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Santa Monica Beach Chess Park Trashed

From Santa Monica Close Up:

" In a troubling incident that unfolded at Santa Monica Chess Park on Sunday, September 17, 2023, a homeless individual created a substantial mess by littering a large quantity of trash and a shopping cart. The situation escalated to the point where Santa Monica sanitation workers were compelled to involve local law enforcement to address the issue.

According to eyewitnesses and accounts from the scene, the homeless man's actions led to growing frustration among nearby residents and parkgoers. Santa Monica Sanitation workers, who routinely maintain the park's cleanliness, swiftly decided to contact the police to seek assistance in clearing the debris and restoring order.

Responding promptly to the distress call, Santa Monica police officers arrived at the park to address the situation. However, upon observing the approaching officers, the homeless individual hastily departed from the scene, leaving behind the accumulating trash. The law enforcement response was met without incident, and no citations were issued during the encounter.

This incident marks the culmination of a recurring issue, as noted by a frustrated resident who wished to remain anonymous. The resident revealed that the homeless individual had been a persistent presence at the park for the past three days, consistently leaving behind substantial messes and disregarding the park's cleanliness.

Santa Monica Sanitation workers took charge of the cleanup operation, promptly disposing of the accumulated trash and securing the abandoned shopping cart. The cart was returned to the sanitation yard, where it awaits retrieval by the rightful owner."

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