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As firefighters race to control the Woolsey Fire, mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for Malibu to West Hills in the San Fernando Valley.

The Woolsey Fire is still burning in spots on both sides of the 101 freeway. It has torched hillsides and coastline across 83,275 acres of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and destroyed more than 170 buildings in the beaches, canyons, and Valley. Containment stands at 10 percent.

On Sunday, firefighters extinguished flare-ups and kept a hold on the fire’s perimeter, stopping it from spreading south into communities like Pacific Palisades, said Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby. He noted that there were no new reports of homes burning down.

“Today was a better day,” he said.

But, Osby cautioned: “We’re not out of the woods tonight.”

Powerful Santa Ana winds are forecasted to kick up again later tonight, posing a major threat. Wind gusts can easily fan embers and ignite dry brush.

None of the mandatory evacuation orders issued for the Woolsey Fire since Friday have been lifted in LA County, and approximately 57,000 structures in Ventura and Los Angeles counties are still at risk.

The evacuation orders affect multiple communities, including Topanga, where many residents have opted to shelter in place, as well as the entire city of Malibu, which City Councilmember Lou La Monte has said was “hit very, very hard.”

Authorities continue to urge Topanga residents who have remained in their homes to “leave immediately.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is also warning residents in evacuation zones to resist the urge to return home. Even in areas where flames are no longer active, there are downed power lines and trees, smoldering embers that could reignite, limited to no cell service, and dangerous air quality.

“We ask people: Do not go back to those areas,” says Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department chief John Benedict. “Quite frankly, it’s still not safe.”

Since blowing south from Ventura County over the 101 freeway into Los Angeles early Friday morning, unleashing a barrage of flames on Malibu and neighboring communities, the Woolsey Fire has has destroyed 177 structures.

But assessment teams are still surveying the damage, and that number is expected to increase.

La Monte estimates the blaze has ruined “dozens and dozens of homes” in Malibu alone; it has wreaked havoc on Malibu West, Point Dume, Zuma Canyon, and Malibu Lake.

But the south side of Malibu, as well as Topanga and Pacific Palisades have not burned—and authorities are telling residents of those communities to be prepared to leave.

“We are trying to contain the fires north of those communities,” says Osby. But “if you see smoke coming your way, don’t wait for the evacuation [order] to leave.”

This interactive map shows the all the evacuations, shelters, and areas the fire has hit.

Just after 5 a.m. Friday, the Thousand Oaks fire jumped the south side of the 101 Freeway at Chesebro Road near Calabasas. In response, California Highway Patrol shut down a four-mile stretch of the 101 Freeway from Las Virgenes Road to Kanan Road.

“Early this morning, as the fire transitioned through Agoura Hills, the fire jumped the 101 Freeway right around Liberty Canyon, mid-slope, caught wind, and became quickly established at where we were at today,” L.A. County Deputy Fire Chief David Richardson told reporters at a morning news conference.

The entire city of Malibu was under an unprecedented mandatory evacuation, in addition to areas south of the 101 Freeway, from the Ventura line to Malibu Canyon. The fire was burning south of Mulholland Highway and around 10:30 p.m. flames jumped Pacific Coast Highway, headed toward The Colony on Malibu Road.

Residents were advised to use PCH to evacuate, and to avoid using canyon roads. All four lanes of PCH were opened for southbound traffic at 12:45 p.m. Complicating matters were the traffic signals that were knocked out of service. Drivers were being advised to use the 405 Freeway up to the 118 Freeway in order to get around the backup.

Despite evacuations in Malibu and flames threatening near campus, Pepperdine University called for students and staff to shelter in place.

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Surfing First Point on October 27th, 2018.. A video by Brian Behrens. Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

A late summer run of south swell, and Stephanie Gilmore sneaking out to snag a few off the First Point crowd, and party with a lucky boy, Surfrider Malibu's Travis Collings! Filmed by Harley Ingleby.

November 1-30

Drop off your polystyrene foam and used wetsuits in the upper parking lot of Malibu City Hall to be recycled. Sustainable Surf 's Waste to Waves program will use the polystyrene foam to make surfboard blanks and upcycle the wetsuits into Suga yoga mats. Malibu City celebrates five years partnership with the non-profit Sustainable Surf by expanding into wetsuit collection.

For more information, visit

Michael Blum, executive director of nonprofit organization Sea of Clouds, will present “Sally Saves Spaces by the Seashore: Protecting Surfing Areas, Marine Cultural Heritage, and the Malibu Historic District” in the Surfboard Room at Payson Library on Thursday, November 1, at 11 AM.

The iconic Malibu surfing area, designated as the Malibu Historic District, is the first listing in the National Register of Historic Places centered on surfing history. The project recognizes Malibu's worldwide contribution to surfing's history and culture, secures specific protections, qualifies for other recognition and protection frameworks, and establishes a precedent and process for other projects.

