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50% Off Everything At Volcom

We got another special coupon code for you. 50% off Everything at

That's right, Volcom is offering an Extra 50% Off Site-wide when you apply this special discount code FNF50 at checkout. Free shipping w/ Stone Rewards (free to join). There are some exclusions that may apply to the coupon, but it should take 50% off the price of almost everything on their site, including the sale item. Rash guards, shirts, shoes, sandals, bags, hats, jeans, board shorts, jackets, etc....go stock up on some gear at

Win Private Malibu Expression Session From Surf Relik

Surf Relik is trying to win y'all over with this chance to surf a spot you already surf.

But instead of fighting for waves with 40 people, it'll just be 10.

They throw in some other perks, as well as some wonky tonk rules you gotta follow in order to be eligible. Here's their press release:

Relik’s video submission open qualifier gave eight unseeded competitive surfers a spot in the 2019 Malibu event. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Enter our digital raffle, engage online to earn tickets and you could be one of 10 lucky surfers to WIN A 40-MINUTE SESSION AT MALIBU with nobody else out. Not only that, but you’ll be given an all-access pass to the entire Relik Experience, hanging with 48 of the world’s best surfers, with all the perks, in an casual, luxe, beach vibe atmosphere. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is available only to the growing Relik online community so ENTER NOW and join us on the beach, and in the water, at Malibu.


So how to you enter? They want you to do several things, and their "rules" are somewhat WTF (yeah, we mean What The F@#k).

First here is what they say on how to enter:
1. Like this post
2. Save this post
3. Tag at least one friend on this post
4. Share this post to your story

Easy enough, just like all Instagram giveaways. NOPE. Because they list the "terms & conditions" separately, here they are:

Terms & Conditions:
- Must be following our @Surf.Relik Account
- Must follow all the rules for valid entry
- Must enter the raffle via LINK IN BIO
- Winner may pass their winning ticket to a friend
- Any rules or actions missed will VOID your entry
- Contest will run until Thursday, June 20th @ 11:00am PST
- Earn more entries into the raffle via LINK IN BIO

You can visit the Malibu Expression Session From Surf Relik page for more and you have anyways if you want to win.

Some of us here at Shacked went ahead and entered this raffle, but if any of us win, we are going to give our winning ticket to Brooke Carlson aka BrookieBu

International Surfing Day Paddle Out - Surf Photos

We got a huge batch of surfing photos from the International Surfing Day Paddle Out that WSL Pure and Surfrider LA hosted at Venice Beach. Some pretty fun party waves at the paddle out.

We got about 300 surf photos from Six12 Media, here's just a few of them. The link to the complete photo gallery that has all the shots is down below.

You can find these and about 300 more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in this gallery:

2019 WSL Pure / ISD Paddle Out Photo Gallery

If you paddled out, there's probably some cool surf shots of you, check them out.

Hey, seen these WSL Hydro Flask bottles, they are in stock on the Hydro Flask Website and there is free shipping if you use this code: BBFS1-OGJQJ

International Surfing Day Paddle Out

Another successful International Surfing Day paddle out in Venice, with WSL Pure and Surfrider LA to raise awareness of the threats facing our ocean. We got some good surfing photos from the paddle out coming, but in the meantime, check out the video below from Michael Monak

Beware of Rhonda

To all those surfing Malibu this weekend, beware Rhonda Harper of Black Girls Surf will be there, don't fall victim to Rhonda Harper and her $$$$ agenda. She ain't got time for your foolery...But also, don't let her tell you that you or your kids can't surf there either.

First off, take note that some of us here at Shacked didn't want to post this, but by not doing so, we would be letting this person cause more trouble in our community. We were hoping this non-surfer would just disappear back up north with her little "surfing training" scam and nonsense. But by playing up the race issues, she manages to fool people and companies into thinking she is legit. We know for a fact some companies, as well as many of her associates and ex-friends, have seen her true nature and distanced themselves from her, others are just not aware what this person truly is. That being said, we don't find any of the companies that are responsible for her being here at fault because they are fooled by this person, and these do companies mean well. But FFS, just about everything Rhonda Harper preaches against, she does those exact same things: bully, localizing spots, gay-bashing, racist comments, advocating violence, etc... You can easily find proof of all this online, most from her own postings.

Now here we are going to present one example that clearly shows of the type of person she is and why those who are surfing Malibu this weekend need to beware.

As many already Know, she shows up to surf spots and tries localizes the spot for her group. She tells others they can't surf, she even has made the claim she has the beach closed off for her camera crew.* She acts as if she expects everyone to clear out for surfers (of course not for her, as she herself doesn't even surf). It is as if she is looking for some sort of confrontation with other surfers, especially men or any light skinned person. Because she can use it to further her agenda.

A crowded spot like Surfrider, on a Saturday, could be a recipe for disaster with her there.

Take a look at what happened via her Rhonda's own Instagram post when her and her surfer showed up at a surf spot known beginners circus spot up north:

Black Girls Surf Snake Beginners

If you dont want to click the link, here's a quick rundown: some beginner was just oblivious and getting in everyone's way. Total kook, but not doing it intentionally, just doesn't know anything about surfing (hey, him and Rhonda have something in common).

But she is quick to switch the story into him being an aggressive surfer that was snaking her surfer, so Rhonda has her surfer, nicknamed "Droppers", drop in on him so she can get some pics and turn it into a sexism thing where a female gets revenge on "lil BOYS" that don't like female surfers.

Yeah, that's how damn ridiculous and deceitful Rhonda is.

One person even respectfully comments: "lmao we actually know the guy in this photo. He’s not aggressive, just oblivious. Sorry if he inconvenienced you guys"

And Rhonda Harper replies with: "welp, I suggest you teach him surf etiquette because no one has time for his foolery. He did it too many times. If she were a guy he would’ve caught licks for sure."

