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Governor Orders Orange County Beaches To Close

This is a photo take today over Huntington Beach. Photo: Chris Cristi from the ABC helicopter

Gov. Gavin Newsom closed beaches in Orange County on Thursday, overriding some local officials who had rejected his pleas to limit access as the coronavirurs continues to spread throughout the state.

Yesterday, news "leaked" that a memo to the state's police chiefs was sent indicating that Govenor Newsom was preparing to close all beaches in the state of California.

This was all because last weekend, images of large crowds at Newport and Huntington made global headlines and that made Newsom mad.

Newport Beach, Friday, April 24. Photo: Chris Cristi from the ABC helicopter

Newsom said those packed beaches were “disturbing" and makes it more difficult for him to consider relaxing the state's mandatory stay-at-home order.

“The only thing that will delay it is more weekends like last weekend," he roared. “Let's not see that happen.”

Both Newport and Huntington responded with statements via social media that the crowds were not what all the photos and videos depicted, claiming the images were shot with telephotos lens and other trickery. Newsome didn't buy it.

San Diego beaches opened this week, but with restrictions. Officials are allowing walking, jogging, swimming, single-person paddle boarding and kayaking, and of course, surfing. Stopping, sitting, or lying down on the beach is banned. Good thing SUP'ing is allowed, now the head of the WSL could go out and get some, instead of thinking up more lame ass WSL reality shows.

A statement from Newsom's office called restrictions like that “responsible strategies to allow residents to recreate in coastal areas.”

San Diego on April 27. Photo: K.C. Alfred

San Diego beaches were saved from the Gov's new closure order.

Kevin Faulconer, the mayor of San Diego, took to Twitter to announce the news: "Great news: the Governor heard us. San Diego beaches WILL STAY OPEN under our plan approved by lifeguards and health officials. In a time of great crisis we don't need knee-jerk policies. We need to keep a steady hand. It’s the only way to keep the public’s trust. Keep it up, SD!"

“We are hopeful that Orange County can work with us to apply a similar approach,” the Governor's Office said in a news release.

So around noon today, Newsom ended up limiting the new order to just Orange County beaches.

“Governor Newsom just doesn't seem to get it,” said Republican state Sen. John Moorlach, a former Orange County Supervisor who represents the area in the state Legislature. “We need to trust people. If our citizens exercise proper social distancing, then we should allow access to the beaches.”

“Every local law enforcement entity found last weekend’s beach usage in Orange County to be in compliance with social distancing. Yet King Gavin decided press stories were more worthy of trust than law enforcement. I guess we should not be surprised,” read a statement from OC GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker.

OC Sheriff Don Barnes said enforcing the beach closure is tricky, especially because officials didn’t have the written order Thursday afternoon.

Barnes said sheriff deputies will be looking for “voluntary compliance” on the beach closures, like they do with the existing stay home orders that shut down non-essential businesses like bars, nightclubs, concert halls, sports arenas and movie theaters.

“My responsibility, as the County Sheriff, is to protect lives and property and also while preserving the Constitutional rights of the residents of Orange County. And in that, there’s a balancing test,” Barnes said at the Thursday news conference.

He said the department will focus on educating residents about the beach closures in a light-handed approach to enforcement.

“From an enforcement component, I have no desire to enforce any aspect of that through arrest. We have various other aspects we are dealing with going forward.”

Tonight, the Huntington Beach City Council voted during an emergency session to seek an injunction against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order to close Orange County beaches. The governor ordered Orange County beaches closed on Thursday despite opposition from local leaders who argue they should decide whether it’s safe to hit the sand.

And what about Ventura?

Photo: @CountyVentura

"Despite some of the headlines Ventura County beaches were not packed last weekend", the Ventura County Twitter account stated. "Shout out to our community for following the rules and for the hard work of all police agencies throughout coastal cities. VC you are helping stop the spread of COVID-19"

Ventura has “keep moving” guidelines at their beaches. If you head to the beach you can only walk, run, swim or surf. You cannot sit or sunbathe. Parking and bathrooms remain closed.

