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Check out these new shots from Thursday at Topanga. These photos were taken by California Mermaid Photography.

You can find some more photos from this day on :

California Mermaid Photography Facebook Page

If you were out there, there probably is some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

A montage of Lower Topanga footage by 3 surf filmmakers - Scott Dittrich, Hal Jepsen, & Grant Rohloff - set to the music of Blue Juice. It shows the houses, nude beach, psychedelic parties, and up-close encounters with fires and floods. This film is now available to buy at Brass Tacks Press .

A Paddle out for Damon Geller was held on Tuesday.

On December 20th, 2018, Damon Geller, a life-long pillar of the Pacific Palisades community, was abruptly taken from us in a surfing accident. Damon was a devoted husband, father, brother, son, and mentor to many, and for those of us who knew Damon, we mourn the loss of a truly fierce friend and neighbor, whose kindness and generosity were surpassed only by a truly inspirational zest for life and living. Damon passed while enjoying one of his many athletic passions, having surfed across the globe, and leaving us in the manner in which he lived among us, without fear, and in pursuit and awareness of the many experiences which many of us fail to even observe, or take for granted altogether. Damon was immensely inspirational, in many respects, and it would be truly impossible to express the profound sense of loss which this community now bares.

Of his many passions, none was greater than his empowering love for his family. Damon is survived by his wife, Lili, and his two amazing children Jonah and Delilah. Although horrible for us all, this tragedy weighs heaviest upon them, as they struggle to navigate a life without him, and deal with end of life and future expenses. Therefore, please consider helping these loved ones of a great man who gave so much to so many through your generous donations. Your compassion in this challenging time is greatly appreciated.

Damon Geller Memorial Fund

A night of surfing in Malibu turned tragic for two brothers.

At about 11:40 p.m. Thursday, screaming was reported at Topanga State Beach, where sheriff’s deputies found a man who had been performing CPR on his brother. The two brothers had been out in the water for a night session of surfing.

As they surfed, the brothers lost track of each other, authorities said. One of them later found his brother face down in the water and dragged him to shore, where he performed CPR, but was not able to save him.

Sheriff’s deputies say the two brothers are skilled surfers in good physical shape. The brother who died had been a pro surfer at one point, according to a deputy. The surfer’s father and brother were both on the scene immediately after his death.

The surfer was later identified as Damon Michael Geller, 48, of Pacific Palisades, according to the coroner’s office and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

A high surf advisory has been in effect for Southern California’s beaches since Monday after being extended multiple times.

It’s not clear if the high surf advisory, or a possible medical emergency, played a role in the surfer’s death. An autopsy is pending to determine Geller’s cause of death.

The tragedy was first reported to 911 as reports of someone screaming on the beach by people in a nearby Arco gas station, but Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies are not calling the death suspicious.
Sale over at Vintage Surf Art
Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274

This interactive map shows the all the evacuations, shelters, and areas the fire has hit.
Modest surf for the month of September, we were hoping to end the month with a bang, but all the forecast saying Hurricane Rosa was going to bring us big waves were wrong ( big surprise). Anyhow, here's a recap and links to all the Surf Spot Photo Galleries and Videos we have for the entire month of September. From Malibu down to the Venice Pier.

Sunday 9-16-2018 Video
Sunday 9-16-2018 Photo Gallery

Friday 9-21-2018 Video

Venice Breakwater
Saturday 9-22-2018 Video

Venice Pier

Saturday 9-1-2018 Photo Gallery #1
Saturday 9-1-2018 Photo Gallery #2
Sunday 9-2-2018 Photo Gallery #1
Sunday 9-2-2018 Photo Gallery #2
Labor Day 2018 Photo Gallery
Sunday 9-9-2018 Photo Gallery
Saturday 9-15-2018 Photo Gallery
Saturday 9-22-2018 Photo Gallery
Sunday 9-23-2018 Photo Gallery

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A couple waves shot via a drone by Robert Nederhorst on Friday at Topanga.
Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274
Not as many surf spot photo galleries for this month as we had in previous months. Here's a recap and links to all the Surf Spot Photo Galleries we have for the entire month of August. From Topanga down to the Venice Pier.

