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Brush Fire In Malibu

On Sunday morning there was a 4 acre brush fire at 3477 Malibu Canyon Rd, Malibu. The fire shut down PCH, but was quickly put out and the the road closures have been lifted. PCH is now open. Las Virgenes Rd/Malibu Canyon Rd remain closed from Mulholland - PCH.

Photos from Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

Short-Term Surf Forecast

According to Surfline: Old combo of NW and SSW swells drops going into the weekend, as a fresh, shorter period NW swell takes over.

Saturday, February 27th: 2-3’+ waves off peaking NW swell, 4’+ for top spots. Light winds in the morning.
A reinforcing pulse of shorter period NW swell tops out, putting well exposed spots in waist-stomach high surf. Deep mid morning high tide (~6′) favors shorebreak sandbars, while most other spots are swampy then. Mid day tide works best for many areas, before the ocean ebbs down to a drained, -1′ mid afternoon low. Light/variable to light offshore winds much of the morning, shift to light+/locally moderate afternoon onshores for textured+ to ruffled conditions. The sea breeze looks to ease by the evening.

Sunday, February 28th: 2-3′ surf from fading NW swell. Moderate to breezy morning offshores.
The shorter-period NW swell will be steadily winding down. Morning sees the most size. Surf gets smaller as the day goes on. Widespread ENE winds in the morning, moderate for most areas and looking stiff around northern LA, for offshore conditions. Those winds due to ease into mid day, then turn to onshores along most of the coast during the afternoon. Deep mid morning high tide swamps out lots of spots, while favoring shorebreak sandbars. Negative low tide in the later afternoon drains the smaller waves.

High Winds The Weekend

Here are the projected peak wind gusts from late Saturday night into Sunday morning for the Los Angeles area due to the gusty Santa Ana winds.

Starfish At Low Tide

Some starfish spotted at low tide in Santa Monica. Photos by Guerilla Films.

VIDEO - Venice Homeless Man Spraying Mace On Passersby

Another video of showing the current state of the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Weekend Surf Forecast

According to Surfline: Fun little combo of NW, SSW swells through Fri. Refresh of NW swell mix for the weekend.

Friday, February 26th: 2-3′ surf — 3’+ sets at top spots. Light morning winds.
A few fun peaks to track down but many breaks are slow, as selective SSW swell and small NW swell ease, while the tide tops out at a deep high around 6′ mid morning. Widespread knee-waist high surf continues, best shorebreak sandbars and high tide spots up to about chest high early. Fresh NW swell mix is on the rise for the afternoon, as the ebbing tide bottoms out at a draining -1′ mid afternoon low. Variable to light offshore wind early trends light onshore through the middle of the day. Onshore flow bumps up a notch further through the afternoon for added bump/texture later in the day.

Saturday, February 27th: 3-4′ waves off peaking NW swell. Light winds in the morning.
A reinforcing pulse of shorter period NW swell tops out, putting well exposed spots in consistent waist to chest high surf, while the better breaks in Ventura and the South Bay hit shoulder high+ and south San Diego standouts see head high sets. Deep mid morning high tide (~6′) favors shorebreak sandbars, while most other spots are swampy then. Mid day tide works best for many areas, before the ocean ebbs down to a drained, -1′ mid afternoon low. Light/variable to light offshore winds much of the morning, shift to mainly light+ afternoon onshores for textured+ conditions to a little bump.

Updated Homeless Encampment in Venice Beach From German In Venice

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach, and the nearby communities.

"Today, I went to Venice Beach to show you an update on the homeless encampment from the video I took five months ago. You can decide for yourself if it got worse or better. I also include many movie locations, I matchup pictures from the actual movie that was shot in Venice Beach Beach."

If you would like to support German in Venice with some gas money or you want to buy him a coffee, you are welcome to donate to his paypal account:

Strong Winds And Hazardous Ocean Conditions In Malibu and Zuma

From LACoFD Lifeguard Division:
"A {High Wind/ Gale Warning} will take effect at 9PM this evening and last through 3PM tomorrow. Malibu and Zuma beaches will see the strongest offshore conditions. Winds are expected to be strongest overnight and into the morning tomorrow. Hazardous ocean conditions may exist!​"

71 Ocean Rescues This Past Weekend

From LACoFD Lifeguard Division:

A combination of strong winds and large inshore holes made for weekend tally of 71 Ocean Rescues across Los Angeles County. Saturday morning, we saw crowded lineups early before strong N/NE winds impacted much of the Santa Monica Bay. These cross/offshore winds aligned with uneven ocean floor and short period wind swell to create hazardous conditions for many surfers/swimmers resulting in several ocean rescues. Sunday turned out to be another off-season beach day with light winds and temperatures into the 70s.

