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Rip Curl Malibu Shop Team Rider Talia Swindal representing Malibu to the fullest this weekend at the National Scholastic Surfing Association Western Surf Championships! 2nd Place in Super Girls and 3rd Place in Girls!

A pumped up surf report from this morning at Zuma.

Video is from Hamishpatterson High Frequency Tribe

LA County Sheriff's Department says there's been a spike in car break-ins recently.

According to the department, more than 30 vehicles were broken into during the month of April and the majority of those vehicles have been locked. Deputies say the thieves have been watching people hide their keys as they go surfing. Once you hit the water, they hit your car looking for anything of value.

Deputies say Surfrider Beach has been among the very hardest hit in Malibu.

A company called Real Surf Stories just put up this video about last years Surf Relik event in Malibu

Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Tommy Witt, Justin Quintal, Harley Ingleby and the most stylish traditional loggers at all-time Malibu, California for the Relik.

Check out this video of the surfing at Surfrider, shot on Tuesday May 14 by Wes Swartz.

Cheap thrills, no frills. The Southern California Blue Collar Special.

A traditional surf film brought to you by Doubles.

Filmed between County Line and South San Diego from August 2018 to February 2019. Starring, in order of appearance: Joel Tudor, Yuta Sezutsu, Devon Howard, Barrett Miller, Lucas Dirkse, John Haffey, Grant Noble, Saxon Wilson, WiIlliam Hennessy, Tosh Tudor, Zack Flores, and Judah Tudor.

Filmed and edited by:
Andrew Burr

Additional filming by:
Ryan Cannon
Johno Ross
Ryan Donahue
Come celebrate the launch of Amanita Surfboards by Keegan Gibbs at Boardriders Malibu

Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274
Malibu's Francesca Seely just got two of her surfboards stolen from her house. Keep an eye out for them. Any info on them contact her via Instagram: @franksterseely

Last Sunday was A Walk On Water's Surf Therapy Event in Malibu. Check out this video recap and photos shot by Alessandro Masciotti.

A paddle out held on Tuesday … at Surfrider Beach .. for Randy Nauert … a Malibu original. Nauert was never as famous as Dick Dale … but he followed a similar career ark. The teenaged surfer from the Palos Verdes Peninsula started making music in the surf wave of the early 1960s. His group was called The Challengers. Originally known as The Bel-Airs, they were one of the earliest “surf bands,” initially playing school dances and small clubs around Hermosa Beach. Words from 991KBU
Photos from Sandy Sandbakken

A paddle out held on Tuesday , April 16th … at Surfrider Beach .. for Randy Nauert … a Malibu original. Nauert was never as famous as Dick Dale … but he followed a similar career ark.

The teenaged surfer from the Palos Verdes Peninsula started making music in the surf wave of the early 1960s.

His group was called The Challengers.

Originally known as The Bel-Airs, they were one of the earliest “surf bands,” initially playing school dances and small clubs around Hermosa Beach.

In January 1963 they released “Surfbeat” …. it became a massive hit and helped put the surf rock genre on the map.

Nauert moved to Malibu … his T V show Wave Watch was a staple on malibu public access television for 104 episodes.

Nauert lived in Encinal Canyon … he was a familiar sight in his Arson Watch van around Malibu.

His compound burned in the Woolsey Fire … he suffered a heart attack while clearing land two months after the fire.

At the paddle out … his longtime friend and TV show associate Peter Townsend said it was the fire.

“I would think that those fires had an effect on Randy. Because t was his nature to help everybody. And every time you would see a photo on Facebook, he loved his Facebook, there would see a photo of him helping somebody. You know Randy was in his 70s now. And he was up there clearing properties, and friggin’ treating them as if he was a teenager. And I’m sure that didn’t help him when he finally has a heart attack.”

Randy Nauert was eulogized by his longtime friend … John Mazza.

“He really was the spirit of Malibu.”

Randy's band still has their music on Amazon:

The Malibu surfer who Sean Penn based his "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" character on has no idea he was the inspiration for Jeff Spicoli.

The City of Malibu is holding a Waste to Waves polystyrene foam collection event. If you have waste polystyrene foam, aka “styrofoam”, this is the best way to get it recycled.

During the month before Earth Day, you can bring your foam to City Hall between 10am-2pm. Look for the Waste to Waves collection bin.

Only clean, white #6 polystyrene foam from packaging is acceptable. No food contaminated foam or construction foam can be recycled.

Last year, Waste to Waves rounded up a significant amount of foam from local residents. Some people even drove a good distance because they were so stoked to have their waste foam turned into new surfboards.

Visit Waste to Waves for more details.

Netflix just announce their new Malibu Rescue movie and series. From the behind the scenes photos we have come across, doesn't look like much was actually filmed in Malibu. It looks like it's trying to be a Baywatch for pre-teens.

Here's their press release:

In the upcoming movie Malibu Rescue, Ricardo Hurtado (School of Rock) will star as Tyler, a handsome know-it-all with a fierce competitive streak and Breanna Yde ( School of Rock ) will star as Gina, a tough and self-assured athlete. The live-action comedy follows a ragtag group of aspiring junior lifeguards from The Valley as they compete against the snobby local kids for bragging rights and the ultimate tower at Malibu beach. Kids and teens alike will root for these heroic and funny underdogs and parents will connect with the positive life lessons for their children. The movie is set to launch May 13th on Netflix.

