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Massive winter storm brings large waves and dirty storm drain water to the Venice Breakwater.

An east coast beach break longboarder comes to Malibu and gets tips from Devon Howard.

The first winter swell of the year hits Topanga and over 150 surfers are there to battle for waves, along with the cast of "Surf II"..

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"In a display of community spirit and innovation, Venice Healer Daisy dedicated her Friday to building tiny homes for the homeless on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. With a team of supportive friends, Daisy repurposed an old cart, transforming it into a functional and dignified living space for those without a home.

"This project is about giving dignity to people who live outside," Daisy shared while working on the tiny home. She explained how a simple cart, formerly belonging to a man named Ken, was being converted into what will be Yoshi's new tiny home. The design includes walls that can be raised or lowered, ensuring that residents have the option of an ocean view – a luxury even for those with a home.

Daisy emphasized the importance of dignity in addressing homelessness, stating, "If we give dignity to friends who live outside, it suddenly looks pretty good to live outside." She envisions a shift from a life of scarcity to one of abundance and fellowship. The tiny home project, costing only $100, demonstrates how community support and minimal resources can create impactful solutions."

Click Here for more Stories about Venice Healer Daisy

Santa Monica Close Up is a photo blog by Santa Monica based Photojournalist/Press photographer Fabian Lewkowicz. Fabian is the former staff photographer for the Santa Monica Daily Observer Press, Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Corsair.

Support Santa Monica Closeup/Fabian Lewkowicz with Venmo or PayPal to help earn money to make these videos:

The Palm Springs Surf Club announced will open its new wave pool in the Southern California desert to the public on Jan. 1, with reservations open now for the first of several artificial waves planned for Southewrn California.

You’ll need a reservation to surf at the Palm Springs Surf Club. An hour surfing session will cost $100 to $200 depending on a surfer’s skill level (on top of the $20 club admission fee). Board rental is also offered at an additional fee. Reservations can be made at, with current availability starting on Jan. 7.

Intermediate waves will cost $150, with the first week already booked up hours after the opening announcement. Advanced, barreling waves will cost $200. Begginers will have to wait till spring, but for $100, the beginner waves will a Waikiki-style wave perfect for those who have never surfed before.

The Intermediate A-Frames are designed to offer a split peak experience which two surfers can ride in opposite directions on the same wave. There is a closeout section at the end which is intended to be there for a finishing maneuver. We throw 3 wave sets at 15 second intervals between waves with approximately one and a half minutes between sets.

Advanced A-Frames are not for the faint of heart. These slabby cylinders give surfers the option to pull in off the takeoff and come out in time to do one or two more turns if you are quick enough. The end section makes its presence known on these waves, its thick and powerful so bring all the power you can to it. Like the mellow A-Frames, stay in the pocket. These waves come in 3 wave sets with an 8 second interval between waves and approximately one and a half minutes between sets.

The video below shows waves recently being tested at the Palm Springs Surf Club. The lineup of surfers in the pool included Italo Ferriera, Parker Coffin, Jackson Dorian, Sierra Kerr, Josh Kerr, Caity Simmers, and many more heavy hitters.


The highlights from the awards ceremony for the 30th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon. Tonan takes the mic to announce the surf contest winners at the Sidewalk Cafe on the Venice Boardwalk.

A homeless man swinging a large rusty metal sign pole climbs on top of the pedestrian bridge over Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. He throws the pole into oncoming traffic below the bridge, Then has a stand off with police.

The police had been dealing with an altercation between two other homeless people at the top of the stairs that lead down to the bridge when by-standers yelled to them about the one on the top of the bridge acting up.

Some highlights from the zoom meeting where LA Rec & Parks presents their proposed design for the new playground with community members.

Rip City Skates was founded by Jim McDowell and his cousin Bill Poncher. The shop opened as a skateboard and a roller skate shop. The popularity of rollerskating waned and the shop became a meeting place for the Santa Monica and greater west L.A. skateboard scene. Rip City is known for its interior decoration, with the walls of the shop lined with skateboards.

The film features Mark Gonzales, Eric Dressen, Lizzie Armanto, Tony Alva, and the Rip City locals.

2 surfers get into a fight in the water at Surfrider Beach in Malibu. It appears that that one of them may have submerged the other underwater for several seconds.

For nearly a decade, the Women’s Surf Film Festival has been honoring the women of the surf community who make their impact felt through film, art, and photography. The Women’s Surf Film Festival makes its debut in California for the first time.

The Women's Surf Film Festival honors women in the surf community who work in filmmaking, art, and photography. Attendees will be able to meet well-known surfers, artists, and community leaders, The Women's Surf Film Festival is an amazing opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the world of surfing while supporting gender equality.

