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Full Radio Transmission From Pane Crash At Santa Monica Beach

Radio transmission from the pilot of the airplane to Santa Monica Airport tower right before the plane crash landed on the beach.

About 6 minutes in take-off clearance (they changed from requesting special flight rules to right turn shoreline).

12:53 frequency change approved but 32X elects to “keep ears on” as they’re just going to Malibu and back.

14 minutes in, 32X calls up wanting to return. Tower clears them for right traffic 21, asks if they need assistance, 32X responds: “Not at this time.”

Tower is routing traffic around the Cessna as it’s inbound at 900, abeam the Palisades (around 15 minutes).

15:45: “Emergency.”Tower: Can you make the field?

“I’m going to try.

”Tower solicits and the Cessna states: Two souls on board, the engine is running very very rough.

Tower clears him left base for 3, gets traffic TF out of the way.

Comms with the Cessna drop off after about 16:30.Comes back, 17:20.

Tower: “Can you make runway 3?”

32X: “I don’t think so, I think I may have to put it on the beach.”

Tower: “Roger, landing on the beach will be at your own risk.”32X: “I wish I had another choice.”

Tower: “Wind 230 at 4.”

Starts coordinating with Police 29.19:45 FD, EMT, PD already on scene where the Cessna stopped, 400' south of the pier.


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