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Pacific Park Now Hiring For Summer Jobs

Santa Monica Pier's Pacific Park is now hiring for summer positions:

"As a team member of Pacific Park®, you’ll receive a competitive wage, free ride wristbands each month, discounts on Park food and merchandise, fun activities and parties. It’s an opportunity to make new friends and lifelong memories.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply. No experience necessary, company training provided. Part-time work – weekend and evenings available. Summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) work available. Must be able to work weekends and holidays

If your background is a match for one of our open positions, your application will be forwarded on to our hiring team for review. We will contact you soon if the hiring team expresses an interest. We regret due to the high volume of telephone calls and resumes we receive we are not able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of an application that has been submitted.

Food and Beverage Attendants
Games Attendants
Grounds Attendants
Merchandise Attendants
Rides Attendants
Admissions Attendant
Revenue Control Clerks
Security Officers
Management Jobs

Apply Online

You are always welcome to complete an application in person.
380 Santa Monica Pier,
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(Administrative Office located behind the Long Range basketball game next to Whac-a-mole Tacos)
For direct inquiries, please message us at
Pacific Park® is a drug and alcohol free environment.
Pacific Park® is an equal opportunity employer."

Child Molested On Venice Boardwalk

This past Sunday, just after 6PM, a crowd of people on the Venice Boardwalk witnessed a man molesting a female child in broad daylight.

The child appeared to be 3 years old or possibly younger, according to the reports, which also state the man was mildly intoxicated, but knew what he was doing.

It took over a dozen calls to 911 and about 15 minutes before police arrived. Thankfully, some witnesses were able to follow the man as he was trying to flee with the child. And they were able to lead the police to him.

He was arrested, as many of the witnesses had video and photos to show the authorities of his disgusting sexual assault of a child.

Supposedly, he told the police he was her father, and that the mother lived elsewhere.

The child is now with other family members and did received medical care.

A more detailed report of this can be found at Reports of Child Assault on Venice Beach Boardwalk in Broad Daylight.

*No one from Shacked witnessed this event, this scumbag would have had to be transported in an ambulance, not a cop car if we did. We are reporting this from other sources, as linked above*

Forbes Upset LA Lifeguards 'Earn UP To $392,000'

It looks like Forbes just did a hit piece on the LA Lifeguards:

From the Forbes "investigation":

"Being a lifeguard in California can be unbelievably lucrative. If we had only known, many of us would have packed our bags and headed west for a career on the California beach.

Our auditors at found that lifeguards make a fortune in Los Angeles County. Seven lifeguards made more than $300,000 and 82 lifeguards had total earnings that exceed $200,000 in 2019, the latest year available.

Fernando Boiteux was the most highly paid and earned $391,971. As the “acting chief lifeguard,” he out-earned 1,000 of his peers: salary ($205,619), perks ($60,452), and benefits ($125,900)."

The full story can be read on the Forbes website..

Venice Homeless Encampments Have Now Moved Onto The Beach

Photo from Allan Parsons this weekend show the homeless tents are on the sand again in Venice.

Another Homeless Encampment Fire In Venice

Another homeless encampment fire Friday morning. Right outside of Gold's Gym in Venice. This is the 4th homeless Encampment fire in Venice this week.

Earth Hour Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel Lighting

The Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel will be lit “lights off” except rim, 1 hr on Saturday, March 27 in recognition of Earth Hour.

On Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 p.m. local time, Earth Hour, one of the largest global grassroots movements for the environment, will virtually bring together millions of people, businesses and leaders from around the world to raise awareness on the urgent need to address nature loss and climate change.

The iconic Pacific Wheel Ferris wheel in Los Angeles joins world-famous landmarks including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Great Wall of China, the Parthenon at the Acropolis in Greece, and Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, among others at 8:30 p.m. local time on March 27. The Pacific Wheel will “go dark” except for the wheel rim safety lighting.

Born in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has grown to become one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment, inspiring individuals, communities, businesses and organizations in more than 180 countries and territories to take tangible environmental action for over a decade. Historically, Earth Hour has focused on the climate crisis, but more recently, Earth Hour has strived to also bring the pressing issue of nature loss to the fore. The aim is to create an unstoppable movement for nature, as it did when the world came together to tackle climate change. The movement recognizes the role of individuals in creating solutions to the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges and harnesses the collective power of its millions of supporters to drive change.

