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Rest in Peace Scott Adams.

Words by Ger-I Lewis.

Father, son brother, mentor, friend and surfer. Words alone cannot express the sorrow and great loss to the Surf-A-Thon family, Venice community, surfing tribe and the world.

Scott Adams an integral cog in the mechanics of Surf-A-Thon surf contest, Scott was there from the 1st contest to the 23rd. Scott could be counted on. He was dependable and attentive to details. Often Scott would tabulate and catch the small details that make or break a surfer’s score to advance to the next round. It is a quality that shined through in his work as a lawyer as well. The details. Often he would take me aside and say, “You know Jer, you missed this” or “I think you should do it this way” Scott often mentored me in not only running a surf contest but life’s maze of situations and circumstances. Soft spoken with a kind heart, attentive listening ears and words of wisdom, Scott Adams a pleasant sight in the line up, your smile and friendship sure is a blessing. Condolences to the immediate family, Surf-A-Thon family and the surfing tribe world wide.

The Paddle out for Scott is March 4th 9:00am @ Venice Pier (CA)

Aloha Nui Scott Adams, your friend Ger-I

A West Side Story Art Exhibition

This Art Show is on Saturday March 11th. DJ Bennett Harada & DJ Buck will be spinning in two different rooms. Food and drinks. This event is all ages. There will be alcohol for people 21 +. If you know the West Side it's on the street behind Home Depot in Playa Del Rey. All photography and Art Pieces will be for sale with a 15% buyers commission that goes to a charity for a public school in East LA. This will be a very good time. Event goes from 6pm - 11pm.

Artist Roster-
Chuck Katz
Josh Bagel Klassman
Kelly Jackson
Bart Saric
Nick Bradley
Rod Bradley
*The Late Harry Drinkwater
Jens Lucking
Joshua Ben Paskowitz
Mia Dunxans
Walter C. Chism Jr.
Ray Rae Goldman
Martin E Wolfe ...

This is the link to RSVP-
West Side Story RSVP

Frankie's Bikinis Sample Sale

A Place Called Sunset

Here's an old video dug up from the archives about the Sunset surf spot.

SRH Surf Video Malibu

Elena Belle


Stuff your closet with $1000 worth of Billabong goods. What better way to prep for spring?

Enter to Win

Rider Shack Spring Fling Sale

Rider Shack
13211 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

310.821.SURF (7873)
877.57.SHACK (74225)

Venice Pier - Tuesday 2-21-2017

A break between the rain. Here's some photos from Six12 Media.

There's a cfew moew shots in the complete Venice Pier Tuesday 2-21-2017 Gallery.

Bay Street Boards

By Kevin Osborne

Bay Street Boards is a local family-owned surf & skate shop in Santa Monica. The shop was started a few years ago by the Bentivoglio brothers, Galeazzo and Sante. Growing up in Santa Monica the Bentivoglio brothers learned to surf and skateboard and supported local shops such as Horizons West and Islands, but as those shops closed they saw a need for a non-corporate local shop to serve the needs of surfers and skaters. They created Bay Street Boards.

Bay Street has a full selection of surf and skate gear and specializes in local hardgood and softgood brands like Anderson Surfboards and Ocean Park Clothing. Along with supplying equipment, the brothers also teach surfing lessons, make videos of local talent, hold art shows in the shop, and host free BBQ's at Stoner Skatepark. So if you are looking for a family-style local surf & skate shop, Bay Street Boards is the place for you!

Bay Street Boards
3216 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90404
Instagram: @baystreetboards

Venice Pier - Monday 2-20-2017

A rainy President's Day at the Venice Pier. Here's some photos from Six12 Media.

There is a lot more photos in the complete Venice Pier - Monday 2-20-2017 Gallery.

Venice Breakwater - Monday 2-20-2017

A rainy President's Day at the Venice Breakwater. Here's some photos from Six12 Media.

There is a lot more photos in the complete Venice Breakwater - Monday 2-20-2017 Gallery.