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Life Rolls On's Jesse Billauer

Jesse Billauer joins Walker in the Locker Room. You may not have heard Jesse's story before but once you do, you'll be inspired.

Jesse is a world-class surfer that had his life changed in an instant when he broke his neck and severed his spinal cord while surfing. Jesse talks about how surfing took him all over the world and still does to this day. The guys talk about Jesse's accident and how he found a passion for helping others that allowed him to keep moving forward. Walker asks about Jesse's world championship in adaptive surfing and work as a motivation speaker.

And finally, Jesse talks about the organization he started Life Rolls On and how he is helping people through surfing and skating and how people can get involved in upcoming events.

What Is It About Surfing That Pulled Jesse In | 2:52
Surfing Takes Jesse Around The World | 4:24
Jesse Talks About The Injury That Changed His Life | 6:10
How Jesse Moved Forward After The Accident | 11:45
Finding A Way To Help Others | 15:28
Becoming A World Champion | 16:43
How People Can Be A Part Of Life Rolls On | 22:19

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