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The thieves are back at it, targeting surfers' vehicles along PCH.

We got word that a vehicle at at Sunset got hit midweek at 12:30 in the afternoon. And another at Topanga around 2:00pm.

Don't just hide your keys around your car, theives are lurking and watching, waiting for their opportunity. .

Members of the surf community are doing our best to keep on the lookout, and warning other surfers not to just hide their keys under the fender.

And then, some individuals are not happy that surfers are being warned about the car burglaries, watch the video below:

"People who drive down to the beach to surf are sometimes getting their cars burglarized while out having fun. Some of us beach~boy elders are now watching out for these thieves. And we are doing a decent job, you might say. This woman in this video is verrry mad at me for trying to stop beach~side theft. I'll quote her: "That's not yo' problem"..." - Shot by R Wright

So take your key with you, or try using a lockbox, like the ones featured here:

LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors announced the opening of parking lots for limited capacity at select beaches throughout the County, including Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach in Malibu. County disaster service workers will be at the lots to advise beach patrons of the COVID-19 related rules. In addition, County-operated beach access ways throughout the City will be unlocked during posted hours to allow easier public access to beaches.

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Travel along the California coast to surf Big Malibu as Dewey Weber, Miki Dora, Lance Carson and the local boyz strut their stuff on the wave they all claimed, that stretch of sand along Pacific Coast highway called Surfrider Beach. Hear a new original score that will take you back to a time when the beaches were pure and the waves were always breaking- surf music that makes you long for the Rendezvous’ Ballroom, laying down the line for the “Surfer’s Stomp!”
Similar to what happened at Huntington Beach a few weeks ago, photos of crowded beaches in Malibu this past weekend are making the headlines, and causing that Department of Public Heath Director lady, Barbara Ferrer to start with her vague threats.

These are some of the photos from Broad Beach resident Rodger Grossman that KTLA Reporter Eric Spillman started posting to his Twitter which started it.

"The photos are real and there were hundreds of people on the beach no social distancing and no masks. Directly in front of my house there was human waste, used tampons, garbage and used condoms," Malibu Resident Leslie Grossman stated," "I watched it all day Saturday from my window."

City Officials and the sheriff's Department are coming under fire about allowing it to happen, even though there is proof they were trying to keep everyone moving:

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer talked about this in her daily press conference on Monday. “We got reports. We’re working very closely with Beaches and Harbor to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen. If people are willing to blatantly disregard their obligation to make it safe for others, it’s impossible to continue to move down a path towards recovery, because this is what is going to overwhelm our healthcare system. You don’t know when you’re in a public space who the people are who are around you, you may have underlying health conditions.”

“When we talk about Safer At Home, we talk about being responsible,” County Supervisor Kathryn Barger said. “The only way we’re going to get to a position where we go into the next phase is by people acting responsibly, so when I hear stories like this it frustrates me. Enforcement is going to be the key, but I would hope that people would use common sense when they are out doing that.”

It is not just the size of the crowds, but the reports that most were not social distancing, sunbathers laying on the sand, and up to 90% of the people on the beaches were not wearing masks.

As well as complaints about dogs being off leashes on the beach, parking not being enforced, and open containers of alcohol.

Another of Grossman's photos where he shows "Open containers of alcohol". Noticed a lot of Grossman's shots do have girl's butts in them.

Malibu was trying to keep the parking under control, the city reported that their Sheriff's Volunteers on Patrol issued more than 977 parking citations, a weekend record.

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Surfing on Wednesday, May 13th at Malibu. Filmed pre-beach opening.

Surfing this week's swell at Malibu. Filmed pre-beach opening.

While out filming the morning surf for our daily Instagram Stories announced that they are "making great progress on Malibu’s temporary skate park! It is expected to be completed this summer."

In 2019, the City Council approved the use of the Crummer/Case property adjacent to Malibu Bluffs Park as the location for a temporary skate park, and authorized staff to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design of a 12,500 square-foot permanent skate park on the same property.

