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High Surf Advisory

Issued: 1:30 PM PST Dec. 15, 2018 – National Weather Service ... High surf advisory in effect from 4 am Monday to 10 PM PST Tuesday...

... Beach hazards statement is cancelled...

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles/Oxnard has issued a high surf advisory, which is in effect from 4 am Monday to 10 PM PST Tuesday. The beach hazards statement has been cancelled.

* Surf... 6 to 10 foot surf with local sets to 12 feet can be expected across west facing beaches, peaking on Monday and Monday night.

* Impacts... there is an increased risk for ocean drowning. Strong rip currents can pull swimmers and surfers out to sea. Large breaking waves can cause injury... wash people off beaches and rocks... and capsize small boats near shore.

Water Quality Update

After high levels of enteroccocus bacteria found in the ocean water testing last week due to the heavy rains, Surfrider's Blue Water Task Force is pleased to report that the level of bacteria at Tower 15 and Tower 8 at Will Rogers State Beach were well under the accepted EPA minimum. Yew! Get out and enjoy some of this NW swell we’ve got on tap this weekend.

☝šŸ½PLEASE NOTE: if you are planning to surf in Malibu at breaks affected by the burn zone (between Point Mugu and Surfrider Beach) please use caution. If the surf smells smokey or has visibly dark sediment in the wave faces we recommend heading to the South Bay. We should have our results from UCLA next week that will give us a sense of the metal content at both Surfrider and Leo Carrillo, so stay tuned.

To learn more or get involved, visit Blue Water Task Force

Large-to-XXL Swells Headed to California???

A powerful, long-period WNW swell will build into California and peak early next week. Areas north of Point Conception will be macking, while big-wave spots will be XXL. The swell is more selective for Southern California, although the regions well exposed to long-period WNW swell will be very solid.
In general, it should be more in the medium-to-strong range at breaks with decent exposure — although select spots that can pull in the strongest energy will be very solid.

Street Closures In Santa Monica & Venice Beaches

This Saturday streets along Santa Monica and Venice beaches will be closed for the Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run.

Water Quality Alert

Sobering results from last week’s Blue Water Task Force team…water collected Wednesday morning at the 3 Santa Monica sites show extreme levels of enterococcus bacteria, literally off the charts. These harmful levels were present before Thursday’s downpour, which will have only served to exacerbate the situation. Similar results were found near the Palisades, at Will Rogers Beach. A reminder, 104 CFUs/100mL is considered the limit of “safe” levels to come in contact with.

Santa Monica Pier - 24,196+ CFUs/100mL
Pico Kenter Storm Drain - 400 CFUs/100mL
Lifeguard Tower 26 - 10,112 CFUs/100mL
Will Rogers Lifeguard Tower 8 - 581 CFUs/100mL
Will Rogers Lifeguard 15 - 10,112 CFUs/100mL

Please stay safe out there and be mindful of the risks of contaminated water, regardless of how clean it may look.
If you would like to know more about BWTF, check out Blue Water Task Force

Brick Mart Holiday Bash

This Sunday at Brick Mart Santa Monica it’s going down. Sante Bentivoglio from Bay Street Boards be showing his latest paintings and live painting. Also live music, food and mad more art.

Fire Relief Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed for ranch restoration in Malibu. Join Surfrider LA as they assist local homeowners get back on their feet after the Woolsey Fire. Please RSVP in the comments and be sure you have the necessary gear to participate: boots, pants, long sleeves, and gloves.

Surfer VS Skilled Hoopers

Division 1 Basket Ball player A.J. Lapray puts on a wetsuit and challenges some players to a game.

Patagonia Customer Appreciation Night

Join Patagonia Santa Monica for a night of food, drink, and music. They will be giving away new exclusive Santa Monica store patches. Please see an associate for a patch. There will be activities for kids so come join the fun Wednesday night!
Patagonia Santa Monica store
1344 4th Street ,
Santa Monica , California , 90401

The Infamous Venice Beach Leash Pull Attack!!!!!

"Why isn't Shacked posting about it?"
"Why aren't you blasting this kook?"

We got posts on Instagram, as well as DMs and emails asking this question. A couple that were insinuating that we are not being supportive of female surfers and black female surfers.

Well, first off, we didn't get news of this till a day after it starting making the internet rounds. We were not tagged in the initial posts on the incident like KooK_of_the_Day , Kookslams, and Inertia were. Which was probably for the best.

Second, if you're reading this, you already know what the incident we are talking about, as it has made the rounds of all the surf related websites and social media.

As we're started gathering info to make a story on the incident, we saw how the friend of the surfer who got her leash pulled and a website that is close to that person's organization were attempting to turn this incident into a racial hate crime of sorts. Now to be clear, what one surfer did by pulling that other surfer's leash was not right, but neither is what this friend and that website are doing.

