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"Take Surf Lessons To Learn Fundamentals."

"Paddle Around The Breaking Waves"

"Surf Sunset For 2 Years First."

"Learn To Be A Good Swimmer First."

Topanga, Not the Best Beach for Beginners.

Daily Venice Pier Surf Reporter Glenice Venice was guest on KCRW this week. He talked about the recent swell, the poor regional water quality after the heavy storms, and more.

Listen to the podcast below:

Glen photographed by Darya Alexandra for T2TR Clothing

Noah Hill has a new film coming out.

The film will screen on Thursday, January 5th at The Waterfront in Venice.

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou - Kylan, a grom at Topanga Beac

Topanga Beach Surfing. Best Topanga in years with legendary Allen Sarlo and Colton Sarlo. Filmed by Dave Ogle.

Surfing is all about fun in the now and Andy Nieblas has a blast at a beautiful evening session at the longboard energy center of California, Malibu's iconic Surfrider Beach.

Malibu is the most iconic, relevant, and revered break in all of longboard surfing. Housed in history and home to timeless style, it’s the perfect spot to host the deciding event on tour - the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship. With the title on the line, the top surfers descend on First Point to end the year in style and decide the 2022 Longboard World Champions

Surf Chats with Topanga Lou - Kylan, a grom at Topanga Beac

The legendary Allen Sarlo recently came across previously unseen Super 8 surfing footage from the 1970s (including Venice, POP, and the North Shore). Working with an editor, he cut it all together beautifully . He screened the film with a Q & A session at Venice Beach. .

Surfing at the Veice Beach Pier with Beck Adler, Stan The Man, Everyday Jay, Red Dog, Hecho En Venice, and more...filmed Monday morning, Spetemeber 26th, 2022.

Celebration of Life for Los Angeles County Fire Department Ocean Lifeguard Derek Traeger.