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Daisy the Venice Healer builds more Homes for the Homeless

From Santa Monica Close Up:

Daisy was observed today, February 3, 2024, engaging in the reconstruction of her tiny home project on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Despite recent setbacks, including the disposal of personal belongings and building materials by city clean-up crews, Daisy remains undeterred.

During the rebuild, she explained, "This new tiny home is more than shelter; it's about dignity for my friends who have been displaced." Outlining her vision, Daisy shared that the 4 by 8-foot vendor cart on wheels is designed for an unhoused couple known to the community, who've faced hardships on the boardwalk.

Daisy emphasized the practicality of her design, which allows for easy mobility, especially in areas she refers to as "no man's land" where larger wheels are unnecessary. She also mentioned plans to construct several more vendor carts, each 3 by 8 feet, tailored for unhoused individuals familiar to the local community.

Her initiative is not just a response to immediate housing needs but is deeply rooted in her philosophy of finding a balance with nature and reducing the ecological footprint. She contrasts the temporary nature of her tiny homes with the permanent structures that dominate urban landscapes.

Daisy's ultimate goal is to support her community while awaiting a societal shift back to natural living through the advancement of technology. "These tiny homes are about giving my friends the energy, time, and autonomy they need," she said.

With a clear vision, Daisy is set to continue her work, not just rebuilding homes but fostering a sense of community and connection to the environment among those who call the beach their home."

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