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New video from Hamboards:

After too many sessions of enduring the struggle to surf in over-crowded Malibu*, Frankie Seely gets a chance to ride Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch's dream waves. One long exhausting day at California's most crowded point break, full of cut-offs and drop-ins, an exhausted Malibu local dreams of surfing her own private wave-after-wave... till the day is done. Refreshed from her slumber, and the surf-line abandoned, she opts for a surf/skate session with friends to relive the dream.

*Editor's note: That's Topanga in the video, but they call Malibu so gets more views.

For the month of March, we got a ton of surf photos from a bunch of days at different spots, from Venice up to County Line.

Below is the list of Surf Spots with the days we got photos for during the entire month of March. Each link will take you to the page with a few surf photos and at the bottom of those photos there will be a link to that photographer's gallery where you can find all the surf photos for that day (many times there's well over 100 photos to check out). Most of these photographers offer high-res downloads and prints for sale.

County Line

County Line - Wednesday 3-11-2020

Leo Carrillo

Leo Carrillo - Saturday 3-7-2020
Leo Carrillo - Sunday 3-8-2020
Leo Carrillo - Tuesday 3-17-2020
Leo Carrillo - Tuesday Evening 3-17-2020


Zero's - Monday 3-2-2020
Zeros - Thursday 3-12-2020
Zeros - Tuesday Evening 3-17-2020
Zeros - Saturday Evening 3-14-202


Topanga - Tuesday 3-24-2020

Venice Pier

Venice Pier - Saturday 3-21-2020
Venice Pier - Sunday 3-22-2020

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It's Wednesday, so here's some recent wipeout photos from our local spots.

This set of wipeout photos was shot by Six12 Media and is brought to you by Hulu.



Click: Wednesday Wipeouts to check out the previous Wipeout Wednesday photo sets.

And don't forgot to check out Hulu if you don't have it yet. A lot of good stuff on there, and we all need good stuff to watch during this quarantine time. Hulu

Here's some of the surf photos from a pre-beach closure Tuesday at Topanga.

This set of surf photos was shot by Six12 Media and brought to you by Hydroflask, who is offering 25% off + Free Upgraded Shipping on Select Items! Use offer code RAPIDSHIP20 in cart. Offer valid while supplies last!

We know you're most likely at home. Whether you're taking long walks around the neighborhood, drinking wine on a group chat, sipping coffee watching those rebellious surfers on cams, or filling your growler with take home beer from your favorite brewery, bring the adventure home with your favorite Hydroflask.

There are a lot of shots from this session, about 480 photos. This is just a handful of them that we picked out to post here. If you were out there, you probably got some surfing shots, probably multiple photos, they all will be in the complete photo galleries for this day, check them out, the link to the complete galleries are down below.

You can find over 400 more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in these 5 photo galleries:

Topanga - Tuesday 3-24-2020 Photo Gallery #1
Topanga - Tuesday 3-24-2020 Photo Gallery #2
Topanga - Tuesday 3-24-2020 Photo Gallery #3
Topanga - Tuesday 3-24-2020 Photo Gallery #4
Topanga - Tuesday 3-24-2020 Photo Gallery #5

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

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The Mighty Under Dogs and the Malibu Foundation have established the COVID-19 Response Form to ensure essential services for community members who find themselves at the intersection of being most vulnerable to the virus and most impacted by inequity. As of current, we are supporting errand running for food and medicine.

The foundation's promise is to be a catalyst and to fight inequity by creating systems where all people can thrive. At this critical time, investing in continuing access to food, hygiene, shelter, and other services for the most vulnerable is important to keeping the entire community healthy. As of current, we are supporting errand running for food and medicine.

We are offering our help to those who are most vulnerable: the elderly, immunocompromised, quarantined, immobile or otherwise unable to leave their homes.

The Mighty Under Dogs will be sending volunteers door-to-door to deliver groceries, water, medications, pet food, etc. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please fill out the form below:

OR Text COVID to 833-407-0117

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

Here's all the links to the surf spot photos for January. Not much at all for this month, but there are a couple days at a couple of the spots.


Topanga - Friday 1-3-2020
Topanga - Saturday 1-25-2020

Venice Pier

Sunset - Saturday Evening 1-25-2020

Venice Breakwater

Venice Breakwater - Thursday 1-2-2020

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