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Dick Dale To Headline At Pier Paddle & Ocean Festival

Legendary musician, Dick Dale, "King of the Surf Guitar, " to headline the music line up at the 7th Annual Tommy Bahama Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival.

He is also a master at the Acoustic, Electronic, Bass and Spanish Guitars', the Ukulele, Banjo, Drums, Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard, Harpsichord, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Harmonica, Xylophone and the Accordion!

Dale's recording of Miserlou became the title song for Quentin Tarantino's Blockbuster movie Pulp Fiction.

A true legend, Dick Dale has been inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, and the Musicians Hall Of Fame & Museum, in Nashville.

He has also recorded original material for Disneyland's Space Mountain roller coaster ride, and the soundtrack for the History of NASA video shown in Space Mountain. Dale's music is being used in all the Disneyland's throughout the world along with being featured in a Disneyland Music album which is being sold by Disneyland. May 21, 1998 a historical day for Disneyland, Dick Dale was chosen to be the person to highlight the grand opening of Tomorrowland by standing on top of Space Mountain (without the use of a safety harness) with his Gold Fender Stratocaster guitar (the beast) and play for all to hear throughout Disneyland "Ghost Riders"& "Miserlou" - Dale's music has gone down in the annals of Disneyland history.

Tommy Bahama Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival

Info from Dick Dale Website:

The Mighty Under Dogs: Cole

Captain Pelican, Jean Pierre Pereat (Peli) takes Cole for a surf at Malibu's Surfrider Beach during the THERAsurf event.

A Day In Malibu With A Walk On Water

A WALK ON WATER is a family of watermen sharing the therapeutic powers of the ocean with those in need. AWOW's primary goal is providing relief to families of children with special needs through surf therapy. We are a humanitarian and environmentally conscious organization with an eye on sustainability.

Ohana Nalu Surf Championships

Surf Academy hosted their year-end Ohana Nalu Surf Series Championships, this past weekend at Tower 24 in Santa Monica. Students from Santa Monica High and John Adams, Lincoln and Paul Revere middle schools will participated in longboard and shortboard heats with students in grade divisions scoring for speed, power, flow and commitment.

6th grade boys longboard

1. Beau Werger, JAMS
2. Ethan Foley, JAMS
3. Aiden Simpson, Paul Revere
4. Tieso Garcia, JAMS
5. Scout Swing, Malibu
6. Tristan Larsson, Paul Revere

6th grade girls longboard
1. Sofia White, Lincoln
2. Mimi Sullivan, JAMS
3. Kylie Lacey, Lincoln<
4. Claudia Sweitzer, Lincoln

7th grade boys longboard
1. Jack Bodow, Lincoln
2. Will Merchant, Lincoln
3. Jett Shahriary, Lincoln
4. Willem Shak, Paul Revere
5. Apollo Stephano, Lincoln
6. Harry Haygood, JAMS

7th grade girls longboard
1. Jojo Fitzsimmons, JAMS
2. Nicole Tampanaru, JAMS
3. Emma Tampanaru, JAMS
4. Karina Gunn, JAMS

8th grade boys longboard
1. Bennett Kelly, Lincoln
2. Cooper Colby, Lincoln
3. Chris Pederson, Paul Revere
4. David Kjenner-Love, JAMS
5. Greg Rachal, Paul Revere (New West)
6. Marson Rice, Paul Revere

8th grade girls longboard
1. Sarah Bentley, Paul Revere
2. Olivia Pritikin, Lincoln
3. Nell Kerndt, JAMS
4. Sydney Conway, Paul Revere
5. Mia Oliver, Paul Revere
6. Zoe Morgan, Paul Revere

High School Boys Longboard
1. Gabriel Ramirez, frosh
2. Emerson Rollins, soph
3. William Wright, soph
4. Shai Skikne, soph
5. Ben Pritikin, soph
6. Jackson Weill, frosh

High School Girls longboard
1. Emily Flavin, soph
2. McKenna Davis, frosh
3. Caroline Hubbard, frosh
4. Tess Goddard, frosh
5. Anna Pappanduras, frosh
6. Paloma Rojas-Alexander, frosh