That person then express how he expected an IG account that is supposed to be about tolerance in surfing would be more tolerant of beginners. And that person is completely correct, if Rhonda actually did practice what she attempts to preach, both her and her "Olympic Trainee" should be trying to educate a new surfer on proper surf etiquette. Not be putting him on blast, and once again as she has done in the past, changing a scenario into something it is not just for her own agenda.

She continues to belittle that person, as well as another person who commenting stating it didn't look like the noobie surfer was being aggressive.

She lies, then bashes and bullies people that do not 100% agree with her.

So Malibu surfers, be careful out there, you could be surfing too close to whoever Rhonda brought and she might take a photo of it then claim it's some sexist or racial attack on her surfer. That's what helps her get donations for her "surfer training" .

She might create another BS story at the garbage ex-Inertia writer's website again.

*a link can be provided to the video where she states she had a "closed set" on the beach for her surfers.

And yo peeps at WSL, we know you're reading this, need proof of anything, message us, we will forward you links, photos, screencaps, other sources to contact, etc... And any other companies, you too.

STOKED Pop Up Sample

Join STOKED LA for the STOKED Pop Up Sample sale from 11am-6pm at Mystic Journey Crystals in Venice.

Shop your favorite lifestyle brands at up to 70% off including:

O’Neill - Puma - Askov Finlayson - Agenda - Straye Footwear - North Face and more!

All proceeds benefit STOKED Mentoring programs!

This is being held Friday and Saturday. 11:00 AM 6:00 PM at:
Mystic Journey Crystals
1702 Lincoln Boulevard
Venice, CA, 90291

Surf Relik Event Dates Updated.

Originally it was to start The holding period on June 18th and last till the 28th, but now Surf Relik is saying their Malibu Event is from the 21st to 24th, with the "Final event dates will be confirmed shortly".

Jesse Billauer Wins US Adaptive Surfing Championships

Life Rolls On Founder Jesse Billauer just won the US Adaptive Surfing Championships in Oceanside. He will go on represent Team USA in the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships later this year. Check out the quick video montage of the event below:

Jack's Dads & Grads Sale Extended

Jacks Surfboards just extended their Dads & Grads sale till Sunday! Find a gift for Father’s Day, your favorite graduate, or just treat yourself! Get 20% off at the Santa Monica store when you show the sale flyer at checkout. Or you can buy off their website, same discount, just use online code: DADSNGRADS to get 20% off site wide

Jacks Surfboards
2012 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm

Coco Ho On The LA News

Coco Ho stopped off at the KTLA News station for this little interview on how climate Change is Impacting our oceans, and to promote the WSL Pure Paddle Out in Venice this upcoming Saturday.

SUP 4 Smiles

Kid 2 Kid & Pro SUP Shop Present SUP 4 SMILES
Saturday June 15, 2019

Volunteer with us for our 5th Annual SUP 4 SMILES, an exclusive opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children with Autism.

Children in the Kid 2 Kid Program


Animal Kingdom Skateboard Giveaway

If you haven't seen it yet, Animal Kingdom is a TV crime-drama about some criminal surfer bros from Oceanside. Based on the Australian movie of the same name.

The show is giving away one custom Animal Kingdom skateboard EVERY WEEK till August 27, 2019. You can enter weekly for your chance to win one of these boards.

Click Here For Entry Form

The entire series can be viewed on Amazon

VAL Surf On L8nightwithChoccy Surf Podcast

When Bill “Chief” Richards saw how much surfing meant to his son, Mark “Wally” Richards, he made everything possible to support his passion. So when Wally came up with an idea to open a surf shop, Chief went all in! The Val Surf guys go on the L8nightwithChoccy Surf Podcast and talk about the shop's history.

"Val Surf is THE FIRST SKATESHOP IN THE WORLD!? They were the first to make and sell their own skateboards!" This is one of many things you can learn about about them on this podcast. Listen to the podcast below:

The Midnite Bazaar

Tonight from 8pm-12midnight some very talented photographer’s, including Josh "Bagel" Klassman will be showing and selling some of Venice’s greatest golden era skateboarding photos at this month's Midnite Bazaar. This goes on at The Victorian on Main Street in Santa Monica. And DJ JACQUES will be there providing beats for the evening!

The Victorian
2640 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Midnite Bazaar is a monthly event which was founded to share the creations of individuals planted within the walls of the widespread City of Los Angeles, California, in a nighttime "flea-style" market. The goal of The Bazaar is to promote local artists, businesses and community development, bringing together an army of like-minded individuals who are striving to get their voices heard and products seen. So many amazing talents are nested within this city, and The Midnite Bazaar will expose you to some of the most interesting and thought-provoking products, ideas and talents that we have had the joy of discovering. Our events will feature both established and up-and-coming artists, fashion designers, musicians, tattooists, photographers, street artists, distillers, mixologists, woodworkers, custom car-motorcycle culture, local groups/gatherings, magicians, performers, oddities and much more. Any product, concept or talent making our mind stop and process its place in the world will be found here. Everything and everyone being displayed by The Midnite Bazaar has been created, fabricated or is currently operated in sunny California. Welcome to the world of The Midnite Bazaar. We hope you find something new that suits your lifestyle. ​

Wipeout Wednesday - Share A Wave Edition

Watch what happens when a stand up paddleboarder shares a wave with a longboarder at First Point in this photo sequence from California Mermaid Photography                                                                                        

Watch what happens when a stand up paddleboarder shares a wave with a longboarder at First Point in this photo sequence from California Mermaid Photography Facebook Page

We post new sets of local wipeout photos every Wednesday (more or less).   Click: Wednesday Wipeouts to check out the previous Wipeout Wednesday photo sets