"Soft closures at County of Ventura, City of Port Hueneme, City of Oxnard and City of Ventura Beaches. Walking, running, swimming, surfing all good but hanging on the beach is not permitted. Basically, you must keep moving. No sunbathing, chairs, blankets, coolers, sun shade umbrellas. You must keep moving. Please follow social distancing guidance. Please enjoy the weekend safely. Our Deputies and law enforcement throughout the County are on watch."

Meanwhile, all of our Los Angeles beaches remain closed.

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A Grom's Reply To Newsom's Statewide Beach Closure Order

Photo by @marygrosswendt

17 year old longboarder from Malibu, Brooke Carlson took to Instagram to respond the angry governor's new state-wide beach closure order:

"As of May 1st in California, you will not be allowed on the beach or in the water. Gavin Newsom, you don’t own the ocean so that fact you're ticketing people for surfing is beyond me. In Ventura the boardwalk was far more crowded then in the water or on the beach and you don’t hear anyone talking about closing the boardwalk. Everybody I saw (I went on a beach run this weekend from marina park to Ventura pier about a 2 1/2 mile stretch) was following the CDC rules and everybody was being respectful of the CHP when they said that you can’t be laying on the beach, you have to be moving around and social distancing. I understand it may have been a different story in Newport and Huntington but that shouldn’t mean just because people wanted to go lay on the beach that you have to punish the people who actually surf and train at the beach. If people want to go against CDC rules they’re going to do it regardless of if it’s at the beach or not. This completely sends the wrong message to people and county’s who are actually following the rules. Feel free to disagree but this is just my opinion" - Brooke Carlson

Gov Will Order ALL Beaches Closed

Gov. Gavin Newsom will order all beaches and state parks closed Friday after tens of thousands of people from the inlands drove over to the beaches last weekend during a heat wave despite his stay-at-home order, according to a memo sent Wednesday evening to police chiefs around the state.

Eric Nuñez, president of the California Police Chiefs Association, said it was sent to give chiefs time to plan ahead of Newsom’s expected announcement Thursday.

“We wanted to give all of our members a heads up about this in order to provide time for you to plan any situations you might expect as a result, knowing each community has its dynamics,” the memo sent by the California Police Chiefs Association, said.

Newsom this week targeted beachgoers in Orange and Ventura counties, calling them an example of “what not to do” if the state wants to continue its progress fighting the coronavirus. While many beaches and trails throughout the state have been closed for weeks, others have remained open with warnings for visitors to practice social distancing and more have reopened.

News reports claim that in Newport Beach, some 80,000 visitors hit the beach over the weekend, although lifeguards said most people exercised social distancing. With criticism swirling. The Newport Beach City Council had just met on Tuesday and rejected a proposal to close the beaches for the next three weekends.

Nearby Laguna Beach approved a limited reopening. Beaches across San Diego County reopened Monday, with a few exceptions.

After getting word of Newsom's coming order, Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner made official statement regarding the closure of his beaches in OC.

Response from Orange County Supervisor:

"I believe Governor Newsom has the power to close Orange County beaches. However, it is not wise to do so. Medical professionals tell us the importance of fresh air and sunlight in fighting infectious diseases, including mental health benefits. Moreover, Orange County citizens have been cooperative with California state and county restrictions thus far. I fear that this overreaction from the state will undermine that cooperative attitude and our collective efforts to fight the disease, based on the best available medical information."

Here's some of the many photos going around of the packed beaches this past weekend, which is why Newsom is doing this.

Typical summer day at those OC beaches.

As for Los Angeles beaches, as we all know, they are already closed.

