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Earthquake hits Malibu

A 4.6 Magnitude earthquake just northwest of Malibu hit Friday at 1:47PM.

Followed by a 2.7 two minutes later, then 3.9 and a 2.6.

Earlier in the day a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Hawaii. The epicenter was southwest of Pahala on Hawaii Island.

The Los Angeles Fire Department stated: "Prepare NOW For Aftershocks. If Inside When Shaking Starts: DROP, COVER, HOLD ON! Protect Your Head + Neck While Taking Cover Under Sturdy Furniture or Near a Sturdy Interior Wall, Away From Windows and Doorways Until Shaking Stops."

"After surveying your home for quake damage and assuring no injuries, please check on your pets and at-risk neighbors, especially seniors living alone."

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