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According to Surfline: Steep NW swell slowly winds down through the weekend

Today, November 26th: 3′, top NW exposures see 4’+ sets. Minor SSW swell. Developing Santa Ana’s.
Fresh pulse of slightly larger, steeply angled NW swell trends up through the day. Size is mostly in the waist-high zone for average winter spots, pushing stomach high for the better breaks with the occasional chest high set possible through the afternoon. Light/variable to light offshore flow early though southernmost Ventura into western North LA could become breezy by about 8-9am.

Friday, November 27th: 3′, top NW exposures see 4’+ sets. Minor SSW swell. Breezy Santa Ana’s.
Steep-angled NW swell holds early then eases through the balance of the day. Size is mostly in the waist-high zone for average winter spots, pushing stomach-chest high for the better breaks. Robust offshore flow through southern Ventura into North LA. Wind trends onshore from the WNW and builds for the afternoon.

Saturday, November 28th: 2-3’, top NW exposures see some 4’ sets in AM. Minimal SSW swell. Light offshore wind in AM.
Steep-angled NW swell continues to wind down. Size is mostly in the knee to waist-high zone for average winter spots. Offshore flow is due to return for the morning, on the lighter side for Southern Ventura through the South Bay. Expecting light/variable flow for most by midday with onshore WNW wind for the afternoon.
Some lady from Canada is claiming she is going to open a skate and surf shop in Venice Beach.

Don't know if she has ever even visited Venice, but she claims she "understands the culture".

Here's her Press Release:

Seems she is a baby photographer in Canada who was able to trademark the Snapchat Ghost logo and is now upset and throwing rants like everyday on Twitter because Snapchat doesn't want to buy the trademark from her. Appears she was hoping Snapchat would give her millions for the trademark.

She is getting her revenge by selling Snapchat Ghost merch on her online store and will soon open a Snapchat Ghost merch surf and skate shop in Venice. Obviuously she chose Venice, because eveyone in Venice loved Snapchat.

I guess will see come 2021 if she actually does open a shop or not.

Around 10:00AM on Tuesday morning a 2-story house caught fire in the 23000 block of Saddle Peak Road.

The flames quickly spread to nearby brush, prompting a response from firefighters on the ground and in the air.

At 11 a.m., the Los Angeles County sheriff's Lost Hills station announced the fire had been contained.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued Red Flag Warning for Malibu starting at 2PM on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, November 26, through 6PM on Friday, November 27 due to a forecast strong Santa Ana wind event and very low humidities. Strongest winds are expected to be 40-55 mph in coastal areas Thursday evening to early Friday morning. Winds should diminish to 20-40 mph on Friday but humidity will remain very low in the 5-15% range.

See fire preparedness tips on The City Of Malibu WebSite

California Governor Gavin Newsom explains his curfew order and apologizes for having dinner at the French Laundry.

The creator of this video, Brent Pella wants to say, "A friendly reminder that it is possible to deeply empathize with those affected by covid, and simultaneously question a politician's arguably illogical/unnecessary regulations. This does not make you an "right wing conspiracy theorist" or "big stupid dummy" as I've been called many times. Just don't be a dick, ya know?"

First Malibu raw run of Noah Fischer from this recent summer. Bombing down a short, sweet, & steep neighborhood mountain road. We thought this one would be best without music, so you can hear the wheels and pucks scraping all the way down. Enjoy!

The daily Venice Pier surf reporter Glenice is having a 40% Off Black Friday Sale on his merch at

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach, and the nearby communities.

"A homeless lady started a fire on the Venice Boardwalk. The tent caught on fire, luckily LAPD was patrolling on the beach and saw the fire. They turned off the fire whith sand really quickly before the fire department arrived."

"Since they started enforcing the no camping rule on the beach, lots of tents have been removed already from the sand."

If you would like to support German in Venice with some gas money or you want to buy him a coffee, you are welcome to donate to his paypal account:

Surfline Lead Forecaster Schaler Perry breaks down your prospects for waves this weekend in SoCal and a peek at what's coming next week.

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