The City Council approved the Final Conceptual Design for the Temporary Skate Park on Monday, February 24.

The Temporary Skate Park is expected to open on the west portion of the property in Mid-2020, while the Permanent Skate Park is designed and built on the east portion of the property.

L.A. County Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer said at a news conference on Tuesday that L.A. County beaches, which have been closed since March 27, will reopen “soon.” She kept very vague about the reopening of the beaches. The existing health officer order closing the beaches expires on May 15.

Ferrer said her department has been “working hard” with the mayors of beach cities and L.A. County Beaches and Harbors.

“I think we’ll have a plan that will have our beaches reopen safe,” she said. Noting that the county’s beach city mayors have been working with beaches and harbors staff and have “created some documents that we are reviewing at the public health department. These are consensus documents and we think they look great.”

Ferrer said those documents “will give us the ability to have a road map for safely reopening county beaches here in L.A. County.” But Ferrer refuses to mention any timeline for the reopening L.A. County beaches.

San Diego was able to reopen their beaches. Orange County and Ventura were able to as well. Those beaches reopened with health guidelines in place, but looks like this Ferrer lady needs more time to come up with her own guidelines for LA beaches.

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Photo by @marygrosswendt

17 year old longboarder from Malibu, Brooke Carlson took to Instagram to respond the angry governor's new state-wide beach closure order:

"As of May 1st in California, you will not be allowed on the beach or in the water. Gavin Newsom, you don’t own the ocean so that fact you're ticketing people for surfing is beyond me. In Ventura the boardwalk was far more crowded then in the water or on the beach and you don’t hear anyone talking about closing the boardwalk. Everybody I saw (I went on a beach run this weekend from marina park to Ventura pier about a 2 1/2 mile stretch) was following the CDC rules and everybody was being respectful of the CHP when they said that you can’t be laying on the beach, you have to be moving around and social distancing. I understand it may have been a different story in Newport and Huntington but that shouldn’t mean just because people wanted to go lay on the beach that you have to punish the people who actually surf and train at the beach. If people want to go against CDC rules they’re going to do it regardless of if it’s at the beach or not. This completely sends the wrong message to people and county’s who are actually following the rules. Feel free to disagree but this is just my opinion" - Brooke Carlson

First the Fresh Prince's kid and Superbad, now another Malibu celebrity just made the international tabloids for surfing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, the main guy from Sparta was caught be tabloid paparazzis heading on an ATV to "a private beach access on Sunday afternoon in Malibu. ".

You can read about guy from Sparta's surfing adventure and fashion choices at The Daily Mail

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With hot weather coming this weekend, the City of Malibu urges residents of neighboring communities not to travel to Malibu and all local residents to stay safe at home.

On Saturday and Sunday, the City will utilize the Wireless Alert System (WEA), which is similar to Amber Alerts, to send out messages to all cellphones within range of cell towers in Malibu, in order to reach visitors. Changeable message signs will be placed in several locations along PCH warning the public that beaches, lots, trails and parks in Malibu are closed.

The City is using every communication tool at its disposal to put out widespread messaging to the public including social media, Nextdoor, the City website, posters, flyers, FM radio public service announcements (PSAs), and the City’s emergency alert system (similar to reverse 911), in advance of the weekend.

“I want to reassure the residents of Malibu that the City is doing everything possible to urge neighboring communities not to come to Malibu during this warm weather,” Mayor Karen Farrer said. “It is difficult for all of us, in Malibu and elsewhere, to stay home and not be able to enjoy the beaches and mountains that we cherish, but this is a sacrifice that we must make to protect our seniors and vulnerable people from this deadly disease. Please stay safe at home, and enjoy the outdoors in your neighborhood or in your backyard.”

Source: The official Website for the City of Malibu

* Image above is a dramatic creation of what the alert might look like.

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This shot of PCH from a few weeks ago is what the city is expecting will happen this upcoming weekend.