Inshore holes continue to be leading cause for ocean rescues over the past couple of weeks. Stay tuned as we take a more in depth look at inshore holes and the hazards that they pose for beachgoers.

California's Tsunami Preparedness Week

California's Tsunami Preparedness Week will be March 22 - 26 in 2021! Learn how you can register to participate in a variety of activities to help you, your family, school, or workplace get better prepared to survive and recover from tsunamis

Visit Black Sand Instagram Page for more info.

The Back Sand Peace Paddle

In response to Racist Attack On Black Surfers At Manhattan Beach, a paddle out for peace event is being at the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Hosted by Black Sand Instagram Page: "We’re asking everyone to come together this Sunday. All humans are welcome. We can no longer tolerate hatred. The ocean is ours to share."

Sunday 2/21/2021 7AM

Vehicle Goes Over Cliff In Malibu

The Malibu Search and Rescue Team responded to a vehicle 100 ft over the side on Malibu Canyon on Thursday at about 4:22 p.m. The elderly female driver was ejected, suffering minor to moderate injuries. Copter 12 hoisted her from the cyn and transported to a trauma center. No other cars were involved.

Racist Attack On Black Surfers At Manhattan Beach

Two black surfers got confronted by a hostile racist surfer while in the water at the Manhattan Beach Pier.

A brief rundown of what happened was posted to the Black Sand Instagram Page:

"This racist woke up & chose violence. He called me & Gage a n**ger in the water at Manhattan Beach Pier and repeatedly splashed me in the face. Fortunately, he’s the one who has to sleep with those demons, not me. I want to see more allyship, regardless...I’ll be right back out there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Im so inspired by what transpired today, it feels like a sign to continue surfing with purpose, and hopefully inspire you all to open / kick down doors into those spaces that you may not feel welcome into. Not just surfing, but whatever that place is that resonates with you. Own that shit, you belong. - Brick​"

The full rundown, including what lead up to the confrontation, was then posted in this video by the two surfers involved:

As their posts went viral, the surf community has showed these two surfers a huge outpouring of love and support.

"Our existence is resistance. thank you all for the outpour of love, support, and words of encouragement from EVERY human being. Beautiful to see the surf community and those beyond it to be able to unite and stand together with us on this. It’s bigger than surf. Thank you again. Love remains undefeated." They wrote via their latest post on the Black Sand Instagram Page

Bear Traps Placed On Venice Sidewalk

Drug needles and human poop are not the only things to watch out for when walking along the sidewalks in Venice, now you gotta watch out for bear traps.

Shooting Up Heroin In Front Of Police On The Venice Boardwalk

Venice resident reports that people have been selling drugs at this corner for the last 9 months and now they are openly drawing the heroin from the spoon and injecting as police ride by.

Drunk Rich Girl Wrecks Her BMW Into Outdoor Diners In SM

On Friday night, Piper Pollard, a 21-year-old Pacific Palisades resident, who police state was drunk, slammed her BMW into the outdoor dining section of Urth Caffe in the 2300 block of Main Street in Santa Monica

The drunk's BMW knocked over the k-rail "sending tables and chairs flying as diners scrambled to safety." Several diners suffered minor injuries and one had to be transported to the hospital.

According one of the diners, the k-rail tipped over landing on the leg of another diner.

Pollard was booked for felony DUI.

Valentine’s Day 2021 On The Santa Monica Pier

The Pacific Wheel will once again light up for love this Valentine’s Day weekend with a special light program that features hearts and fun emojis.

There will be gusty winds and hazardous seas across much of the coastal waters this weekend. There will likely be Gale force gusts up to 40 kt and seas over 10 feet, mainly outer waters.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be traced back to year 496 in ancient Rome. The celebration then was to honor Saint Valentine of Rome, and it wasn’t until the 14th and 15th centuries that the holiday was associated with romance and courtship. In 18th-century England, it grew into an occasion in which couples expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards known as “valentines”.