That website has a very poorly written and factually inaccurate blog post "breaking" this story, stating race was the motivation behind the incident. Any person who points out the writer's errors in facts, or does not fully 100% side with surfer that got her leash pulled automatically gets labeled as "racist white man" by the website.

We politely and respectfully asked the writer some question about her story in a public forum, not only did she back-peddle, constantly lie, and just refuse to answer questions, she attempted to talk down to us, accuse us of harassment (ironic) , and more... As many have stated all over social media, the writer solely used race in order to drum up more clicks to her website.

Even worse comes from the friend who is spear heading this hateful vendetta against the surfer who pulled the leash.

Pretty much all the websites posting on this story are taking their info directly from those two sources. Some are calling it what it is, others are following those two's footsteps and labeling this as a race issue to earn sympathy views and shares (in order to make more money off the ads run on the sites).

The guy was being an arrogant kook, he wasn't being a racist.

We did find a lot of info to run a pretty good story on the incident, but the truth was that neither parties come off looking good. We found proof that all involved have a history of certain behaviors.

That and because we didn't want to give these false claims of a "race motivated assault" anymore attention (since sadly many have their minds made up already , they will accept no facts proving otherwise ). We made the call to not post anything

The only reason we are posting this is because some are trying to say this website is hiding the story because it is run by a "triggered white men" and "a Venice/Lima type". We just want to clear that BS up.

Will we eventually post the story we started writing up and getting screenshots for? To be honest, not sure. Prefer to not bring anymore negativity to our community.

NOTE: We withheld names of all parties involved including the name of that race-baiting website. We don't want to be the "source" of any attacks or harassment made to them by our readers. Looks like they are getting it enough now anyways.

Mighty Underdogs 2018 Day Of Reflection

More info at

Josh Bagel Klassman At The Midnight Bazaar

Venice Beach Photographer Josh "Bagel" Klassman will be one of the featured artists at the next Midnite Bazaar.

Bagel will be showing off pieces from his huge collection of photos he took as a surfer/skater growing up in Venice:

Some of his works will also be for sale at his booth.

Sunset Cleanup + Happy Hour

Sunday at 2 PM – 5 PM

Join Surfrider LA for their last cleanup of the year! This will mark cleanup number 34 for 2018 and they're going to go out in style by aiming to cover the entire stretch of Sunset Point - from the parking lot at Gladstone's in the north to the Bel Air Bay Club in the south.

Surfrider LA plans to have two tents stationed at either end with volunteers working in toward the center of the beach. They have done an outstanding job at Sunset this year but there's still so much work to be done. Come help pull a record haul!

Star Wars And Surf Therapy

A short video montage of the surf therapy evnet in Malibu from from The Dark Side Riders and The Mighty Under Dogs of Malibu.

XL Swell Set to Hit West Coast

The month of December is off to a quick start with yet another purple blob trotting through the North Pacific. That long period energy eventually makes its way towards the West Coast too, where good winds await to meet, greet, and groom the large surf. There's also weather coming along as a storm drops down the coast, bringing rain to Southern California this week.

Z-Flex Skateboard Giveaway

@zflexskateboards is giving the new "Manic Pintail" longboard skateboard. Follow the steps below to enter.
1. Follow @zflexskateboards on Instagram
2. Like the post with the photo above. 3. Tag a friend in that post and let them know which board you like the best
They will randomly pick the winners from the comments section next week. Good Luck!

A Surfer's Perspective On The Malibu Fire

Malibu's Jamie Brisick:

The text message came just before 7 a.m.: “Mandatory evacuation for the entire city of Malibu.” I grabbed my car keys, wallet, phone, laptop, writing stuff, and a change of clothes. It was Friday, November 9th. I was not worried. Malibu gets a fire nearly every year. Never do they creep down the Santa Monica Mountains, leap the Pacific Coast Highway, and take out homes where I live, in Point Dume.

But this one did. And it took out my home with an almost personal vengeance. Watching KTLA news with a friend in his Venice Beach studio the following evening, he pointed at the screen. “That looks like your house.” The camera zoomed in. “That’s definitely your house.” The shot—a firefighter blasting water at my inflamed bedroom—would play on repeat throughout the weekend. I became a kind of poster child for the Woolsey Fire.

The next few days threw into sharp relief my conflicted relationship with Malibu life. Many of my fellow-evacuees landed comfortably in Venice and Santa Monica. I received invitations to festive dinners and brunches at upscale eateries. Designer fashion labels offered free clothes to folks who’d lost their homes. A two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar gift certificate for luxury bedding showed up in my in-box. Compared to the extreme loss of life in the Camp Fire, it felt way too easy. Even in evacuation mode, we kept up our tenor of self-congratulation.