The festival consists of 4 event over 3 day. The first 3 are in Venice Beach and the closing day event will held be in Ventura.

Here are all the events:

October 11th, 6-10pm // Waterfront Venice
Venice Beach, CA
Opening Night Celebrations & Screenings

Waterfront Venice | $25 | 6pm -10pm
Women's Surf Film Festival Presents: Opening Night Celebrations & Film Screenings at The Waterfront, Venice.

Get ready the 10th Annual Women's Surf Film Festival is making its California debut, and we're thrilled to announce that we'll be screening at The Waterfront, Venice. This is a momentous occasion, and we can't wait to bring the excitement of women's surf cinema to the West Coast for the very first time. Films start at 7pm (runtime 1 hour & 50 mins) Tickets are limited so get your’s before they all go!

Film Program:
Riding the Rhythms (40 mins)
Wahine & Waves (27 mins)
REBORN (10mins)
WOMP (10 mins)
Emergence (6 mins)
Jamaica (5 mins)
Momento (4 mins)
Synchronism (3:36 mins)

For more info on this event and tickets, Click Here

October 12th, 5-6pm // Deus Ex Machina
Venice Beach, CA
Wellness Session: Authentic Self-Care With Lia Avellino (free event)

Deus Ex Machina | Free event | 5pm -6pm

Join us for a free event with limited space—please RSVP to secure your spot. Afterward, stay for a captivating panel discussion and screening while enjoying complimentary tacos and drinks.


Explore Lia Avellino's unique insights into transcending conventional self-care methods and discovering sustainable ways to nurture yourself. Learn how prioritizing self-care is the cornerstone of cultivating a positive mindset.

Many of us strive to lead healthier, fuller lives through self-care, yet often feel dissatisfied and burnt out. Join us for a Spoke Fireside Chat where we'll delve into why these efforts may leave us unfulfilled. Discover strategies to find internal flow and ease that align with your individual rhythms and passions. Connect with fellow travelers on a journey to authenticity and a lighter, more liberated self.

What to Expect: This 1-hour experience, hosted by Lia Avellino, blends mindfulness, body sensation awareness, self-reflection, and group discussion. You'll leave feeling more alive and equipped with new approaches to life's challenges.

For more info on this event and to RSVP, Click Here

October 12th, 6-9pm // Deus Ex Machina
Venice Beach, NY
Reception, Panel Discussion: Surfing Narratives: Art & Empowerment & Film Screening (free event)

Deus Ex Machina | Free event | 6pm - 9pm

Secure your spot by RSVPing for our free event, where we delve into the intriguing crossroads of surfing, art, and empowerment. Join our esteemed guest speakers, including Ivana Bajic, a multimedia innovator known for her immersive surf projects, and Natalie Small, the founder of Groundswell Surf Therapy, who integrates counseling and the great outdoors for transformative experiences. Dive into Shelby Stanger's captivating work in "Will to Wild," inspiring outdoor exploration, and gain insights from Davina Grincevicius, the founder of the Women's Surf Film Festival. Enjoy live DJ music, complimentary tacos and drinks, and the CA premiere of two engaging films, including "With the Tide: A Yakutat Surf Club Story" and "Unplugged." This event promises a dynamic fusion of surf culture, artistic expression, and empowerment narratives.

For more info on this event and to RSVP, Click Here

October 13th, 5-9pm // Topa Topa Brewing
Ventura, CA
Closing Night Celebrations & Screenings

Topa Topa Brewing Co. | $25 | 5pm - 9pm

Get ready the 10th Annual Women's Surf Film Festival is making its California debut, and we're thrilled to announce that we'll be screening at the fantastic Topa Topa Brewing Co. This is a momentous occasion, and we can't wait to bring the excitement of women's surf cinema to the West Coast for the very first time. Local vendors and artists will be showcasing their offerings for the evening, and you can also look forward to the convenience of Game Over Catering's food truck on-site. Tickets are limited so get your’s before they all go!

For more info and tickets, Click Here

Find out about more upcoming local events, Click Here for the Event Calendar.

A drunk driver drove down the Venice Boardwalk on Monday, he hit a pedestrian who was walking his dog. The man flew onto the windsheild, with his back busting the windsheild.

After several people try to stop the car, LAPD finally shows up and tries to get him out of the car. After he refuses, several bystanders get invovled as the efforts of the officers was not appearing to be successful.

Video by Venice Gallerie

A weekend of surfing at this popular Los Angeles surf spot with some of it's regulars.