Walking the boardwalk of the Santa Monica Pier has been a local tradition for Angeleno couples for decades, and why wouldn’t it be? You can smell the salty ocean breeze, usually chilly on a February evening, giving a perfect chance to wrap your arms around each other. Many Pier shops sell sweet treats like decadent ice cream and freshly made funnel cakes that are perfect to share after a romantic seaside dinner. Although the iconic Ferris wheel will be closed to riders this Valentine’s Day weekend, the twinkling lights will still dazzle pier guests as they twinkle off the rolling waves.

As in years past, the Pacific Wheel will feature a special light program just for lovers full of beating red hearts, cute kissing emojis, and maybe even some fun messages that you can share with your special Valentine. If you are planning to spend Valentine’s Day in this year, we have you covered: The Pacific Wheel Valentines Light Program will also be live streamed at

This special lighting event will take place on the evening of Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 14. The Ferris wheel lights can be seen from dusk until 11:35 PM each evening. Enjoy watching the light program online at

Hazardous Sea Conditions This Weekend

There will be gusty winds and hazardous seas across much of the coastal waters this weekend. There will likely be Gale force gusts up to 40 kt and seas over 10 feet, mainly outer waters.

Source: National Weather Service Los Angeles.

Chief Russ Walker

The Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division are celebrating black history month by looking back on the influential career of Asst. Chief Russ Walker. Chief Walker, LACoFD Lifeguard Division first African American Chief, played a pivotal role in paving the way for African American lifeguards and fire fighters within the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He also is credited with starting the WATER program, which made the beach community more accessible to under represented communities of Los Angeles County.

Free 2 Skate Allows You To Tip Skaters

There's a new website where you can tip the skateboarders of the Venice Skatepark. Just like many of the performers along the boardwalk, you can now tip the skateboarders of the skatepark.

Free 2 Skate is a new platform that allows the crowd at the Venice Skatepark (or those watching the Venice Skate Park Live Cam ) to tip any of the skaters, with 100% of the tip going to the skater. Tip any amount, and the skateboarder will get the full amount within a couple days.

So far only a handful of skaters are listed, but if the skater you want to tip is not, upload their photo and they will track that person down.

Unlike many of the "Donate To The Venice Skatepark" scams that several people are running, where the donate money never goes to the park or the guy cleaing the park, this is legit. Free 2 Skate is developed by longtime Venice Skater Lance Lemond who also operates the Venice Skate Park Live Cam.

If you're one of the skatepark regulars, hit up Lance and get yourself listed on Free 2 Skate, start getting some tips.

Malibu Dot Com Is For Sale

The domain name is up for sale.

Well, it's been for sale for about a year now. Some guy named Fred from Scottsdale, Arizonia, who currently owns it has been trying to sell it for awhile now. He wants well over $1 Millon for it, but is willing to drop the price some.

So if you want to buy the name for your website, you can contact Freddy via

New $2 Million Restrooms At Venice Beach

The restrooms that have been under construction next to the Rose Parking Lot at Venice Beach are reportedly going to cost the city $2,120,757.

Probably the most expensive crack zombie restrooms ever.

More on the costs can be found on Circling The News.

Photo of the beautiful new $2 Million toilets via @VeniceIntel

Another Car Drives Onto The Venice Boardwalk

On Sunday evening, someone drove their car onto the Venice Boardwalk, parked it, and started blasting loud music. Photos from @apbiv.

2 Separate Pedestrian Hit By Car Accidents In Venice Today

Two seperate pedestrian vs car accidents happened on Firday night in Venice.

According to PDR Scanner, at 9:47PM reports of a pedestrian hit by a car on Pacific Ave, in Venice were recieved. Then one hour later, another poerson was hit by a car at Speedway & Paloma.

Venice Beach Assault Caught On Video

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Area are asking for the public’s help in providing any information that would lead to the identification of the suspect involved in a violent battery incident that was captured on video.

On January 16, 2021, around 5:00 p.m., at the intersection of Washington Blvd and Speedway Blvd, the suspect and victim became engaged in a verbal altercation. During the verbal altercation, the suspect punched the victim in the jaw causing the victim to lose consciousness. The victim was transported to a local area hospital and treated for serious injuries he sustained as a result of the attack.

