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From 310FIRE

"Los Angeles Fire Department Engine 63 responded to a reported rubbish fire on the 2800 block of S Abbot Kinney Blvd. While in route for 3 minutes, Metro Fire Communications modified the incident to a structure fire. Battalion 4, Light Force 63, Engine 62, and Engine 67 were added to the structure assignment.

Engine 63 arrived on scene reporting a single story commercial with heavy smoke showing.

Engine 63 made entry, masked up and began fire attack. Once Light Force 63 arrived on scene, the truck headed to the roof while the pump grabbed a hydrant for the engine.

One additional task force was requested (Light Force 92 and Engine 59.)

Engine 62 assisted with forcible entry and was backup fire attack. Engine 67 checked the C side of the structure. Rescue 63 stood by as medical.

Battalion 4 was known as Abbot Incident Command. The additional task force was canceled while in route.

Knockdown was called in 20 minutes.

No injuries, arson investigators are investigating the cause."

Venice beach, CA library park major homeless encampment clean up AKA sweep. 1/12/22 Filmed by Cop Watch Venice

"First I run into a couple guys illegally off-roading on the beach that got stuck, they got lucky the police weren't around, but the police were not so lucky, cause someone pooped all over their ATV they left out of the illegal bribery parking spot at the hotel I recently filed a complaint about. Then sanitation and 10 cops making overtime to stand around, show up for the Hampton Ave homeless encampment clean up aka sweep outside of Google's headquarters. They all just stand around watching people move for hours like normal.

In case you were wondering, nothing was cleaned, unless you count throwing away someone's tent and sleeping bag, and people were just moved for a few hours while the city wastes more homelessness funding, and allowed to move right back. Note the private security, there's multiple armed private security forces paid for by the city and neighbors like googly illegally, to strictly harass homeless people because the police and city legally can't. Probably why people poop in their vehicles..."

Cop Watch Venice follows LAPD pacific division on world famous Venice beach, showing a point-of-view style cop watch and update on Venice's current conditions. We make edited shorts, full scenes and are working on a documentary about homelessness and city failures. Donate to Cop Watch Venice via Cop Watch Venice Paypal

Today (January 19th): 3’+ at average winter breaks, focal points run 4-5′ early.
Variable to light offshore flow for the morning ahead of a light/light+ WNW sea-breeze in the afternoon. WNW swell holds the most size early before dropping off. Look for waist-stomach high waves at most average winter spots, while good spots pull in larger sets. Size comes down a notch across the board in the afternoon.

Thursday, January 20th: 1-2’+ at average breaks, focal points run 3′.
Variable to light+ offshore flow for the morning ahead of a light to moderate WNW sea-breeze in the afternoon. Smallest day of the week as old WNW swell bottoms out. Look for knee-thigh high waves at most average spots with lully sets to waist high. Focal points still pull in the odd waist-stomach high sets.

Originally published on Surfline

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works sanitation workers in white hazardous materials suits clean-up a homeless encampment at the 700 block of Flower in Venice on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. LAHSA (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority) was on site providing homeless outreach. Los Angeles Police Officers were on site to provide security."

Santa Monica Close Up is a photo blog by Santa Monica based Photojournalist/Press photographer Fabian Lewkowicz. Fabian is the former staff photographer for the Santa Monica Daily Observer Press, Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Corsair.

Support Santa Monica Closeup/Fabian Lewkowicz with Venmo or PayPal to help earn money to make these videos:

From @FightBackVenice:⁠⁠

"Watched SMPD load a truck with unattended encampment items. When the owner appeared, screamed at them, they unloaded it all so he could move it 10' to Venice."⁠⁠

Monday, January 17th: 3-4’+ at average winter breaks, focal points run 4-6′ early.
Weak offshore flow for the morning. Looking clean across the region in the afternoon. WNW swell holds the most size early then drops off. That sets up another morning of waist-chest high waves at most average winter spots, while good spots pull in larger sets.

Tuesday, January 18th: 3-4′ at average winter breaks, focal points run 4-5′.
Variable to light offshore flow for the morning ahead of a weak sea-breeze in the afternoon. WNW swell levels off with waist-stomach high waves at most average winter spots, while good spots pull in larger sets to chest high.

Originally published on Surfline

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