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Another Malibu Celeb Makes International Tabloid News For Surfing

First the Fresh Prince's kid and Superbad, now another Malibu celebrity just made the international tabloids for surfing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, the main guy from Sparta was caught be tabloid paparazzis heading on an ATV to "a private beach access on Sunday afternoon in Malibu. ".

You can read about guy from Sparta's surfing adventure and fashion choices at The Daily Mail

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Bay Street Parking Restrictions Removed

The New Parking Restrictions At Bay Street have been removed. They were just temporary for the weekend as reported.

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Malibu To Send Get Out Alerts To Cell Phones

With hot weather coming this weekend, the City of Malibu urges residents of neighboring communities not to travel to Malibu and all local residents to stay safe at home.

On Saturday and Sunday, the City will utilize the Wireless Alert System (WEA), which is similar to Amber Alerts, to send out messages to all cellphones within range of cell towers in Malibu, in order to reach visitors. Changeable message signs will be placed in several locations along PCH warning the public that beaches, lots, trails and parks in Malibu are closed.

The City is using every communication tool at its disposal to put out widespread messaging to the public including social media, Nextdoor, the City website, posters, flyers, FM radio public service announcements (PSAs), and the City’s emergency alert system (similar to reverse 911), in advance of the weekend.

“I want to reassure the residents of Malibu that the City is doing everything possible to urge neighboring communities not to come to Malibu during this warm weather,” Mayor Karen Farrer said. “It is difficult for all of us, in Malibu and elsewhere, to stay home and not be able to enjoy the beaches and mountains that we cherish, but this is a sacrifice that we must make to protect our seniors and vulnerable people from this deadly disease. Please stay safe at home, and enjoy the outdoors in your neighborhood or in your backyard.”

Source: The official Website for the City of Malibu

* Image above is a dramatic creation of what the alert might look like.

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New Parking Restrictions At Bay Street

Due to warm weather this weekend, parking restrictions will be in place along Bay St between Ocean Front Walk and Neilson Way. and on Ocean Blvd. between Bay St. and Hollister Ave. starting Friday, April 24 through Sunday, April 27.

Vehicles with a displayed residential parking permit from within a two block radius can park at the bagged meters and will not be cited or towed.

Source: The official Twitter for the City of Santa Monica,

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First Tropical Depression Of The East Pacific Hurricane Season

On Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center upgraded the disturbance to a tropical depression after satellite measure winds showed the system as having a well-defined center. The area of interest is around 730 miles south of the tip of Baja, tracking to the northwest. Environmental conditions are favorable for development to start the weekend but become less hospitable by early next week. The system is forecast to turn more to the west early in the workweek and poses no threat to land at this time.

If the system continues to develop along the forecasted track, a minor southerly swell will blend in for exposed breaks of Southern California as we move into next week. First the Fresh Prince's kid and Superbad, now another Malibu celebrity just made the international tabloids for surfing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekend Surf Outlook

According to Surfline, "Medium to locally stronger swells for the US West Coast"

"High-pressure has been camping out over the eastern half of the North Pacific lately, as a good looking low has been centered below the Bering Sea. That storm has kept a steady run of healthy NW swell rolling into Hawaii. Well exposed US West Coast areas, primarily from Point Conception northward, have seen a fair share of that NW swell, along with shorter period NW swell set up by the near-by high. That swell scenario will continue through most of the second half of this week."

"NW swell continues for Hawaii and the West Coast going into the second half of the week."

"Northern and Central California see the most size from their NW swell mix Friday into early Saturday. Southern California sees its smaller share of the NW swell top out by the weekend."

"Over this weekend, the storm currently spinning in the central North Pacific is expected to move into the Alaskan Gulf, where it will be joined by a smaller, faster moving system. From there, the resultant complex low looks to maintain a moderate scale NW swell mix for exposures of north of Point Conception through the last week of this month. The south end of the state only pulls in a small portion of that swell then."

Baldy Re-Opens For Snowboarding & Skiing

Wanna bet the heat and hit the snow? Baldy re-opened today.