The suspect is described as a male White or Hispanic, 25 to 30 years old, with black hair and a black beard. The suspect stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds. The suspect was wearing a white Los Angeles Dodgers jersey affixed with the number 74 and the name “Jansen”on the back. The suspect was also wearing dark pants, white shoes, and was carrying a skateboard.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Pacific Area detectives at (310) 482-6394. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (1-877-527-3247). Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to Tipsters may also visit, and click on “Anonymous Web Tips” under the “Get Involved-Crime Stoppers” menu to submit an online tip. Lastly, tipsters may also download the “P3 Tips” mobile application and select the L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers as their local party in Venice Beach. Lots of people showed up on the rollerskates, it was a great dance party."

Venice Beach Dump

Skid Rose in Venice keeps getting worse. Photo from Venice Intel.

Beck Adler

After the massive North Pacific swells starting rolling in in mid-December, one incredible air- drop photo at Mavericks caught everyone’s eye, prompting Surfline to ask who it was. Turns out, the “mysterious 18-year old Mavs charger” is none other than Venice’s very own Beck Adler.
Photo: Billy Watts

After the massive North Pacific swells starting rolling in in mid-December, one incredible air- drop photo at Mavericks caught everyone’s eye, prompting Surfline to ask who it was. Turns out, the “mysterious 18-year old Mavs charger” is none other than Venice’s very own Beck Adler.

Interview by Nicole Lynch

So tell us Beck Adler, who exactly are you?

Haha. Well I grew up surfing Venice. I’ve always lived nearby in Marina Del Rey, Playa, Mar Vista just because Venice is so expensive, but I grew up surfing the pier. The thing that really started my interest in surfing bigger waves was pulling into closeout barrels at the pier with Yves and Pat Bright.

Beck Surfing Venice, January 9, 2015. Photo: Gary Adler

When did you start competing?

My dad [Gary Adler] signed me up for my first contest at eight years old. It was a Hurley Rip My Shred Stick at Tower 26 Ocean Park and I ended up winning! It was a fun contest for the groms but it got me really psyched and then I did another contest the next day and I won that one too, the Ocean Park 26 surf contest. After that I just kept doing more and more and kept going. I was always really scared of big waves when I was younger. Then at like 10 or 12 years old I started surfing with Yves and Pat and Justin Marchan, and they were really pushing me and slowly got me more comfortable in bigger surf. It wasn’t big waves but for me it felt big! It started by just going on closeout waves and you’re going to get pounded, but it builds confidence. And Yves knew that, he knew that if I wanted to get comfortable in bigger surf this is what you have to do, he told me and I listened.

Any other tips or is a lot of it just pushing your fear boundaries?

Pretty much a lot of it was just the more you do, eventually you’re going to start making those barrels then those bigger waves aren’t going to feel as big. Prepare for the best and train for the worst basically.

Your first trip to Mavericks was at 16, so this will be your third season? How did that come about?

My first trip was a little weird. I had been looking at Mavericks for a while, I knew I wanted to surf there but I wanted to surf Todos Santos first, which is a big wave in Mexico, because I heard it’s a little bit mellower – it’s still gnarly! – but a lot of people get introduced into big waves through there. Then this perfect swell at Mavs popped up, no wind and not too big. I mean, there is no such thing as small Mavericks, it’s always big when it’s breaking, but this was smaller.

Photo: Fred Pompermayer

I pretty much put this trip together in like an hour and a half. I couldn’t drive yet I didn’t even have my driver’s license, I had my permit! So I asked my dad to take me and he was like, “hell no I gotta work bro.” So I called up Dooma [Damien Fahrenfort] and he was out of town, but he said if you get a ride up there pick up two boards from my house and take ‘em, he gave me two boards to use.

I called a couple different people looking for a ride, I called Justin Marchand. He has always been like an older brother to me, taking me surfing my whole life and looking out for me in the water. He told me to put a plan together and said let’s go. We took my dad’s car and drove six hours in the middle of the night to get there.

On the way I got a call from Will Skudin who is a professional big wave surfer, one of the best ever, we were both on the same team at the time. He said here’s what you’re going to do: show up in the parking lot at first light, you’re going to paddle out and come sit on the jet ski with me in the channel and we’re going to look at the waves. So that is exactly what I did.

Photo: Audrey Lambidakis

Then I paddled out and ended up catching a few waves, it was a perfect first session. Everything I could have wanted happened. I had one wipeout, which honestly you never want to fall but I wanted the full experience and falling is part of it. It was a great day.

So what exactly is a Mavs wipeout like?