Earth Hour participants can visit to know what’s happening in locations around the world and read individuals’ stories about what they are doing for the planet. Now is the time to secure a healthy, sustainable and climate-resilient future for all. Every voice, no matter how big or small, can help make a difference.

This special lighting event will take place on the evening of Saturday, March 27. The Ferris wheel lights can be seen from dusk until 11:35 PM each evening. Enjoy watching the light program online at

Tsunamis: Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Since it is California's Tsunami Preparedness Week, here is this fast draw video from NOAA explains how to prepare for and respond to a tsunami. If you live, work, or play on the coast, be prepared and stay safe!

Long beach's Pride Lifegaurd Tower Set On Fire

Last night, Long Beach's PRIDE lifeguard station (similar to the one in Venice) that was painted by LGBTQ+ lifeguards, burned down.

Long Beach's Mayor Robert Garcia added, "I spoke with our Marine Safety Chief. There’s no power or gas at this station. They don’t remember a lifeguard station buring down since at least the 1950’s. So the one arson incident at a lifeguard station in 70+ years is the once that was recently painted to support LGBTQ+ people."

"And let’s be crystal clear: The one lifeguard station that burns in decades is the one recently painted in PRIDE colors. This station has no power and no outlets. As a gay man, I have little doubt this wasn’t targeted."

Drunk Truck Driver Crashes Cars In Malibu

A drunk behind the wheel of a truck ruins the Sunday of a lot of people on PCH in Malibu before crashing into a ditch.
Malibu PCH crash

News from the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station:

Yesterday at approximately 5:30pm, we received a call for service of a possible drunk driver. Deputies spotted the vehicle driving erratically and endangering the safety of the public. Deputies initiated a short pursuit of the box truck on PCH at Webb Way, in the City of Malibu.

The suspect continued driving northbound on PCH into Ventura County where he was pursued by California Highway Patrol (CHP). During the pursuit by CHP, the suspect collided with a vehicle which caused him to lose control and crash into a ditch.

Lost Hills Sheriff’s deputies arrested the suspect for several charges including Driving Under the Influence and Hit and Run. The suspect was transported to Los Robles Hospital due to injuries he sustained during the collision.

It was later alleged that the suspect hit several vehicles on PCH prior to the pursuit. If you have any information on this incident, please contact the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at (818) 878-1808 or

Updated Covid Beach Rules From LA Beaches & Harbors

New Covid Beach Rules from LA Beaches & Harbors:

-Wear a mask at all times when out of the water
-Groups up to 15 people (max 3 households)
-Keep 6+ ft. apart from others outside your group
-NO events

But of course, it's not like these are being enforce or people are actually following them anyways.

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

California's Tsunami Preparedness Week

California's Tsunami Preparedness Week will be March 22 - 26 in 2021! Learn how you can register to participate in a variety of activities to help you, your family, school, or workplace get better prepared to survive and recover from tsunamis

Visit for more info.

Rihanna And Her Pathetic Bodyguard In Venice

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach, and the nearby communities.

In today's video, German in Venice spots that singer Rihanna and gets hassled by her too-stupid-to-do-his-job-properly bodygaurd for filming her. We see a lot of "celebs" in Venice with their bodygaurds, but Rihanna's is not only an asshole, but he has got to be one of the most dumbest ones we witnessed.

"Today Rihanna came to Venice Beach to bike ride and shop," says German in Venice, "I followed her with my camera and her bodyguards tried a couple times to stop me from filming her and stop following her around. It seemed like it didn’t really bother Rihanna because I kept my distance."

If you would like to support German in Venice with some gas money or you want to buy him a coffee, you are welcome to donate to his paypal account:

Another Venice Boardwalk Fight

Gusty Winds Till Tuesday

The National Weather Service Los Angeles reporsts more gusty winds today into Tues. By Tues night we expect brief #SantaAna winds. The coastal waters are quite gusty too, and we have Gale Warnings now into Tues for the Outer Waters. Winds should decrease Wed afternoon.

