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Discover the fascinating history of America's Venice Beach in this video. Join us as we explore the life of Abbot Kinney, learn about the snowstorm that led to its creation, and the coin flip that changed Venice Beach forever. Discover the construction of the famous beach, how the canals worked, and why they became a nightmare. Find out what remains of the canals today and join us on a journey to retrace the lost canals under Venice Beach, Los Angeles roads.

The The Vintage Surfboard Collector Clubis holding a Vintage Surf Swap this Saturday 2/18 at Boardriders Malibu. Starting at 7am, check out awesome vintage surfboards (and bring your own!)

Boardriders Malibu
18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, Ca 80265
310 - 359 - 8274

Check out photos from a previous swap event: Topanga Vintage Surf Swap

Pictorial History of Venice, California, Coastal Beach community and suburb of Los Angeles. A documentary by Tom Sewell, a long term resident of Venice, Ca.

From Real Skate Stories:

"Tim Jackson put the "O" in O.G. In 1990 he was quietly innovating an entire repetoire of wall tricks, street moves and surf- inspired flatground that is untouched to this day."

From DjTyChannel:

"Surfing Venice Breakwater - North Side , Locals Only. Ty, B, Paul, Masao, Nick."

Malibu Beach Party (1940) - Jack Bunny (a spoof of Jack Benny) invites Hollywood celebrities to his Malibu house for a party.

Surfing is all about fun in the now and Andy Nieblas has a blast at a beautiful evening session at the longboard energy center of California, Malibu's iconic Surfrider Beach.

Malibu is the most iconic, relevant, and revered break in all of longboard surfing. Housed in history and home to timeless style, it’s the perfect spot to host the deciding event on tour - the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship. With the title on the line, the top surfers descend on First Point to end the year in style and decide the 2022 Longboard World Champions

A perfect day in Malibu...again! Start off the day with a morning surf. Then, Kyle, Brian, Brandon, and I get rowdy at first point. We end the evening with full on Golden Hour at third point. Author Patrick presents the history of George Freeth who brought surfing to Venice Beach and all of Southern California. In the early 1900s, Freeth taught surfing and swimming, including coaching legendary waterman and Olympian Duke Kahanamoku. While working for visionary Abbot Kinney in Venice, and at beaches and bath houses in San Diego, Long Beach, Redondo, and Santa Monica, Freeth established modern lifeguarding practices still in use today. He transformed the beach into a destination for fun, sport, and excitement.

The book is currently avaliable on Amazon:

The legendary Allen Sarlo recently came across previously unseen Super 8 surfing footage from the 1970s (including Venice, POP, and the North Shore). Working with an editor, he cut it all together beautifully . He screened the film with a Q & A session at Venice Beach. .

"Breakline" is short documentary film about the history of African American surfers in Venice. "Breakline" was an official selection of the All American High School Film Festival 2018.

Made in 2016-2017 by the Direct This class, students ages 12-16

The legendary Allen Sarlo recently came across previously unseen Super 8 surfing footage from the 1970s (including Venice, POP, and the North Shore). Working with an editor, he cut it all together beautifully and has graciously offered to premiere the new film for the Venice Surfing Association (VSA).

The film will screen on Thursday, September 29th at The Waterfront in Venice.

This will be the first official screening of Sarlo's Super 8 Time Capsule and will feature a Q&A session with Allen and Guy Okazaki.

Venice Beach, CA early 90's

Some great authentic footage of the quarterpipe at the Venice Beach Pavilion in the summer of 1987.

September 2, 1945 Santa Monica beaches set a new attendance record with an estimated 250,000 folks hitting the shore seeking relief from a heatwave.

"Heat refugees, fleeing from 100-degree weather at most inland points yesterday, set a new Santa Monica beach attendance record. An estimated 250,000 Labor Day holiday pleasure seekers thronged Santa Monica beaches throughout the day as other thousands were detoured around the congested area by traffic police." - photographer Emerson Gaze

Skateboarding legend Tony Alva's longtime friend Chuck Ames unearthed a rare 8mm film he made of Tony Alva, Ted Deerhurst, and John Davison surfing, and skating at Linclon Jr. High School, the Santa Monica Jetty, and Bixby Ranch in Santa Barbara, back in 1971.

1971 Lincoln Jr. High Santa Monica: I pulled these crispy 8mm movies from deep storage. I was into filming then. Wind up grip camera. Ha! Tape cassette for music. I think the full length movie showed in the school auditorium. 8th graders surfing and skating. 1st Jetty, the Ranch, and Revere. Short board revolution well underway. Beavertails flapping. No “strings”.

Skating: Our boards made in woodshop. Clay wheelz. Ball bearings everywhere! Side walk surfing to surfskating!! Revere was fire. Only Tony Alva was making the drop and transition on the big hill! Ranch trips were epic. Lord Ted Deerhurst was part of our crew. Check him freeing Alva from his wetsuit…last clip.

You wanted to be one of Jay Stones “shimpies” on the Blue Cheer team. Thinking that is a clean Mike Perry shape washing up on the beach at 1st jetty. John Davison is the surfer in all clips and second skater alongside Tony (really clean style early on!!!). Some really early Dogtown stuff here! Stoked to see it come to life after all this time! -Chuck Ames

This sweet little edit by Melissa Ames

Original edit with help of Peter Miller

Original Art and production help: John Davison…Rick Griffin inspired Murfy. Mom and Dad for the ranch trips…we definitely pushed their boundaries!

Photo: Denise Scott Brown

Santa Monica History Museum Speaker Series presents: Surf & Rescue: George Freeth and the Birth of California Beach Culture

Author Patrick Moser discusses his new book “ Surf & Rescue: George Freeth and the Birth of California Beach Culture,” which tells the story of mixed-race Hawaiian athlete George Freeth who brought surfing to Venice, California, in 1907.

Freeth’s inspiring life story is set against the rise of the Southern California beach culture he helped shape and define. Freeth made headlines with his rescue of seven fishermen, an act of heroism that highlighted his innovative lifeguarding techniques. He also founded California’s first surf club and coached both male and female athletes, including Olympic swimming champion and “father of modern surfing” Duke Kahanamoku. Often in financial straits, Freeth persevered as a teacher and lifeguarding pioneer–building a legacy that endured long after his death during the 1919 influenza pandemic. A compelling merger of biography and sports history, Surf and Rescue brings to light the forgotten figure whose novel way of seeing the beach sparked the imaginations of people around the world.

Free event for everyone.

DATE: August 4, 2022 TIME: 5:30pm – 7pm

CLICK HERE for more info, and to RSVP.

The book is currently avaliable on Amazon:

Dave Letterman and Paul take a break from the Late Show to hang ten in Malibu.

(From "Late Show" in Los Angeles, air date: 5/13/94)