A wipeout is so hard to explain, the water is so cold first of all, so when you hit it’s that instant freezing cold down your spine which immediately spikes your heartrate. If you get sucked over the falls and into the lip which has happened to me, you get a couple seconds of complete calm and you just wait for it, and then you just get hit by a truck. Your limbs are all over the place and there’s water in your brain. We have pull vests so your hand is on the cord ready to go. I pulled for the first time this winter off a big swell.

In the wipeout after the famous shot [the one on Surfline]?

Yep, that’s the one.

Yeah, I think everyone felt a little pain for you after watching that one. I definitely had a sore back for a few days after that one.

Do you wear a leash?

We wear ultra thick leashes that don’t have Velcro. Two leash strings on every big wave board for Mavs, it’s double tied in and then the actual ankle strap is triple layers and there’s a pull pin, so if your leash is wrapped around a rock and you’re underwater, you pull the pin on the leash and it releases the ankle strap from the cord and your leash is off your ankle.

Because I saw that video of Twiggy’s wipeout [Grant “Twiggy” Baker] and his board just literally went up underneath the lip of that wave.

Yeah and he was right there with it! My board and I went in the lip on my wipeout too.

You don’t pull the pin on the leash every time. You only do that if you’re in rocks or your board is broken and there’s no need for it anymore anyway.

At Mavs if you fall on a wave and there’s a few behind it and the ski doesn’t have time to pick you up you’re gonna get pushed into the rocks. I’ve gotten pushed in there a couple of times. What happens is there’s a couple of gaps in the rocks where you’re either going to go through or bounce off them. I got bounced off one time and luckily there was a ski there, but if you pull the pin on your leash your board is either going into the rocks or through into the lagoon.

A lot of guys are super hesitant to pull the pin on their leashes at Mavs because it’s likely that their board will get broken if you do. Do you want your board to break, or you?

Photo: Ben Schutzer

What board are you riding out there?

9’3 or 9’8 Padillac – I have two but my 9’3 just snapped a couple weeks ago so I just ordered a new one. I’m pretty much only riding Pyzels.

How do you test a board like that?

We take them and paddle them just to feel them out, the pier to Breakwater and back just to feel them out paddling and maybe catch a couple waves on them. These shapers have it dialed, they know what to make for the wave so you just have to put your faith in them.

What’s is like working with Pyzel? How did that relationship come about?

It started at Rider Shack when I was working there, I met the Pyzel rep and they’ve been really good to me. They helped me out a lot, I text Jon and ask him what dims he thinks I should use. I get all my boards shaped down in Oceanside by DJ, they seem to be the best boards as far as I can tell.

Scotty Anderson was your first shaper, correct?

He is the man. Scott was my first-ever sponsor. I remember I walked into his warehouse with a dinged up board and he said, “Oh we’ll make you a new one.” I must have been 9 or 10 years old until I was about 16 I rode for him, a long time and he made me a lot of great boards.

As my surfing progressed it was a collaboration. We really played around with all different types of boards, epoxy, stringerless, you name it. Any questions I had he would answer them. I don’t think I would have progressed in surfing as much as I did without him for sure.

Who else has mentored you over the years?

My dad, both of my parents. They know what drives my passion in life, and they have been super helpful. My dad drove me around for 10 years surfing every morning, contests up and down the coast, he has been very supportive. My mom [Emma Adler] also made the lunches and was the backing of everything.

What’s it like being a kid from Venice and competing around Southern California?

I’m gonna be honest, it kinda sucked, I didn’t have anyone else from Venice going to events. There was a weird cliquey crew. Most come from wealthy backgrounds, I am from a different area and I’m the only one from Venice so it was definitely tougher. I’m not trying to make an excuse or anything but it would have been nice to have a buddy to go with. But now I’ve made a bunch of cool friends from it as well.

Venice Beach. Photo: SIX12 Media

Yeah I’ve heard Ricky Massie talk about how lonely it was for him on the QS being a Mexican kid from Venice.

I know it was hard for me I can’t imagine what that was like for him!

Who are some of your other sponsors?

I currently don’t have contracts so I’m living on nickels, trying to surf. But I’m talking to companies right now so it’s exciting. Buell has amazing wetsuits. Pyzel. Blenders Eyewear is a new sponsor and they’ve been helping me out giving me super nice glasses and snowboard goggles, Matunas all organic wax, super nice and sticky I love it. And obviously Rider Shack has been the most consistent and helpful sponsor my entire career. Jeff [Glass] has been nothing but good to me my whole young life, I can’t say enough good things about Rider Shack.