LA County Public Health director Barbara Ferrer is begging people to stay home. She talked to KBUU 99.1 about this upcoming weekend:

“I do want to really beg people who are in LA County: please do not go to Ventura to use their outdoor spaces.”

“You’ll overwhelm a county that has that is trying to sort of relax some of the restrictions for the residents … and do so in a sensible way. And you could because you’ll be in closer contact with lots of other people you could inadvertently come back infected yourself.”

Ferrer is the person with the key to the beaches in Malibu and the rest of L A County … and she is not going to open the gates.

Extra sheriff’s deputies are being brought in to Malibu this weekend to make sure that the anticipated hordes of people heading to the beaches beyond the county line keep moving … and do not stop at Zuma … Westward or any of the other beaches in Malibu.

Read the full story at KBUU 99.1

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Throwing it back to 2004 with this video of this women's nigh time surf contest at Malibu.

{{{Malibu}}}, Calif. – (October 16, 2004) – With 180,000 watts of light focused on the action, the Red Bull 5X made history as Malibu’s first-ever night surfing event was held in reeling, shoulder-high waves at the famous First Point. Five of the sport’s most talented female longboarders, includingDaize Shayne, Mary Osborne, Kassia Meador, Kim Hamrock and SchuylerMcFerran, battled it out in a {{{90}}}-minute expression session.

Instead of the normal surf competition in which each surfer’s performance is critiqued by judges on the beach, the RB5X allows the surfers to push the limits of performance without the constraints of typical contest formats. A full film crew recorded all the action in the water and the surfers themselves will determine the winner during a playback session.

“It was so rad with no judges. You’re your own judge and you’re everybody else’s judge,” says pro surfer Kassia Meador of Oceanside, Calif. “The RB5Xis a cool way to push each other and push our surfing to the next level.It’s more about earning the respect of your peers and seeing who threw down, who’s doing the craziest stuff and who was surfing the best.”

Despite the impossibly long nose rides and graceful footwork on display, it was the unique night surfing format that caught the attention of the surfers. “It was so beautiful on the water,” says veteran pro Kim Hamrock of Huntington Beach, Calif. “Actually it was kind of hard to surf at times because I was just mesmerized watching the bottom and the fish.”

Joel Tudor at Malibu summer, 2019.

"Malibu is Joel’s institutional backside dojo. See how he surfs on vintage 1964 Yater. It’s perfect example of trim including, footwork, drop-knee, and noseride with grace." - Tatsuo Takei

There's the flier with all the info for the Mighty Under Dogs First/Last Annual Talent Show on Easter Sunday.

Send your entry to:

Surf’s up and only steps away for a Malibu home designed by the late surf-legend-and-architect Matt Kivlin. Located on the bluffs above Paradise Cove in the gated enclave of Sea Lane, it is for sale at $12.995 million.

Kivlin wasn’t your average beach bum, but a serious surfer turned architect. In 1940, he designed a surfboard out of lightweight balsa wood, known as the Malibu Board, after finding the long Koa wood boards in Hawaii hard to handle. The original boards, which were still used in Hawaii long after statehood, historically were sized at 16 feet for Hawaiian royalty and 12 feet for commoners while Matt’s were only about 9-feet long. Kivlin went from being known as California’s best wave rider in the 1940s and 50s to designing and building over 200 homes, 80 of which were located in Malibu.

Marrying his love of surfing and profession of architecture in a cheerful home that would charm any surfing enthusiast, Kivlin’s home is just down the lane to the Pacific Ocean waves. Now a compound extensively added to by previous owners, the 3/4-acre lot contains the sunny four-bedroom main house and a newly constructed contemporary, fully outfitted guest house with a gourmet kitchen and a separate creative media production space, both connected by a large wrap-around deck. The main house is open and sunny connected to the lushly designed grounds that contain lawn, pond, fountain, fire pit, fruit trees and a vegetable garden. There is also a ceramics shed, private outdoor bathtub, multiple decks, saltwater pool and spa, outdoor gym with sauna, ice bath and a full outdoor kitchen. There is plenty of parking for guests and the exclamation point is the full deeded access to one of the best beaches in California.