Following the movie, Malibu Rescue: The Series will follow the high spirited and scrappy group of novice junior lifeguards after they have staked their claim on Malibu Beach and the wild adventures that fill their days in the sun. The 8-episode series will launch June 3rd on Netflix.

Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas (Raven's Home, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour) will serve as writers and executive producers on the movie and series. Scott McAboy (Rufus 2, Legends of the Hidden Temple) will also serve as executive producer alongside Savage Steve Holland ( Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer ) who will executive produce and direct.

The action-packed nature of the series, in particular, will shock and excite viewers with things like para-sailing accidents, boat chases and potential drownings, Holland says. “We’re single-camera guys, and we like to make little movies,” he says. “In this case, we wanted to have a lot of character development but add an element of excitement and action. We have an action unit on each episode, so every episode you’re like, ‘Holy crap, this is a kids show and they did that!’—which is our dream.”

McAboy and Holland pitched the project as either a series or film two years ago, making Malibu Rescue one of the first original kids/family productions Netflix signed on for. At first, the streamer was unsure if it wanted to finance the productions because of how ambitious the scripts were. However, a spokesperson for the streaming giant confirmed that Netflix decided to move forward with production on both the film and series after seeing how well Holland and McAboy handled stunts, explosions and high-stakes action in productions like Nickelodeon’s Big Time Movie (which Holland directed and McAboy co-executive produced).

Mark your calendars for some serious 80’s action! Free Boardriders Malibu
Swag, complimentary pizza and beer, and an epic film..? Who wants to party?

Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274
"My friend Will Milner got sliced by a surfboard out at 1st point." Jim Brown describing what happened, "The woman that cut him was surfing recklessly, dropping in on people and had no surf educate. Due to her lack of ability she should of had a leash on her board but didn’t. She never even offered an apology to Will. He is healing up after getting 20 staples at the emergency room."
Will Milner's story on how he got sliced up at Malibu:

"I was enjoying a small early south swell pulse two Sundays ago at the Bu. The lineup was kind of jammed, first sign of summer… the surf was inconsequential, waist maybe chest, good but no big deal. Anyway, I had been noticing this girl burning people most of the morning… not to mention incessantly running to the nose… I had avoided her pretty much until she lost her board. This all happened really quickly… The girl once again burning a dude on a a set wave, she ran to the nose, arched her back, her board got hung up and tossed with the momentum of the breaking wave, tail first.

I attempted to roll to avoid it hitting my head, but the tail/fin slammed and snagged my whole right side… her board, the dude’s board and my board to the beach… I knew I had been basically stabbed, I could feel cold water in the wound… Swimming in I told the girl her board slammed me and it’s not good… she started crying… on the beach, more of the same.
Holding her stomach and crying. I didn’t see her get hit, but I don't know. I kind of scolded her for a minute and she yelled to me and her boyfriend sitting next to her, “Fuck that guy, I hate him” and ran away to the parking lot crying.

So I asked the boyfriend where they were from, didn’t get too much info… needing to take care of my wound, the lifeguard, Carter, super cool and nice, helped me out, I couldn’t see the gash, he looked surprised maybe shocked, , so I knew it was probably bad… he offered to call an ambulance.

Fortunately my girlfriend was with me… and drove me to the emerge(sic) care in Malibu… they wouldn’t see me because my insurance company website was down, drove to the one in Calabasas, two-hour wait. I insisted that the nurse at least check it out… she obliged and said it was bad and maybe the muscle is torn and sent us to the ER in West Hills… 20 staples.

I don’t know the protocol on this, but if I had lost my board and wounded someone, I definitely would offer to help etc.. the girl was a brat.

Maybe her ego was bruised, embarrassed? And didn’t want to admit she was wrong?"

Photos by Jim Brown .

A Walk On Water (“AWOW”) will be having thier Surf Therapy event at Surfrider Beach on April 20th. For more info and to volunteer: Click Here

More info at

Join THERAsurf on Saturday April 27th at 1st Point, Malibu to kick off 2019 the only way we know...some surfing, relaxing, and hanging with friends. Visit to sign up for an amazing surf day.
Jan-Michael Vincent’s passion for the ocean, as captured in the classic surfer film Big Wednesday, will be celebrated at a special memorial service to be held next month in Malibu.

The producers of the 2011 documentary Hollywood Don’t Surf, which explores the film industry’s relationship with surfing, are sponsoring the memorial, which comes after Vincent died February 10 at age 73. Appropriately enough, the event will be held at Duke’s in Malibu. Big Wednesday director John Milius will co-host the event and appear.

“JMV, as he called himself, passed away in relative obscurity a couple of months ago back east, and most of the coverage he got focused on the wrong part of his life,” said Hollywood Don’t Surf producer Chris Kobin. “We want to look at the great career he had, both as an actor and a surfer, so we’ve invited his friends and fans to come celebrate him.”

Milius, who co-wrote Big Wednesday with Denny Aaberg, chose Vincent to play troubled surfer Matt Johnson, with Gary Busey, William Katt and Lee Purcell co-starring. Milius will attend the event with many of the cast and crew from the film.

“Jan was the perfect guy to play Matt Johnson,” Milius said. “A golden boy, but a troubled golden boy.”

The event will be by invitation only.