How has charging big waves impacted the rest of your surfing?

It’s weird, I think I’ve had more big wave sessions than small waves this winter. It has been the craziest year because Mavs has broken every day for 2.5-3 weeks which is unheard of! It has just been crazy. I have no desire to do anything but chase big waves right now.

This has been a huge year for you between chasing down massive barrels in Mexico, again this year at Mavericks, hanging with the big leagues in some of the heaviest conditions.

I told myself that I would be at Mavericks every single time it breaks this winter not knowing what I was getting myself in to! Obviously I wasn’t out there every time it broke or I’d be dead, just physically broken. But I’ve made 80-90% of the sessions.

What’s is like navigating the lineup? I mean, you’re out there with some of the biggest names in surf. That audio from Chumbo [Lucas “Chumbo” Chicana] was amazing.

Its super interesting, you have your pro guys and they are going to go on the big ones. But then you have your local guys too and they are going to go on the fucking big ones too, they are the best guys at Mavs. You have to respect them, it’s their wave and they’re better than anyone. I know them all now, I paddle out and I’m saying hi. Everyone is rooting for each other, everyone wants their waves, but everyone is amped when you see people on it. You want one but to see your buddy on one too you’re amped! It’s a team effort, you have to be safe, everyone wants to come home.

There is definitely a hierarchy. The guys that have been surfing there for 20 years, they get whatever waves they want. You gotta find your place in the lineup.

After three years I guess you’re starting to chip your way up there too?

Yeah, I’m definitely sitting in a different spot than I was at the beginning of the winter.

What is next for you? Do you plan to compete in the QS again?

I’m headed to Todos Santos Island now with by buddy Jojo Whelan and then I’ll go back to Santa Cruz for another Mavs swell.

I definitely want to do the North American regional QS, I still love competing I still love shortboarding, that is never going away. But for right now with how the world is going I just want to surf these big waves. Once the QS resumes [post-COVID], I will surf go surf the QS. That is, if there’s NOT a Mavs swell. Big waves are currently taking priority.

I know you said your mom is supportive, but how is she handling this big wave decision?

My mom is hilarious, I called her after the wipeout and said, “Sorry I didn’t call you for a couple of days you were probably worried.” In a British accent she’s like, “I don’t worry about you babe.” I’ve just always been doing something dangerous, when I was little I was up in a tree or racing my skateboard off a ramp or something. For her, she’s not a surfer so I just kinda want to get her out into the lineup so she can see what it’s like, but she trusts me and I’m not going to go on a wave I’m going to die on. I mean, there’s always that potential.

My dad is a surfer so he gets it and he’s way more worried than my mom! That wave I fell on the big day, that air drop, my dad texted a bunch of people to make sure I was okay.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, I want to say thanks. I definitely feel the love from the community. I’m super grateful, everyone from Venice has been supporting me so much and it really means a lot to feel that love from my hometown.

Beck with his dad, Gary, and brother, West.

Mobile Oven Stolen From Venice Restaurant

The mobile pizza oven was stolen from The Rose Venice. They made this announcement today:

"Calling all Angelinos, westsiders and eastsiders.

We need your help. Our mobile pizza oven was stolen Saturday night/Sunday morning. The police are involved and have their leads but we are asking your help in locating our beloved pizza oven. It’s made by Forza Forni It’s a custom made and we are one of the only ones in Southern California to have one so please keep your eye out. We are offering a reward to anyone who helps locate and brings information to the return of our oven. Thank you all in advance."

Florida Youtube Surfer Arrested For Hollywood Sign Prank

A Youtuber/surfer from Florida got arrested today for changing the Hollywood sign to HollyBoob.

Jack Tenney and five of his crew throw tarps with the letter B over the letters W and D to make the sign appear as HOLLYBOOB.

LAPD Capt. Steve Lurie, the Hollywood area commander, said LAPD security personnel observed the five men and one woman on video surveillance about 1:15 p.m. A police helicopter quickly responded to the area, and flight crew were able to watch the group move back down the hill to a location on Mulholland Drive — where other officers and park rangers met them with handcuffs.

They ended up getting cited for misdemeanor trespassing and released.

LAPD did not publically release their names to any of the media, Tenney posted photos (as seen above) to his social media account.