6th grade boys shortboard
1. Beau Werger, JAMS
2. Ethan Foley, JAMS
3. Lucas Childs, JAMS
4. Tristan Larsson, Paul Revere
5. Ozzie Gabbard, Paul Revere
6. Scout Swing, Malibu

6/7th grade girls shortboard
1. Sofia White, Lincoln
2. Jojo Fitzsimmons, JAMS
3. Mimi Sullivan, JAMS
4. Kylie Lacey, Lincoln
5. Claudia Sweitzer, Lincoln
6. Karina Gunn, JAMS

7th grade boys shortboard
1. Jack Forster, Lincoln
2. Jett Shahriary, Lincoln
3. Willem Shak, Paul Revere
4. Apollo Stephano, Lincoln
5. Oliver Pourmussa, Paul Revere
6. Verut Kooanupong, JAMS

8th grade girls shortboard
1. Sydney Conway, Paul Revere
2. Zoe Morgan, Paul Revere
3. Olivia Pritikin, Lincoln
4. Haley Nguyen, Lincoln
5. Nell Kerndt, JAMS
6. Nikka Tehrani, Paul Revere

8th grade boys shortboard
1. Bennett Kelly, Lincoln
2. David Kjenner-Love, JAMS
3. Chris Pedersen, Paul Revere
4. Will Merchant, Lincoln
5. Ian Richardson, JAMS
6. Tiego Garcia, JAMS

High School girls shortboard
1. Emily Flavin, soph
2. McKenna Davis, Frosh
3. Caroline Hubbard, frosh
4. Tess Goddard, frosh

High school boys shortboard
1. Gabriel Ramirez, frosh
2. Dante Gaudet, junior
3. Nicholas Jensen, soph
4. Peter Husting, senior
5. Kalani Perez, soph
6. Thomas Bell, soph

Photos were shot by surf photographer Steve Christensen. There's a lot more photos on his website, check out his Ohana Nalu Surf Championship 2016 Gallery to view them all.

Visit Surf Academy for more info on their events, Surf Camps, Group Surf Lessons, and Private Surf Lessons.

The Ocean Park Summer Car Show

The Ocean Park Car Club along with Six12 Media, Car Show Mag , and special guests, the Hot Heads Car Club, present the Summer Car Show, June 18th, 7:00 - 11:00 A.M., in the big parking lot at Tower 26 in Ocean Park, 2701 Barnard Way. Bring your coffee and your car and we'll have donuts and a Popular Vote Award! See you at the beach!


The First Standup Paddleboards To Ride The Metro

Tommy Bahama Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival event organizer, Brennan Lindner, and Andrew Rice boarded one of the first trains last Friday carrying standup paddleboards — which the new Metro line allows, along with surfboards, as long as space is available. They headed to the Santa Monica Pier on the new Metro Line to the beach. In doing so became the 1st people in history to take boards on the Metro, then to Santa Monica Pier, and then right into the ocean.

Here's a few shots from their journey.

Steve Christensen Photo Exhibit

Steve Christensen will be holding a photography exhibit at Hama Sushi during the Venice Art Crawl on May 19th. Head over there and check out a collection of his photos feature Venice Beach Surf Culture printed out on metal. That's this Thursday evening, starting at 6PM.

213 Windward Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

Venice Pier - Sunday 5-15-2016

A very gloomy Sunday morning at the Venice Pier, shot by Six12 Media .

That's just a few of the shots. There's a lot more photos from this day, check out the Venice Pier - Sunday 5-15-2016 Gallery to view them all.

Solo Scott Visits General Admission

Solo Scott stopped by the General Admission store in Venice to check in with the boys!

Wednesday Wipeouts

Here's some recent wipeouts caught by Steve Christensen Photo at Venice Pier.

Click: Wednesday Wipeouts for the previous wipeout photo sets.

Venice - Wednesday 5-11-2016

Here's a couple shots from Wednesday morning around Venice Beach, shot by Steve Christensen Photo .

There's more photos from this day, check out the Surfing Venice 2016-05 Gallery to view them all.