Topanga - Friday Evening 8-10-2018 Gallery
Topanga - Saturday 8-18-2018 Gallery


Sunset - Saturday 8-18-2018 Gallery

Venice Pier

Venice Pier - Saturday 8-4-2018 Gallery c
Venice Pier - Sunday 8-5-2018 Gallery
Venice Pier - Saturday 8-11-2018 Gallery
Venice Pier - Sunday 8-12-2018 Gallery #1
Venice Pier - Sunday 8-12-2018 Gallery #2
Venice Pier - Sunday 8-12-2018 Gallery #3
Venice Pier - Sunday 8-19-2018 Gallery
Venice Pier - Saturday 8-25-2018 Gallery

Here's some previous month's recaps:
June Surf Spot Photos Recap
May Surf Spot Photos Recap

Wanna see photos from previous days at these and other surf spots?
Click Surf Spot Galleries for a list of past days.

Banks Journal introduces their newest Comrade West Adler

Fourteen miles from the center of LA lies the famous seaside town of Venice Beach. What first started out as the 'Venice of America', a short lived residential concept by tobacco tycoon Abbott Kinney, the heavily neglected 2 mile stretch of coast quickly transgressed into the 'Slum By the Sea'. The waterways and canals that first drew so many people to the area on the Westside soon became clogged and unnavigable from local oil drilling. Corrupt politics, mismanaged money, and gang violence indirectly became a perfect melting pot for hippies, weirdos, punks and surfers alike. It was here where a homeless bum, Jim Morrison, started writing his first lyrics and booze induced poetry. Jack Kerouac called it a jungle. Andy Warhol called it plastic.

A few blocks inland and the scene transforms to a burgeoning mixture of foodies, socialites and techies. Locals know it as Abbot Kinney Boulevard where more often than not, money is no object. But there's still pockets of the ol' Venice stretch, just visit the boardwalk on any given day or night and you'll be bombarded by the sights, sounds, and yeah, smells. For some, it's a bit easier to navigate than the clogged canals and selfie taking influencers.

We meet West out front of his house. He's 18 and just graduated high school, drives an old Benz and has a couple small dogs that bravely try to chase us away until we bribe them with belly rubs. As the newest comrade to our Banks Journal team, we saw it only fitting to spend some time with the Venice local and (admittedly) make him remind us of what it's like being fresh out of school with nothing but surf on the agenda.

BANKS: Hey West! So tell me about yourself, were you born and raised in Venice?

Yeah, not always in the same spot but yeah, Venice it is. I actually was in Topanga for a few years, but came back for my last year of school.

BANKS: How is it up in Topanga?

It's cool man, just really far from basically everything. You're close to the valley I guess, but nobody wants to be close to the valley, it's hot and boring. Having to navigate traffic around that area is a nightmare. Surfing Topanga, was just as hard to get to as any of the other local breaks, and if you don't leave before the sun comes up you'll be stuck for hours. Both ways, even though I lived right there. I love surfing Topanga though, I like the left better than the right... if you know, than you know.

BANKS: Bit of localism there, huh...

Oh yeah, it's always been like that, such a protected beach even though everyone surfs there. Everyone surfs there and everyone gets yelled at, but it still doesn't deter anyone from going out. It's kinda weird, kinda funny. I've seen people snap fins out of other boards there... Stuff like that isn't even a big deal anymore. I mean it used to be more when I was younger, but it's kinda phased out now, almost. Localism in general, how fast it phased out, was kinda crazy. I remember seeing people get their ass beat in the parking lot with lead pipes and that wouldn't fly anymore. BANKS: I wonder if it's because people film everything these days... WEST: Yeah, and just the volume of people that have moved to Venice or vacation here, is so insane. There's no way you could stop it all, even with heavy localism. It's like a horde of locusts. You can try to catch 'em all but you'll never be able to. It sucks haha. But hey, at least Venice has good food now! LA food used to be such trash. Now it's kinda become a mecca. I like that part about it, there's a few businesses that I appreciate being here that have added some value.