Meanwhile, I could not get back into Malibu. Roads were closed on the north, south, and valley sides. The “stayers,” several of them surfer friends of mine, posted on social media about “never feeling a stronger sense of purpose” and “being honored to serve their community.” The Point Dume Bomberos, a vigilante group that formed in the fire, were saving houses. Supplies were coming in by boat; surfers were paddling them to shore on longboards. Malibu moms were cooking up hot meals in jury-rigged kitchens. I was hit with a sense of fomo/shame. I’d got out of the fire, and now all I wanted was to get back into the fire.

I got in the following day with a makeshift press pass. Driving west past Surfrider Beach, the Pacific Coast Highway eerily quiet, I watched a set of waves peel across First Point, no riders. Malibu is one of the most crowded breaks on earth. The road closure would create empty lineups akin to the pre-“Gidget” days. I reached back and pawed the nose of my five-ten twin fin.

I passed places of great personal significance: the surf spot where I got my first tube, in 1978; the former home of the Malibu Inn, where in my tormented teens I consumed a half decade’s worth of soggy oatmeal and burnt coffee hoping to get closer to a particular waitress; the rocky outcropping where my late wife and I shared one of our last meals together, a picnic of cheese and avocado sandwiches, the shore break slapping and hissing below our feet. I started surfing in the late seventies. Malibu was my playground; it’s as close to my heart as any geographical place I can think of. But to be a surfer is to be a traveller. In my early twenties, I started travelling, and pretty much kept travelling.

The first sightings of the fire were just north of Pepperdine University. The charred hills took on a certain vulnerability, vegetation gone, trees skeletal, bald black curves in the midday sun. Born and raised in L.A., now fifty-two, I have come to understand that it’s essentially a race between the Santa Ana winds and the rain. If the rain comes first, the fire hazard is mitigated. But, if the fires come first, as they had now (and as they did last year, with the Thomas Fire and the ensuing mudslides in Montecito), we’re in big trouble.

Read the entire story on THE NEW YORKER

Miles Of PCH To Close For Repairs

Segments of a 20-mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway in the Malibu area will have to close down starting on Monday to repair damage caused by the Woolsey Fire, Caltrans announced Friday.

The work will be done to stabilize hillsides and repair roadway infrastructure weakened in the fire. The closures will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. starting Monday on the right lane and shoulder of northbound PCH from Topanga Canyon Road to Decker Canyon Road. Caltrans expects the work to take place every day but Sunday, weather permitting.

Drivers should expect delays, Caltrans warned. Officials advised planning for extra commute time.

The repairs will include guardrail replacement, clearing of drainage lines, removal of burned debris, restoration of damaged signs, placing of netting along affected slopes and the installation of silt fences on the lower ends of burned hillsides.

RJP Surfing Photography Photo Shoots

The Holidays are upon us!

Give the perfect gift for your favorite surfer. A private surfing photo shoot from RJP Surfing Photography

Best Female Longboarder In The World

At just 17 years of age, Malibu's Soleil Errico has become a World Champion of surfing.

At the 2018 WSL Women's World Longboard Championship, which took place in Taiwan, Errico eclipsed an international field of loggers in Jinzun Harbor's playful blue walls. She defeated fellow-Californian and 2015 World Champion, Rachel Tilly, in the final.

"I want to thank all of my friends and family, especially my mum and dad who have supported me so much to get here and done so much for my surfing career. There is no way I'd be the surfer I am today without my coach Taylor Jensen (Reigning Men's Longboard Champion), he is incredible. All of the women's competitors at this event are my idols and it's been an honour to surf with them all. My hometown of Malibu has had a tough time recently with the Fires and everything and I want to dedicate this to Malibu and I can't wait to bring it home."

Venice Surf-A-Thon This Week

Venice Surf-A-Thon

The trophies are being made, the t-shirts are being printed, the heats are being bracketed, wax 'em up surfers! It's Venice Surf-A-Thon time!

Venice Pier - Saturday 12-1-2018

More waves from the storm, here's photos from Saturdaymorning at the Venice Pier shot by Rocketfish Media - SteveChristensenPhoto

There are a lot more photos, all full size and in high-resolution, in the Venice Pier - Saturday 12-1-2018 Photo Gallery from Rocketfish Media - SteveChristensenPhoto.

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Frankie Harrer

Frankie Harrer joins the Crap® Surf Family

A fixture in Los Angeles' unique surf scene, Frankie is a pro surfer from Malibu, CA, known for her world class shortboarding and hard charging in waves of consequence.

November Surf Spot Photos Recap