The Malibu house, inside its gated enclave, and designed by one of the country’s most well-known surfer/architects, Matt Kivlin, is now for sale. Priced at $12.995 million, it is listed by Mark Gruskin of Westside Estate Agency in Malibu.

Photo above was posted by The Local Malibu to their twitter account to show how there was "ZERO ENFORCEMENT" of the Stay At Home Order by the Ventura Sheriffs at County Line. "Locals" were sending in photos from the cams to them to report the surfing going on.

Which made Senator Henry Stern state this via his twitter:

"To my fellow surfers/beachlovers at County Line today who can’t seem to understand our Safer At Home orders: the beaches are CLOSED.

Please don’t force us to further divert precious resources to have law enforcement deal w/ your seemingly harmless but incredibly reckless behavior."

So on Saturday night, no parking barriers and signs were put up.

Instagram footage from Sergio Lira

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Here's the full enhanced video by the oBROTHERS MARSHALL Intagram Story of the paddle boarder that was arrested at First point Malibu for ignoring orders from local lifeguards to exit the water after Los Angeles county had closed beaches in response to the Corona Virus pandemic.

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With beaches being closed, the Mighty Under Dogs are on a mission to provide surf therapy to those who need it most in these challenging times. We are a "can do" type of crew. Please stay tuned for a special treat coming to you live on Easter Sunday.

On, March 31st, Malibu legend Paul "Mink" Minkoff passed away. Details are unknown at this time.

Here's some words left by some his friends:

"R.I.P. Mink
Such sad news. Malibu/Bali Soul Surfer Paul Minkoff was that one guy you ALWAYS loved to see. I heard he passed in Bali from maybe a heart attack??? God I'm gonna miss those eyes, the stories and his zest for life. This one hurts..." - Brad Stanley

"So sad.
We both had white VW Bus’s, often we would crack Bu and could see them parked curbside from the lineup...later stroll over to the Omelette Parlor, where he knew surf , chicks, and VW’s, then another sunny day go out...always so cool hang’n at the beach with Mink. Good days.
RIP Mink." - Rich Melendez

Photo via Glenn Hening

"Mink had a big smile a big heart.I’ll always remember him at the jetty’s during the winter waiting for low tide.He loved 2nd jetty and always parked his VW van on the beach side of PCH at Malibu with doors open smiling,burning some good bud,always.R.I.P." - Harris Jaffy

"Paul’s fin-first take offs at a good size Malibu lineup always a treat to watch." - Stephen Robert Johns

"I bought my first VW from Mink for 800 it was a 65 Beetle with a Crank Sunroof ... He always had one rolled and ready to go ... Love to watch him surf 1st Point in his Longboard with the little mini fin so he could do 360’s and Fin Release Rail Slides. R.I.P. Mink" - Dino Joseph Bortoli

Photo via Glenn Hening

"RIP Minks. One of the best guys I ever met coming out of Surfrider. A personal Fav of mine. The VW Bus, puffy pants and sarongs. I will miss him." - Brian Merrick

"Paul disappered into the south pacific I had not seen him for a few years. Then while attedning a screening of Endless Summer II in Santa Monica I started getting crap from the guy behind me in the theater. About the time I was starting to get mad I realized it was Mink, he was sitting there behind me. We hung out for a time that day and as always it was great to see him." - Kevin Piatt

Photo via Randy Stoklos

"omg no. the mink was such a good man, he was always very cool to me... it made me feel special because i was just a grom looking up to him like a legend, and he treated me like i belonged. i'll always love him for that." - Kent Senatore

To all of Paul's friends wondering about a gathering for him, when the time is right, a gathering for Paul will happen. .