), Colin McPhillips (USA), and Taylor Jensen (USA), who is in search of making history of his own for a fourth World Title. Tudor's 2020 Noosa Longboard Classic victory notched his first win in over a decade, after his hiatus from competing, to set him up for a big finish after earning an equal fifth at the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic. Now, the 45-year-old has the opportunity to add his name to that illustrious list.

"I've been coming to Malibu since I was a kid," reflected Tudor. "First with my parents for club contests, then with Donald Takayama where we'd meet up with his friends Skip Frye, Nat Young and so many more. There is so much history at that spot. The local surfers and characters that define the place - it has always been the place for us longboarders that defines performance. It's the best longboard wave in the world, and to win another World Title there after more than a decade break would mean a lot to me and my family."

"I was at a Final here decades ago, the last time the WSL decided a World Title at Malibu, and I lost in the final to Russ K (Keaulana)," added Tudor. "Winning here all these years later would be a heck of a way to top off a pretty good run. You need to have goals, it gets you up in the morning. Winning another Title off this incredible field of talent won't be easy, but I have a lot of experience at that wave and I intend to give it everything I've got to pull out the event win and the Title. "

Fellow two-time WSL Longboard Champion Blomfield, 22, is in the running for her third World Title on familiar shores after an immaculate win at the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic. The Oahu, Hawaii competitor's longboard career blossomed at Malibu's First Point from a young age and has taken her across the world as an inspiration to the next generation behind her, such as fellow Hawaii surfer and current No. 2, Kelis Kaleopa'a.

Blomfield's young career has also been challenged by World Title contenders such as Brazil's Chloe Calmon, two-time World Title runner-up; current No. 6 Alice Lemoigne (FRA); and Longboard Tour veteran, Lindsay Steinriede (USA).

"It's pretty exciting to be up for a third Title and I'm really stoked to have won a contest, which I feel puts me in a good place to give it a real chance," expressed Blomfield. "It's going to be hard work and anything can happen at Malibu. I've surfed a lot of events and I know how it can go. But, it would be pretty special to win the World Title here. It's where I did my first event, got my first board sponsor, and really felt like where my career started over a decade ago."

"It's amazing to see everyone at the point where we're all nearly at the same level now," added Blomfield. "There's been a few standouts over the last few years but this year everyone looks incredible. We've all been working hard, especially over the last year, and it was really exciting to showcase the work I've been putting in on my switch-stance and trying to progress my surfing at the last event."

Watch LIVE
The Jeep Malibu Classic presented by Havaianas will be broadcast LIVE on and the free WSL app beginning October 11 at 7:00 a.m. PDT. Also, check local listings for coverage from the WSL's broadcast partners.

*The WSL Longboard Tour is proudly supported by our partners, Jeep, Havaianas, Hydro Flask, Expedia, Athletic Brewing, US Army, Aviator Nation, Firewire, and Flying Embers.

"Girls love to have fun!! Especially surfing at Malibu, California!! Plus, I could not get over how our boards were Skittles vibes!!" - Tina Cohen.

Video by Jason Flaster.

Haley Isaak goes to the Malibu Skatepark for a skatepark review and tour. "This park has it all, from tiny rails to tiny bowls to tiny hips! Sensing a theme yet?"

Saturday afternoon, all Lanes CLOSED in both directions of PCH (Route 1) from Sycamore Canyon Rd to Deer Creek Rd near #Malibu due to two-vehicle traffic collision resulting in fatality.

This past weekend in Malibu, two homeless people brutally attacked a family.

The two homeless people confronted a family on Dan Blocker Beach on Sunday, saying they were not allowed in the area, sparking an argument between the dad and the two homeless people. One of the suspects, later identified as Richard Franck, whipped out a machete and began slashing the dad multiple times. The violent attack resulted in the dad losing his eye.

The other four family members were then chased away by them, LASD said.

Both suspects were eventually found and arrested. Both are being charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon.

One of the suspects, Richard Franck, was arrested back in February for threatening a sheriff's deputy with a knife. He spent only spent for days in jail and was released by the District Attorney on a misdemeanor charge. This is according the Sheriff Villanueva, via his twitter posts:

Video by Jason Flaster.

From Brad Jacobson:

"I spent 2 days in Malibu filming some of the most fun surf I've seen in a long time leaving me questioning if this was the best swell since Hurricane Marie.

Watching these waves roll for 2 straight days was simply mesmerizing. Unfortunately the surf forecast looks bleak so I'm left grasping these memories until something new pops on the radar... hopefully sooner than later.

Special thanks to Luke Davis and Hunter Jones for the phone interviews.

Thanks for watching. I'm Brad Jacobson and I'll see you on the sand."