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SurfriderLA Earth Day Cleanup

Surfrider hosts hundreds of beach cleanups nationwide every year. These cleanups are great for the environment and great for volunteers that can earn community service credit and make new friends. Picking up litter from the beach and nearby areas is important because it's ugly and can impact wildlife that we love. Surfrider collects data from cleanups to identify the top sources of litter and find solutions to prevent litter at the source. Over Earth Day weekend Surfrider Chapters in Southern California hosted 9 beach cleanups with 1,394 volunteers that picked up 4,524 pounds of litter off the beach.

Venice Beach with the Surfrider West LA/Malibu Chapter and longtime supporters Aveda. 75 people volunteered and collected 150 lbs of litter!

Rider Shack Board Sale

All weekend long! $50 off all surfboards in stock! New and used!

Rider Shack
13211 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90066

310.821.SURF (7873)

Freedom Artists Surf Showdown Sign-Up

The Freedom Artists Surf Showdown Presented by Scosche and Purps

April 29, 2017 8am-4pm

Westward Beach, Malibu

Sign Up Here

Venice - Tuesday 4-25-2017

Another windy morning, photos by SteveChristensenPhoto.

There's a few more shots in the complete Surfing Venice - May 2017 Gallery.

Get Behind Us Beach Clean Up

Venice Pier - Tuesday 4-25-2017

A very windy morning, photos by Six12 Media.

There's a few more shots in the complete Venice Pier - Tuesday 4-25-2017 Gallery.

Volunteer Sign Up - 2017 Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival

The 8th Annual CLIF Bar Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race is looking for energetic volunteers. There are many roles that need to be filled, including holding the start line flags like super hero volunteer Andi. Follow the link below to sign up!

Volunteer Sign Up

Sat, Jun 10, 2017, 6:00 AM
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Airline Pays For Destroying Surfboards

American Airlines has responded to thier destroying of Alex Gray's Surfboards.

"I give them two thumbs up!" said Gray, "American Airlines will reimburse ALL damaged Channel Islands Surfboards and the On A Mission Surfboard Bag. They are also returning the excess baggage fee. The airlines was apologetic while acknowledging their negligence, and agrees the boards were most likely run over. I'd like to commend AA for handling this situation appropriately. Most of all I'd like to thank all of YOU for your engagement. It's amazing to see the positive side of social media bring like-minded people together in stance of a fair result. Moving forward, I am positive the reply to this circumstance will hold as the example for all surfers in the future. Again thank you all. Let's get ready for more surf adventures."

Wednesday Wipeouts

Here's another set of wipeout photos, these all taken over at Sunset by Six12 Media.

Click: Wednesday Wipeouts for the previous wipeout photo sets.

Life Rolls On: Jesse Billauer

For Jesse Billauer, surfing has always been the part of living that makes him feel truly alive. Surfing has brought many amazing things to Jesse’s life, including his mission to inspire people to follow their dreams, enjoy their passion and go further with the Life Rolls On Foundation.

Surfrider Beach Clean-up at Ocean Park

With so many ways to celebrate Earth Day, why not at the beach confronting plastic pollution and getting salty while you're at it! Join the Surfrider LA crew this Saturday, 4/22, in Santa Monica, on the beach at Ocean Park. Ride a bike or carpool. Surfrider will provide Sunscreen, Bags, and Gloves. As always, all ages are welcome!

10am - 12pm

Venice Pier - Monday 4-17-2017

Not much going on today, a couple of surfers and some small waves, but still, the beautiful weather made for some cool photos. These are by Six12 Media.

UPDATE! Venice Skatepark pool destroyed


The security cameras' footage revealed that it was one individual who vandalized the skatepark.

Late Friday night a group of people were hanging out in the park getting drunk. As the night went on, all but two left. Those two were sitting on top the shallow end of the pool, as they were about to left, one noticed that the coping block he was siting on was loose. So he pulled it off and threw it into the pool were it shattered. He then preceded to pull off more pieces and throw them then in all directions, having them break apart at impact in the snakerun and street sections. After doing that to about 16 pieces of coping, he couldn't pull off the 17th piece and just decided to leave.

The graffiti left behind, which was rumored in earlier reports to be done by the vandals, was a separate act, not done by the drunk who tore up the pool.

Previous report: The Venice Skatepark was vandalized last night, not just some graffiti, a group of cowardly d-bags tore up a huge section of the pool's coping and threw the debris all over the park. And of course, they tagged their stupid names on the park. The park remains closed for now (see photo below).

Marita Kang

An afternoon in Santa Monica with Marita.

Cliffs at Zuma Collapse

Man captures footage of spontaneous mountain collapse at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California

Alex Grey's Surfboards Purposely Destroyed on LAX Flight.

Local (transplant) big wave pro, Alex Grey had 4 of his 5 surfboards destroyed by American Airlines.

"0n April 7th from Honolulu to Los Angeles, American Airlines flight AA 284 broke 4 out of 5 of my surfboards" Alex wroton his Instagram. "When the board bag came off the oversize belt I notice the top and bottom had very large holes in it. From the back hole in plain sight I could see two tails of my boards bent in half sticking out of the bag. I walked over to make a claim. Upon actually opening the bag (the video you're watching above), each board I pulled out had either a tail or nose broken. The final board on the bottom was completely broken in half from the middle of the board. I'm sure many of you at this point of my post are saying: 'this has happened to me before'. That's the saddest part. Time and time again we pay $150 or more for our surfboard bags only to have our boards ruined at the destination. And you know that little signature you give on the bag tag? That's a signature releasing the airlines of any liability to damages that may occur. Hmmmmm... My question on this one is how did they do such a fantastic job of destruction? First thought is the baggage handlers ran it over with some vehicle because the nose and tails are all broken in the same spot. But why is only one broken in half from the middle of the board, while the rest are broken at the nose and tail? Did they open my bag, break that board, and put it back in? I had buckled both straps inside the back which locks the boards down and they were unbuckled. So that makes me believe they went into my bag."

Seventh Annual Ocean Park Surf Contest

The Ocean Park Surf & Skate Club has announced some of the details for their Seventh Annual Ocean Park Surf Contest. Once again held at Tower 26 on Santa Monica Beach. This year's date is July 15.

Venice Pier - Monday 4-10-2017

The weekend swell continues into the work week. Here's what today was like at the Venice Pier. These photos were shot by Six12 Media.

There's a whole lot more shots in the complete Venice Pier - Monday 4-10-2017 Gallery.