Mt. Baldy was one of the last ski resorts in the country to close down for the Coronavirus lockdown. And now it is the first to re-re-open (they re-opened last month with some strict guidelines, but was shut down 2 days later).

"The forecast calls for clear skies with warm temps through the forecast period. A moderate wind advisory is in place thru Thursday morning with varying north winds in the 10 to 25 mph range. With coverage on the mountain about as good as it gets for April and golf courses reopening around Southern California we have decided to follow suit and open for ‘Ski & Ride Times’. "

The decision was made following the reopening of golf courses in both Riverside County and Orange County in southern California.

"We are taking the COVID-19 crisis very seriously. Mt Baldy Resort is a unique all season mountain resort and is well designed to accommodate social distancing guidelines. In addition, we are implementing several policy changes that will help to ensure the safety and health of our guests and staff. Similar to how a golf course operates Mt Baldy will check-in a maximum of 4 individuals at 10 minute intervals. 1 Day Alpine Ticketed guests will have access to Lift #2 and #3 from that time until closing. In stark contrast to a golf course (150 acres), Mt Baldy Resort (800 acres) has more than 4x the area and will be operating at less than 10% of occupancy under this plan."

"Mask or face covering consistent with Order of the Health Officer of the County of San Bernardino County for the Control of COVID-19 must be worn at all times."

Lift Tickets are limited and cost $99, no matter what time your ticket is booked for. No half-day options at all, even if you book it for the last 2 hours of the day.

Get Tickets Here!

Heads up though, last time they re-opened, they had to close it down a couple days later.

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Youtuber Skates The Buried Venice Skate Park

The Venice Skate Park Section starts at the 1:41 mark.

"Venice Beach Skatepark was recently on the news because of what the city decided to do to try and stop skateboarders. I decided to go check it out and show you guys the damage they did. Please be smart and do not copy my actions in this video."

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Rubi Brownell

Back in October, a young, blonde powerhouse began showing up in the Venice lineup. The adorable goofy-foot with a backhand smack began turning heads up and down the beach prompting people to ask “Who’s that?!?”

We chatted with 17 year-old Rubiana (Rubi) Brownell to find out.

By Nicole Lynch

Where are you from and what brings you to Venice?

I was born in Santa Monica, and then my family moved to Costa Rica when I was four. I basically grew up there, so I consider myself to be from Costa Rica. I moved to Venice in October of last year. My dad works here and I do a lot of competing in Southern California and I needed to get used to the waves, so I used this as an opportunity to come here and train.

Photo: Six12 Media

When did you start competing? How long have you been competing on the QS?

When I was like 13 years old, so about four years ago. I started doing the QS like 2 years ago. When I first started on the national circuit in Costa Rica I was doing well, so moving on the QS was the next step. I got into it pretty smoothly and easily.

Rubiana is 5x Costa Rican National Champion.

So you like competing?

Yeah, for sure! For me more than anything just being a good surfer is my main goal, I care about that more than results. But competing really motivates me. Getting to travel around, you make the closest friendships with people from completely different parts of the world you would never go to. So it’s really cool at such a young age to have that experience while trying to make a career out of it.

When did you learn to surf?

I learned when I was 12. I have a brother who is six years older than me (Indy Brownell), and when my dad had kids his goal was to make sure his kids surfed. But me and my brother, neither of us wanted to – hahah! So he had to get my brother into it first, and that took a while, and then it was my turn. I didn’t want to but after like two months of hardcore surfing I fell in love with it and now I’m more grateful for that than anything.

Haha, so dad had to drag you to the beach?

Yep! It was easier for me than my brother, there was a part of me that just wanted to please him and make him happy. But it was a struggle at first, a lot of frustrating sessions. I was scared of the ocean even on an one foot day! A perfect little beach break and I was terrified of it, so it took a while. But I’m so so grateful for that. I wouldn’t be the same person if I didn’t surf.