While relevant for its focus on a specific surfing area, the Malibu Historic District is also a rationale for protecting other United States surf breaks and, more broadly, coastal locations possessing cultural and historical significance. Recognizing special coastal areas brings closer together goals of preservation and conservation. It encourages additional energy be placed into coastal conservation to promote a broader, deeper, and more inclusive interpretation of our coastal history.

Sea of Clouds is a nonprofit organization whose practice spans the fields of historic preservation and environmental conservation. With a focus on coastal places, the work of Sea of Clouds illuminates the human dimensions of natural ecosystems—connections between nature and culture—to address how communities fully express their interests and values in public trust contexts

For additional information about this lecture, and to register to attend, visit the Pepperdine Libraries website

California's surfing culture is very rich. Every year the Malibu Surfing Association holds their signature The Classic event at famous Malibu Beach. There you will find some of the best longboarders from California and other states. This footage from Longboardarian is a snapshot of the event. Recorded while Surf Aid had their specialty heat.

Come join the Malibu Surfing Association for their annual spooky surf off event.

Video highlights from the 7th Annual SurfAid Cup Malibu

Allen Sarlo talks about his Total Knee Replacement at Saint John’s Health Center.

ASL Adaptive Surf League's mission is to promote adaptive surfing as a professional sport for the SEVERELY DISABLED.

The event is November 02 - 04, 2018 at Malibu. It's free to sign up.

Divisions for this event
Wheelchair: Prone Assist
Wheelchair: Prone
Wheelchair: Sit Amputee: BK (Below) Amputee: AK (Above)
Amputee: UL (Upper Limb)
Short Stature
SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

Division are all divided into Male and female.
Sign Up Here.

Some of the surfing at Third Point in Malibu on Saturday. These photos were shot by RJP Surfing Photography. These are just some of the photos. If you were out there, you probably got some surfing shots in the complete photo gallery, check them out, the link is down below.

You can find a lot more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in this photo gallery:

Malibu Third Point - Friday 10-12-2018 Photo Gallery

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

Wanna see photos from previous days at this and other local surf spots?
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Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274

Some of the surfing up in Zuma Beach on Sunday. These photos were shot by RJP Surfing Photography. These are just some of the photos. If you were out there, you probably got some surfing shots in the complete photo gallery, check them out, the link is down below.

You can find a lot more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in this photo gallery:

Zuma Beach - Sunday 10-7-2018 Photo Gallery

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

Wanna see photos from previous days at this and other local surf spots?
Click Surf Spot Galleries and look for the spot and then the date.

It's Wednesday, so here's a few Wipeout photos from the local spots.                                                                                        

It's Wednesday, so here's a couple new Wipeout photos from the local spots. These were shot by RJP Surfing Photography in Malibu.

Modest surf for the month of September, we were hoping to end the month with a bang, but all the forecast saying Hurricane Rosa was going to bring us big waves were wrong ( big surprise). Anyhow, here's a recap and links to all the Surf Spot Photo Galleries and Videos we have for the entire month of September. From Malibu down to the Venice Pier.

Sunday 9-16-2018 Video
Sunday 9-16-2018 Photo Gallery

Friday 9-21-2018 Video

Venice Breakwater
Saturday 9-22-2018 Video

Venice Pier

Saturday 9-1-2018 Photo Gallery #1
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Sunday 9-2-2018 Photo Gallery #1
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Labor Day 2018 Photo Gallery
Sunday 9-9-2018 Photo Gallery
Saturday 9-15-2018 Photo Gallery
Saturday 9-22-2018 Photo Gallery
Sunday 9-23-2018 Photo Gallery

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The Aussie world-champion surfer has a weakness for the California coastline

“I always surf with a smile on my face,” Stephanie Gilmore says. And the 29-year-old world champion has every reason to grin as she goes after her seventh world title during the World Surf League tour. “Surfers are pro athletes and we train hard, but it’s also a culture and a lifestyle. We live and breathe it,” says the Australian. “The cool thing is: no matter how many world titles you win, you always have to evolve. No one can perfect surfing—it’s such a subjective thing—there are so many different ways to approach a wave. You’re always learning.” The two-time ESPY Award winner, who began surfing at age 9 and was a pro by 19, rents a place in Point Dume with her sister and friends anytime she’s in town. “Malibu really resonated with me,” she says. “Everyone’s got something going on, whether they’re musicians or artists or actors. There’s a creative energy there. It really embodies the true spirit of surfing.” Gilmore hopes to pack in a few surf trips between championship events, although she isn’t yet sure where her travels will take her. “We’ll keep an eye on swells and then it’s all really last second,” says the Roxy team rider, who is otherwise fiercely focused on the tour. “I’d love to win another world title.” She pauses, then slyly adds, “Or a couple more. I want to do this for the rest of my life.”