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As seen on our Instagram Stories, the city was looking at the Venice Skate Park early Tuesday morning. They cautioned taped off the park and were telling everyone to leave, becuase the skate park is closed.

A witness by the name of "Shane" who was present Tuesday morning when the "Chief of the Parks And Rec" was checking out the skate park. He "was calling the staff in order to specifically put sand back in it."

But mid-morning, they had left and skaters returned to the park and started skating it again.

By the afternoon, the park was packed with skaters, and the police where somewhat successful in trying to clear out the park, as seen in the videos below:

For the story on the clean up of the skate park, CLICK HERE

There continues to be great progress on Malibu's Temporary Skate Park.

California Skateparks is constructing the skate equipment off-site, and will transport the equipment to Malibu Bluffs Park once it is complete.

In 2019, the City Council approved the use of the Crummer/Case property adjacent to Malibu Bluffs Park as the location for a temporary skate park, and authorized staff to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design of a 12,500 square-foot permanent skate park on the same property.

The City Council approved the Final Conceptual Design for the Temporary Skate Park on Monday, February 24.

The Temporary Skate Park is expected to open on the west portion of the property in Mid-2020, while the Permanent Skate Park is designed and built on the east portion of the property.

Venice Skate Park's Sergeant-At-Arms Peck and Venice Skateboarding Stuff got everyone together to clean out the skate park.

As seen on our Instagram Stories, the clean up started late Sunday afternoon, Peck rounding up shovels, brooms, and buckets, and the crew started removing most of the sand from the mini-bowl.

Sunday afternoon, mini-bowl almost cleared out and was skate-able.

Venice Skateboarding Stuff put the word out that skate park clean up will continue at 8am on Monday.

Clean up resumed early Monday with a few people, then it grew throughout the morning to a large number of people coming down to help out. More shovels and buckets were brought over. All ages pitched in, even the non-skaters jumped in and started shoveling out sand.

Peck in the completely buried snake run Monday morning.

There were all ages helping out.

No interruptions from Police or The Department Of Parks & Recreation. But a source said that Parks & Rec are just going to tell the workers to fill the skate park back up with sand again.

This kid was shoveling sand on Sunday and Monday morning, took a break from that to get some air over the hip.

@somasugiyama with sandals frontside airing a penny board.

By Sunday afternoon, the last bucket of sand was removed from the snake run. The mini-bowl was cleared of sand, and they were working on getting the last of the sand out of the pool. By late afternoon, everyone was skating the park again. But as seen in the photos, the city let the skate park get thrashed, there is graffiti everywhere, it has never been this badly tagged up before.

Venice Skateboarding Stuff , Peck, and all who helped get the skate park.

We'll have to wait till Tuesday morning when the Parks & Rec head honcho shows up to find out the fate of the park.

The city workers gave a heads up, that the park will just be refilled with sand. But Peck said, "We are prepare for that, we're ready for that, we prepared for that. But hey, let it be a battle. We gonna fight for what we believe in and our rights, cuz this skate park is our life and we're gonna fight for it."

Check out more photos of the clean up and skating in this gallery:

Venice Skatepark - May 2020 Photo Galley

News of another death at Venice Beach on Sunday:

“Another death on the boardwalk today. LAPD won't provide any information yet, but locals say it was an elderly homeless man that just showed up today. He was walking around by the paddle tennis courts and sat down on the bench and passed away."

Info and photo from Matt Fisher

The average water temps as of May 25th. Since last week, temps risen 1-2* in most areas, except for South LA, it dropped.
The thieves are back at it, targeting surfers' vehicles along PCH.

We got word that a vehicle at at Sunset got hit midweek at 12:30 in the afternoon. And another at Topanga around 2:00pm.

Don't just hide your keys around your car, theives are lurking and watching, waiting for their opportunity. .

Members of the surf community are doing our best to keep on the lookout, and warning other surfers not to just hide their keys under the fender.

And then, some individuals are not happy that surfers are being warned about the car burglaries, watch the video below:

"People who drive down to the beach to surf are sometimes getting their cars burglarized while out having fun. Some of us beach~boy elders are now watching out for these thieves. And we are doing a decent job, you might say. This woman in this video is verrry mad at me for trying to stop beach~side theft. I'll quote her: "That's not yo' problem"..." - Shot by R Wright

So take your key with you, or try using a lockbox, like the ones featured here:

On Saturday, a LAPD horse ran off from it's rider. The police chased the horse from the boardwalk down the bike path then on to the sand before they were able to get control of him.

“I would say it's like 70% less than what this weekend would bring normally,” said Los Angeles Police Sgt. Theresa Skinner, who oversees the department’s Venice Beach detail.

Josie Huang reports "The Asian and European tourists aren’t here but locals are still coming to Venice Beach — many not wearing masks."

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

LA County Beaches And Harbors and the crime approving mayor of LA have stated that no sunbathing, sitting, or laying on the beaches.

But an LA County Lifeguard Captain said all that is allowed via a Fox 11 News statement:

“There are still no umbrellas, no coolers and we don’t want large social gatherings,” said L.A. County Fire Lifeguard Captain A.J. Lester. “You can come down absolutely with your family, lay on a towel, sunbathe, watch your kids run in and out of the water, just try to do it near an open lifeguard tower.”

Fox 11 News added:

"Those in the same household are now welcome to sit on towels on the beach – an amendment to the COVID-19 beach restrictions for “active-use only.”

So basically, sitting and laying out on the beaches is allowed, but it is not allowed. Maybe the lifeguards are fed up with having to enforce these BS rules, as those that have been out on beaches already know people are and have been doing it all anyways.

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

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