You didn’t start surfing until you were 12, at what point did you realize you’ve got talent?

My dad could tell right away. It really helped having him and my older brother around, just catching white water, they would tell me exactly what I needed to do differently and were able to shape my style. So it happened within the first few months for sure.

Your dad (Trey Brownell) rips too.

He grew up in Florida with no waves, and at 15 he moved here to LA. He didn’t start competing until he was an adult. He competed for a few years, won some national contests, some WSA events and was even on US Team for two years. Then he had to find a different career to support his family.

"There's only one way to leave the beach. Tired, hungry, one shade tanner, two shades blonder and with Champ." Rubi and her father, Trey in Costa Rica. Photo: Avellanas Surf Photos

Who are your mentors/ heroes?

My older brother is definitely one of my mentors. He taught me as much as my dad and still pushes me every day. My favorite pros are Sally Fitzgibbons, her attitude towards everything and how motivated she is just being an athlete is super inspirational. Mick Fanning is my other favorite surfer. The bottom turn to front-side top-turn combos, it’s incredible. Even though they’re both regular foots I study their surfing more than anybody else.

"An unforgettable two months spent on double sessions, turning the little blonde thing into a ripper" - Indigo Brownell

I overheard one of the old timers saying you have one of the best backhands he has ever seen surfed at the pier.

Aww ☺

Do you prefer going front or backside?

Backside for sure! I mean, it depends on what kind of waves I’m surfing. I really struggle with barrels backside, but when it’s just turns then backside for sure! Caroline Marks is insane.

What does your quiver look like?

I’m riding a combination of Losts and boards from my local shaper in Costa Rica called Global Surfboards. 5’6” thrusters

Photo: Six12 Media

What other kinds of training are you doing?

I have a personal trainer who sends me workouts online. I do that three or four times a week. Weight training and being overall more in shape is one of my goals.

What about an air game? Is that something you’ll be looking to incorporate into your regimen?

Yeah, it’s something I’ve had a hard time with. When I’m back home my brother really gives me a hard time about that. We argue about it, but we’ve decided that he’s better at airs and barrels and I’m better at everything else. We push each other. Now that I’ve got some time off from contests it’s definitely something I want to focus on.

Photo: Six12 Media

What has it been like navigating sponsors?

It’s hard, especially being from Costa Rica, it’s a place where it’s really hard to get sponsors from the US. I’m super grateful for O’Neill and Monster. I’ve also had a ton of support from local sponsors in Costa Rica. Pimienta Verde Organic Market and Mermaids and Sailors in Tamarindo, I’m very grateful.

You were due to compete in a QS 3000 in Barbados before Coronavirus hit. What’s the plan now?

All the contests got cancelled through the end of May and potentially longer. The plan was to go home, but then the borders got closed so now we’re just chilling here. We’ll see.

Where are your favorite spots here in Cali?

That’s really tough. I honestly like the waves in Nor Cal, Pleasure Point and Morro Bay. In So Cal, I guess Lowers has to be my favorite wave. And the Venice Pier is definitely my favorite every day spot. Surfing here has helped me so much! Learning how to surf one peak with a crowd. I have to be more alert and position myself properly. Learning how to surf close-outs, surfing a wave where you have to make your own speed in a small section. It’s been a process, it’s been a frustrating five-months but feels really really good to finally be improving on it and I think it’s going to really help me when I travel. Yeah this place is special for sure!

Photos: Six12 Media

They Will Surf Again POSTPONED

This year's They Will Surf Again Santa Monica has been postponed, LIfe Rolls On announced it this morning:

Out of an abundance of caution and concern, we are postponing They Will Surf Again. The health and well being of our entire LROhana is of the utmost importance to us. And because many members of our “family” live with disabilities that already tax their immunity, we are committed to not creating circumstances that contribute to greater stress on the immune system.

Of course, we will continue to closely follow local guidelines and will issue updates as they become available.