BANKS: What's your go-to spot to surf around here?

The Pier. Although I've been finding these fun little novelty waves in, uhh, we'll say in Dockweiler. And yeah, more recently I've been surfing those but most often you can find me at the pier. Always the pier. There's always gonna be something I can stand up on there cuz the waves are usually shit around here. So at least I know it'll be working. It's close to my house, I know where to park, and I don't have to give a shit, I can just do whatever. It's Venice, it's a little fun, piece of shit wave.

BANKS: Welcome to LA.... What are you usually surfing on?

It depends. Usually in the summer, there's a super fun peak that forms off the north side, so I'll surf a shortboard or something. I've been having a ton of fun on this Rabbit's Foot that I have, it's amazing. It's a Lovelace board that I actually got to shape with him back in 2014, but I just glassed it. It's been wrapped in plastic for like 4 years haha. That thing goes great around here actually, I was surprised. It's an asymmetrical finless, it relies more on channels with a bit of hull influence. There's a lot of different edges and concaves on the board, it's a trip, something you need to see and feel. I love finless boards, I've been surfing them since I was thirteen, I actually bought an alaia for my birthday that year. Like a 6'2" Wegener. It happened to be too big, pretty funny actually, because I traded that in for my first longboard! So that's when I picked up longboarding, kinda random haha.

BANKS: What's your quiver like now?

West: My favorite boards at the moment are:

9’4” Thomas Surfboards Harry model
7’0” 88 Surfboard (always finless)
5’8” Dead Kooks 80s has sick green airbrushed flames.
5’3” Ryan Lovelace Rabbits Foot
5’1” Thomas Surfboards Fish

See more of West in action on his Comrade Page here .

Here's surf photos from Topanga on Saturday morning. These photos were shot by Six12 Media. If you were out there, you probably got some surfing shots in the complete photo gallery, check them out, the link is down below.

You can find these and some more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in this photo galley:

Topanga - Saturday 8-18-2018 Photo Gallery

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

Wanna see photos from previous days at this and otherlocal surf spots?
Click Surf Spot Galleries and look for the spot and then the date.

Three generations, one film and countless adventures around the world "Generations, The Movie" is Quiksilver's latest surf feature. The movie features Quiksilver's top WSL stars and freesurfers including Mikey Wright, Jeremy Flores, Jesse Mendes, Mikey February, Kael Walsh, Zeke Lau, Connor O'Leary, Kanoa Igarashi, Koa Rothman, Leonardo Fioravanti and more.

Meanwhile a legends section highlights some of the brand's longtime riders that are undisputed icons in the sport including 4 x World Champion Mark Richards and 2 x World Champion Tom Carroll among others. Rounding out the generations concept, there's a glimpse into the exciting future with Kade Matson, Marco Mignot, Sebastian Williams, Rio Waida and more in the Young Guns part.

"Quiksilver has a long history dating back to 1984 of showing the best surfers in the world riding the most impressive waves," says Quiksilver General Manager Garry Wall. The brand's first video, "Performers," marked a new chapter in surf movies as it was the first to be released direct to home video on VHS.

"The way we share content has changed, but the idea with a surf film is the same: showcase the best in the world and inspire others to get out and surf. Funny enough, some of the riders in that first film are still ripping and have waves in the legends section."

Catch the screening the film at Boardriders Malibu on August 16

Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274
It's Wednesday, so here's some new Wipeout photos from the local spots.                                                                                        

It's Wednesday, so here's some new Wipeout photos from the local spots. These were shot by Six12 Media in Venice and Topanga.     

      We post new sets of wipeout photos every Wednesday (more or less).   Click: Wednesday Wipeouts to check out the previous Wipeout Wednesday photo sets.