Homeless Encampment Fire On Venice Boardwalk

Another Vehicle Drives Onto The Beach In Venice

Saturday morning at Venice Beach.

Photos by @allanparsons.

Big Gray Whale Stuck On Dockweiler Beach

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach, and the nearby communities.

"Today I heard that there was a big gray whale stuck on Dockweiler State Beach. He was still alive, but since the tide was so low he could not swim back into the ocean. They had to wait until high tide. I was there for a few hours, but then the sun went down, so I really do not know what happened to the whale. Hopefully he could find his way out back into the ocean."

If you would like to support German in Venice with some gas money or you want to buy him a coffee, you are welcome to donate to his paypal account:

25' Whale Beached At Dockweiler

Shortly before 4PM on Wednesday, Lifeguards responded to a report of a 25’ whale inside of the surfline just south of Marina Del Rey at Dockweiler beach. The whale was reportedly alive at this time.

At 6:25:44 PM, the LACoFD Lifeguards reported via social media that they are waiting for tides to rise in hopes it will help the whale reach deeper water. Adding that any attempt to tow it may result in a critical injury.

At 7PM, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn reported via social media that the whale has passed away. She added that experts at the scene reported the whale was two years old and very sick.

The Lifeguards and Beach officials will work together to coordinate removal of the animal.

The Natural History Museum of L.A. County will be out tomorrow to do a necropsy. Then they will determine whether they bury him or tow him out to sea.

Photos via LACoFD Lifeguards

Color The Water: Fighting Racism In Surf Culture

"There's not a lot of Black surfers, but I had no idea that there was going to be this much racism in the water."

Color the Water, a collective created after the police killing of George Floyd that is fighting against an often racist, toxic surf culture. They’ve created a safe space for BIPOC to learn how to surf and engage with fellow surfers of color. With a mission to advocate for more people of color in the water, they surf in groups and offer free surf lessons and gear for all Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

To support Color the Water, visit:

Bagel the Ghost from Venice

Josh 'Bagel' Klassman is featured as a friendly, storytelling ghost in the new Netflix series "City of Ghosts" which highlights the history of Venice Beach and other LA neighborhoods that have changed over the years.

Weekend Beach/Ocean Conditions Update

Women Fight On The Venice Boardwalk

A pleasant video of a man shoveling sand gets interupted when Amanda gets herself into a situation.

Actor Cliff Simon Dies In Kiteboarding Accident At Topanga

Cliff Simon, who played the villain Ba'al on the "Stargate SG-1" TV series, died in a kiteboarding accident Tuesday on Topanga Beach in Los Angeles. He was 58.

His wife, Colette reported the news via his Facebook Page.

"To Friends, family and fans,

It is with unimaginable heartbreak that I am sharing with you, that my beloved husband, Cliff Simon, passed away at 12:30pm on Tuesday March 9, 2021. He was at Topanga Beach, California and sadly passed away after a tragic kiteboarding accident. He was known to most of you on this page as the villain you loved to hate, Ba'al, from Stargate SG-1. But as he said, "acting is what I do, it's only a part of who I am."

And he was SO much more - a true original, an adventurer, a sailor, swimmer, dancer, actor, author. There is a gaping hole where he once stood on this earth. He was loved by too many to mention and had a great impact on so many lives. He was an amazing and much loved brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend.

He was and always will be the love of my life and there is unimaginable heartbreak. A small saving grace to this tragedy is that he was doing one of the things he loved most and passed away on the beach near the water, which was his temple.

I know this is a shock and will hit hard but we hope you can respect our need for privacy at this time.

I will end with this verse which Cliff loved and lived his life by:

"I would rather be ashes than dust!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dryrot.
I would rather be a super meteor,
every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet,
The proper function of man is to live,
not to exist.
I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time."

I ask that you please respect our family's privacy during this time."

Beach Water Use Advisory

Beach Water Use Advisory: Advisory for all Los Angeles County beaches extended until Sunday, March 14 at 7:00 a.m.