Stay safe and love life. Because life loves you.

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"Do Not Go To Ventura Beaches"

This shot of PCH from a few weeks ago is what the city is expecting will happen this upcoming weekend.

LA County Public Health director Barbara Ferrer is begging people to stay home. She talked to KBUU 99.1 about this upcoming weekend:

“I do want to really beg people who are in LA County: please do not go to Ventura to use their outdoor spaces.”

“You’ll overwhelm a county that has that is trying to sort of relax some of the restrictions for the residents … and do so in a sensible way. And you could because you’ll be in closer contact with lots of other people you could inadvertently come back infected yourself.”

Ferrer is the person with the key to the beaches in Malibu and the rest of L A County … and she is not going to open the gates.

Extra sheriff’s deputies are being brought in to Malibu this weekend to make sure that the anticipated hordes of people heading to the beaches beyond the county line keep moving … and do not stop at Zuma … Westward or any of the other beaches in Malibu.

Read the full story at KBUU 99.1

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Surf Forecast

According to Surfline, "NW Pacific remains active – medium to locally strong swells for the US West Coast"

"High-pressure in the eastern half of the North Pacific is expected to expand over the western US by the second half of the week and will likely remain in that relative position through at least the weekend of the 25th-26th and possibly beyond. That should set up a couple of different things: increased short period NW swell for the middle to second half of the week for California and also warming temps – with significant warming expected in some areas.."

"Just a small pulse for Southern California. Look for larger swell for the end of the work week and the weekend for the Golden State."

Current Water Temps

The average water temps as of April 20th.

Video: Venice Skate Park Sand Tour

This run through the skate park was filmed two days after they stopped putting sand in it.

For full coverage of the skate park's burial, see this story: VENICE SKATE PARK GETS BURIED

Surf Forecast

According to Surfline, "NW Pacific remains active – swells favor Hawaii, but California to get waves as well"

"High-pressure in the eastern half of the North Pacific has weakened some in recent days and we’ll see a pair of lows impact California in the shorter term. There is potential for light rain on Saturday morning in some areas and again early next week, but that shouldn’t be anywhere close to what we experienced during the week of the 6th. High pressure is expected to rebuild along the coast and eventually over California for the middle to back half of the upcoming week. That should kick up some shorter period NW swell and we should also see a warming trend."

Life Rolls On Zoom Call

Join Life Rolls On founder Jesse Billauer onSaturday April 18th at 1:00PM for a Life Rolls On Zoom Call

"Feel free to ask me any questions you would like. Let’s chat and catch up with each other."

ZOOM only has room for 100 of us, so the call is "first come, first serve." I hope to see you Monday."

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 871-8353-8616
Password: 8nsbgR

Surfers Ticketed At Sunset

As we reported last week, temporary "No Stopping" signs were put on PCH to prevent surfers from surfing this spot (Sunset). After a week of no enforcement, LAPD came in hot on Wednesday morning and started writing tickets for $93. Most got out the water and drove off without getting one, but a handful were not so lucky.

The video below is footage from our daily Instagram Stories. You can see the police did give a warning, via their siren, that they were coming.

Two police vehicles showed up, but only one officer was writing tickets, the other one just wanted to check out the dolphins that were jumping by the waves.

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Ticket Given At Topanga

Malibu/Lost Hills Watch Commander James Braden reported a citation was given to someone near Topanga State Beach who allegedly tossed away some LA County Beaches and Harbors “No Parking” signs.

No info on how much the ticket was for. He didn't state if it was done by a surfer or not.

We did notice several of the No Parking signs were gone at a couple spots at Topanga. There were two of the barricades with signs tossed down into the brushes on the side of the creek.

The same has been happening at Sunset too, the "No Stopping" signs are being hidden, tossed in the trash, and some thrown down into the rocks.