Footage taken from our Instagram Stories.

After several months of being unofficially ridden, on Sunday September 24th, the Inglewood Pumptrack has officially opened to the public.

The openeing day ceremony was a bike only event, since this pump track was actually built for bikes, not skateboards or scooters.

Fortunately, the city has decided to allow skateboards on the track on certain days. 3 days of the week have been designated as Bikes Only. The other for days will be bikes and skatebooards. Scooters are not allowed at all.

Here's everything you need to know about the pump track:

It is actually 2 different pump tracks, one designated for Beginner/Intermediate, and one for Intermediate/professional users.

Woodlands Track
Beginner / Intermediate

World Championship Track
Intermediate / Professional

Pumptrack Rules


- Inglewood Pumptrack was purpose-built for bikes, but we also love all things skate. Please be mindful of the days when bikes take priority and observe the community guidelines. Good Vibes Only!
- Monday: Bike & Skate
- Tuesday: Bike Priority
- Wednesday: Bike & Skate
- Thursday: Bike Priority
- Friday: Bike & Skate
- Saturday: Bike Priority
- Sunday: Bike & Skate

General Rules:

- Use: Bikes and skaters please use at appropriate times. No scooters, e-bikes, motorized vehicles or RC cars.
- Safety: RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Riding can be extremely hazardous! Helmets REQUIRED for people under 18 (California Vehicle Code §21212). Additional protective gear recommended. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t obstruct entries or the riding areas. Stay in control; be courteous and share the park.
- Hours: Open during park hours only.
- Care: No waxing, ramps, installations of any kind. No damaging or modifying features of the track. No throwing skateboards, bikes or objects.
- Prohibitions: No private events, food, music, pets, firearms, alcohol, smoking, vaping, or drugs. No camping, fires, fireworks, graffiti or tagging. Violation of these prohibitions may result in immediate removal from the premises and penalties imposed by the City of Inglewood.
- Environment: Keep the park clean and beautiful. Respect what was created for you to enjoy, including native vegetation and wildlife.
- Professional Filming: All professional filming requires advance City of Inglewood legal permit. Contact for details. Violation of permit prohibitions may result in immediate removal from the premises and penalties imposed by the City of Inglewood.
- In Case of Emergency: Dial 911.


- Ride in one community direction at all times.
- Do not block the track. Always move off the track when not in motion.
- Ride safely and within your ability. Start small, progress gradually.
- Ensure your equipment is in good working order.

Pedestrians & Spectators:

- No loitering in the riding area.
- Spectators are to stay outside the riding area unless aiding someone.
- Parents/guardians, supervise young children at all times.

Community Guidelines:

- Respect Each Other: Take turns and keep a safe distance. Be mindful of others, adjust your speed when the track is busy, and be courteous to everyone.
- Inclusivity: This Pumptrack is for bringing people together to build community and to share joy. Treat others with dignity and kindness, regardless of skill level or background.
- Belonging: This Pumptrack was built as a place of belonging. Help foster a sense of community by engaging positively with others and encouraging new riders. Share tips, offer assistance if wanted, and make connections.
- Stewardship: Participate in keeping the pumptrack clean and in good condition. If you see litter or damage, please address it if you can or report it to
- Teaching & Learning: Encourage safe riding by example. If you see someone struggling, be respectful and supportive. Be the friend you wish you had made when you started out.
- Communication: Keep the dialogue open and respectful.

The track is inside Edward Vincent Jr. Park at 700 Warren Ln, Inglewood, CA 90302

For directions to the park, Click Here

A couple of crowded morning sessions at what some call the angriest spot in Los Angeles.

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach, and the nearby communities.

"I had a chance to interview Thomas, a local homeless person from Venice Beach recently. Lately, he has been living in the Venice Beach restrooms. He is telling his story."

If you would like to support German in Venice with some gas money or you want to buy him a coffee, you are welcome to donate to his paypal account:

Checking the Los Angeles' new pump track over in Inglewood. Even though it was made for bicycles, it's being used more by skateboarders.

2nd annual classic car show on the Santa Monica Pier hosted by the Santa Monica Police Officer Association (SMPOA).

Kevin from Ocean Park 26 takes us on a visit to Bay Street Boards in Santa Monica, CA. A local family-owned surf & skate shop.

Bay Street Boards
3216 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica,
CA 90404, United States

From Brad Jacobson:

"I finally figured out if a snowboard could be surfed. It was worth the wait. My friend Julian Willams was kind enough to assist me even though it meant paddling out on a soft top with a snowboard at one of the most crowded line-ups in the world."