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Effort Saves Homeless Individual in Distress at Santa Monica Beach

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"On Tuesday, August 5, 2023, Ron Hooks, the Founder and Executive Director of West Coast Care, led an outreach patrol along the scenic shores of Santa Monica Beach. During this operation, Mr. Hooks and his dedicated team encountered a homeless individual in a state of distress, who was found sheltered under a pop-up tent. This crucial incident unfolded as they embarked on their mission to provide aid to vulnerable populations along the coastline.

In response to this urgent situation, Mr. Hooks swiftly initiated a call for assistance from the Los Angeles County Lifeguard division, who promptly assumed the role of first responders at the scene. Their expert lifeguards immediately commenced providing essential aid to the distressed individual.

In a coordinated effort to ensure the individual received the necessary medical attention, Santa Monica Fire Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly thereafter. Their expertise and specialized medical care played a pivotal role in stabilizing the individual's condition.

For further medical care and transportation, the homeless individual was carefully loaded onto a fire truck located on the beach. Subsequently, the individual was transported to the designated Ocean Front Walk area, where an awaiting ambulance stood ready to facilitate their immediate transfer to a hospital.

This collaborative response by West Coast Care, the Los Angeles County Lifeguard division, and the Santa Monica Fire Paramedics exemplifies the dedication and rapid action of first responders and outreach organizations in safeguarding the well-being of those in need along the coastline. It underscores the critical importance of such coordinated efforts in addressing the challenges faced by vulnerable populations within the community."

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