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Topanga Beach Surfing. Best Topanga in years with legendary Allen Sarlo and Colton Sarlo. Filmed by Dave Ogle.

Surfing is all about fun in the now and Andy Nieblas has a blast at a beautiful evening session at the longboard energy center of California, Malibu's iconic Surfrider Beach.

Malibu is the most iconic, relevant, and revered break in all of longboard surfing. Housed in history and home to timeless style, it’s the perfect spot to host the deciding event on tour - the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship. With the title on the line, the top surfers descend on First Point to end the year in style and decide the 2022 Longboard World Champions

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou - Kylan, a grom at Topanga Beac

The legendary Allen Sarlo recently came across previously unseen Super 8 surfing footage from the 1970s (including Venice, POP, and the North Shore). Working with an editor, he cut it all together beautifully . He screened the film with a Q & A session at Venice Beach. .

Surfing at the Veice Beach Pier with Beck Adler, Stan The Man, Everyday Jay, Red Dog, Hecho En Venice, and more...filmed Monday morning, Spetemeber 26th, 2022.

Celebration of Life for Los Angeles County Fire Department Ocean Lifeguard Derek Traeger.

Tonan gives insights about localism, wahines, surfing history, Malibu, and more, during a morning surf check at Venice Breakwater during the Labor Day Weekend.

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Flag Ceremony for Los Angeles County Fire Department Ocean Lifeguard Derek Traeger

Surf Videos fom Topanga now avaliable on Topanga Lou's Surf Videos Gallery

Malibu's Talia Swindal joins the Val Surf surf team.

"No matter if she's in or out of the water, she always has a smile on her face. She's a straight A student, leads her life with a great attitude, and is a true role model while being a positive influence to the up and coming kids. This is Talia Swindal and she is just simply fantastic.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or surfing with her please keep your eye out for an all smiles, regular footer, blasting her local points here in Northern LA.

Talia won the 2022 USA National Championships this year and has set some major goals for herself in addition to fulfilling her big dreams of continuing her surfing at the highest level.

Val Surf is honored and excited to be on this journey with you and with open arms we welcome you to the team, Talia"

This beautiful board is the brainchild of Ben Thomson, a stylish Malibu local that has a love for purple and gold. The psychedelic design combines subtle shades of Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Because Ben likes to combine drop-knee cutbacks with walks to the nose, we created a versatile board that can do a bit of everything. The narrow tail and forgiving rails allow for controlled turns, while the wide nose allows for the occasional noseride. Given it’s versatility, this board will work well for almost any surfer.

This board has the cushy feel of a foamy coupled with the performance/durability of a retro longboard. Gone are the days of waxing up your board or having to worry about rail dings.

To purchase this board, please visit: PARAGON SURFBOARDS

Here's an update to The Angriest Man In Surfing drama.

Malibu's Andy Lyon, who has been dubbed The Angriest Man In Surfing due to the viral video of his incident with another surfer, has embraced the positive side of all this.

“You know, it’s a good ride right now,” he told the website Beach Grit. “Fucking dealing with all these little punks, keyboard warriors. It’s pretty amazing how stuff goes like this…I’ve become sorta famous I guess.”

Andy went on the Dirty Water Podcast and tells his side of the incident, and more. Listen to the podcast below:

As others have said, the "kid" in the video is in his mid-20s. Andy confirms it in the podcast. He also says the same thing that others that were there that day said, the "kid" was not so innocent in the whole ordeal.
So here's the whole deal on Malibu's Andy Lyon smashing a kid's surfboard drama.

A video with the text "The Angriest Man In Surfing" get posted to Tik Tok, showing a surfer dropping in on a "kid", and burning him. The video then cuts to the argument on the beach where the Angriest Man throws a huge rock onto the kid's surfboad putting a large gash in it. Angriest Man then throws the kid's board out into the water. The video shows the kid going to retrieve his board and shows the damage done to it.

Here is the full video:

After this video was posted, it went somewhat viral.

People were pretty quick to point out who the Angriest Man is.

Several people on Tik Tok, Instagram, and websites where the video was shared, like Reddit, were not only revealing that the surfer was Andy Lyons, they also started posting his Instagram info, which led to a lot of people attacking him via comments to his instageam account.

Andy responded to some of the comments defending his actions:

It didn't stop there, several people on websites discussing the video went as far as to post all his personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, as well as his employer's info. People were spammng his employer's email and social media accounts about Andy. And they were encouraging others to spam as well.

One unknown individual created accounts on Instagram and online, going after Andy with a vengance, posting Andy's person info and encouraging others to go after him and his employer.

"After hearing from locals who are familiar with Andy, it is apparent that this is not an isolated incident. Andy has a reputation for behaving aggressively while surfing, and seems to be under the impression that because he is an OLD local, he has the right to behave this way." is what the person stated.

"We believe that Andy should be held accountable for his actions, and feel that this needs to be brought to the attention of the wider community, as well as the surfing community as a whole, to show that this sort of behavior is not acceptable."

After awhile Andy made his Instagram account private, but wanted to make amends for his actions. Here is his DMs with person who runs the Anti-Andy Instagram:

On Monday morning, Andy's employer posted to their Instagram: "Thank you to the Malibu community for bringing this to our attention." Along with the image below saying that they "parted ways" with Andy:

The kid from the video is still unknown. The person behind the Anti-Andy Instagram account is trying to identify him.

r One source has said the "kid" appears to be in his mid-20s or older, and that he was not being the most innocent of people prior to the filmed incident.

On Monday afternoon, the person running the Anti-Andy Instagram stated: "Andy's friends have been in contact with the person who originally posted the video and threatened and intimidated them. They also claim to have been in contact with the kid in the video, who apparently apologised to Andy for the inconvenience."

From Koa Rothman :

"Chaos at the most crowded wave on the planet!"

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou - Episode 4.

Every Surf Chats has valuable information for beginner surfers to become better surfers.

Watch & listen as we get to know each surfer, surfer girl & grom who surf at Topanga Beach, California through their own words of their personal surfing journey.

Surf Videos fom Topanga now avaliable on Topanga Lou's Surf Videos Gallery

Beck Adler and Noah Hill grew up surfing Venice Beach, CA. It was there, that they mastered the art of 1-2' onshore beach breaks. After one last surf at the local pier, with a decent forecast, and high hopes, they hit the road in search of better waves. And well, lets just say... Every Dog Has Its Day.

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou Episode 2 with Blake

This entire episode is for beginner surfers.

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou Episode 1 featuring Andrew.

Noah Hill​'s new film, Casual Threat