Because of the recent rainfall, Los Angeles County Health Officer, Muntu Davis, MD, MPH, is cautioning residents that bacteria, chemicals, debris, trash, and other public health hazards from city streets and mountain areas are likely to contaminate ocean waters at and around discharging storm drains, creeks, and rivers after a rainfall. Individuals who enter the water in these areas could become ill.

This advisory will be in effect until at least Sunday, March 14 at 7:00 a.m. This advisory may be extended depending on further rainfall.

Recorded information on beach conditions is available 24 hours a day on the County's beach closure hotline: 1-800-525-5662.

Puppy Thieves In Venice Beach

Venice Sand Berns Removed.

The sand berns in Venice were getting plowed down today. These photos were shot by Ryan Light.

Drug Needles Found In Santa Monica Bathrooms During Little League Event

Open drug needles in the bathrooms at a Santa Monica park, during little league event. These photos were shot by @theSRWs.

Man Brutally Beaten On Venice Boardwalk

Man Who Shoot A Lady At Bay Street Was Arrested

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against Alexander Cogco, a 19-year-old male, for his involvement in a shooting.

On November 3, 2020 at about 11:58 p.m., Santa Monica Police officers respondedto a shooting near the intersection of Bay Street and Ocean Front Walk. Officers discovered a victim who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the face. Officers were informed that the female victim and her boyfriend were walking to their parked vehicle when they came between two groups that were engaged in a heated argument. As the couple entered their car, they heard multiple gunshots. One of the rounds fired went through the victim’s vehicle and struck the female. The parties in both groups fled the area prior to police arrival. The victim survived, however later required surgery to remove bullet fragments from around her eye area.

Santa Monica Police Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) were able to identify Cogco as the shooter of this incident. Cogco was already in custody at the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail on an unrelated case. On February 26, 2021 the Los Angeles County’s District Attorney’s Office charged Cogco with one count of 245(b) P.C. – Assault with a semi-automatic firearm and one count of 243(d) P.C. – battery with serious bodily injury. Cogco remains in custody pending future court proceedings.

Beach Walk At Ashland Being Repaired

Santa Monica's Beach Maintenance and Pier Maintenance teams have been hard at work to replace the beach walk out at Ashland.

Darren Morrow Paddle Out

Video from Darren Morrow's paddle out at Malibu.

Photos from the paddle out can be viewed on Celebrating the life of Darren Photo Album on the MSA Facebook Page.

Black Sand Peace Paddle 2020

The Peace Paddle Mini-Doc from Black Sand.

Short-Term Surf Forecast

According to Surfline: NW and SSW swell mix tops out Sat, slowly eases Sun into Mon.

Saturday, March 6th: 4-5′ surf good spots, 6’+ focal points off peaking combo of swells. Variable AM wind.
Mid to longer-period NW swell mix tops out along with off-season SSW Southern Hemi swell. Most of the region tops out around waist-chest-head high with good winter/combo magnets occasionally overhead. Morning wind is light/variable for most areas. Afternoon sea breeze is running 6-10kts along much of the coast, with more moderate+ onshores expected from northern LA through Ventura.

Sunday, March 7th: 3-4′ waves off easing swell mix, best breaks 5’+. Variable to onshore AM wind.
The blend of NW swell and longer-period SSW Southern Hemi will be tapering off. Most size shows in the morning, with good spots running waist-chest high+. Surf size will gradually wind down during the day as the swell combo subsides. Morning winds look mixed at this point. Northern LA is expected to have more moderate SE to E winds. Light+ to moderate westerly flow due from LA northward in the afternoon.

County Line - Thursday 3-4-2021 Photo Gallery

Here's some surf photos from March 4th at County Line. These were taken from around 3:30PM till about 4:20PM. This set was shot by ChrisDidThis.

These are just a few of the photos from this session. If you were out there, you probably got some surfing shots, probably multiple photos, they will be in the complete photo gallery for this day, check them out, the link to the gallery is down below.

You can find more photos from this session, all full size and in high-resolution, in this photo gallery:

County Line - Thursday 3-4-2021 Photo Gallery

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!

Wanna see photos from previous days at this and other local surf spots?
Click Surf Spot Galleries and look for the spot and then the date.