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Venice Skate Park Gets Buried

*This story will be constantly updated with new info & photos as we get them.*
*New updates will always appear at the bottom.*
*LAST UPDATE: Sunday 12:30PM, 4-19-2020*

On Thursday morning, the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks started pouring sand into the Venice Skate Park.

While out filming the morning surf for our daily Instagram Stories, our shooter noticed some bulldozers dumping sand on the skate park and started shooting it.

Several employees were shoveling sand into all areas of the park, while the bulldozer dumped sand along the skate park's rim walkway and into the street section. And of course, as seen in our Instagram Stories, they were getting all sorts of harassment from a handful of skaters and non-skaters.

This is temporary, the sand was put into the skate park to prevent people from skating it. The skate park has been closed for several weeks now due to the stay at home orders, but too many people have been skating it, and just plain hanging out in it. So the Department of Recreation and Parks decided to do more, since the caution tape and signs didn't work.

We asked Lance LeMond, someone who has been involved with the skate park since before it was built and now works for the Parks & Rec, about this and his reply was that they are just going to put enough sand in there that will keep people from skating it.

We saw that cardboard was placed over the all the park's drains with sandbags to hold them down. But the cardboard pieces were not taped down at the edges, so let's hope the method they chose works.

According to the Department of Recreation and Parks, the weight of the sand should not be an issue. They are not putting in an amount that will cause damage to the skate park.

We also noticed that the city is now taking notes on how people at the beaches are following the social distancing guidelines. They have been watching the numbers of people wearing face masks compared to those that do not. The news networks keep doing hit pieces on how people at Venice Beach are not following the guidelines, even though we keep catching all those same reporters and cameramen not following the orders themselves.

There is no info on how long the sand is going to be in place. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti did announce that "large gatherings" including sporting events may not be approved until 2021. With the large crowds that this skate park gets, it might be till then.

UPDATE: Friday 10:20AM, 4-17-2020

More sand being added on Friday, and @WahineKaii snapped this photo (below) of the bulldozer inside of the skate park moving sand around the street section.

Photo by @WahineKaii

The Venice Skate Park is not the only the park having this done, the same thing already happened to the San Clemente Skate park

Photo by Ryan Mata

The San Clemente Times reports: "On Monday, the City of San Clemente poured 37 tons of sand onto the concrete surface of the Ralphs Skate Court off Avenida La Pata as part of an effort to deter skaters from visiting the park during the coronavirus pandemic."

It is probably a god bet to say the Venice Skate park will end up looking like that.

UPDATE: Friday 5:30PM, 4-17-2020

Photo by Stu Munde

There's an aerial photo (above) of the skate park on Friday.

UPDATE: Friday 5:45PM, 4-17-2020

The Patch reports:
"Residents have complained that groups of people still gathered in Venice, and weren't taking the stay-home order and social distancing preventative measures serious."

We saw it almost daily, group just hanging out at the park, not keeping the six foot distance from each other, challenging the police when told to leave, etc...

UPDATE: Saturday 12:30PM, 4-18-2020

Photo by HUNTER W E ! S S

Rose Watson, the Director of Public Information at City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks made some statements on the dumping of sand in the Venice Skate Park.

Watson said Department of Recreation & Parks has filled skate parks with sand in the past in order to keep people from using them before construction has been completed.

She said so far, just the skate park in Venice has been laden with sand, but Department of Recreation & Parks will fill other skateboard facilities if people are seen gathering during the Safer at Home orders.

"We're doing this for our safety, their safety and the safety of others," Watson said. "When this is all over, trust me, we will open them, but right now it's important for them to not use the skate parks."

Meanwhile, the big network news stations are scrambling to get photos of the park:

And for now, the word we were given is that they are done adding sand to the skate park, but if people keep skating it, more will be added.

UPDATE: Sunday 12:30PM, 4-19-2020

More updates will be added as we get them. Working on saving all the Instagram Stories clips and creating one video for them all too.

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