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Surfing First Point on October 27th, 2018.. A video by Brian Behrens. Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

A late summer run of south swell, and Stephanie Gilmore sneaking out to snag a few off the First Point crowd, and party with a lucky boy, Surfrider Malibu's Travis Collings! Filmed by Harley Ingleby.

California's surfing culture is very rich. Every year the Malibu Surfing Association holds their signature The Classic event at famous Malibu Beach. There you will find some of the best longboarders from California and other states. This footage from Longboardarian is a snapshot of the event. Recorded while Surf Aid had their specialty heat.

Video highlights from the 7th Annual SurfAid Cup Malibu

A quick video of the Hurricane Sergio swell session at Zuma.

Allen Sarlo talks about his Total Knee Replacement at Saint John’s Health Center.

Here's video that just got uploaded about the past Venice Surf-A-Thons.

Malibu's Francesca Seely rides this wave in a video by SaltWaterSoulutions Stay Salty.

Surfing First Point early morning September 20th, 2018. A video by Brian Behrens. Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

A couple waves shot via a drone by Robert Nederhorst on Friday at Topanga.

A video by Brian Behrens Surfing at First Point, Malibu on a busy Sunday in September with decent swell. Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

Brian Behrens was surfing Ocean Park and a couple dolphins joined him:
We encountered a pod of dolphins at Ocean Park in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, September, 8th, 2018.
Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

The Volks Gallery is in Malibu, CA to meet up with Sean Colburn and his Gypsy camper bus. He is known as @MalibuVWbus on IG. Sean is a surfer and well known VW photographer in Southern California. His Bus sat in a Barn for 30 years before he rescued it from Oregon. It is 1 of 3 Gypsy camper buses known to exist..

Drone aerial view of a surfer being pulled by a jet ski to catch some waves in Malibu.

Big city, bright lights: everybody we know can be found here. Jack Coleman and a full cast of characters descended upon the 'bu for a lengthy board meeting on this most recent south swell. Palms were greased, deals were made, and the majority shareholders were pleased with their return on investment. Enjoy this edit of the multi-shredder conglomerate of Southern California.

Join Crap surf fam Jared Mell in Malibu for a classic summer day of beach and beers and south swell.

Senator Henry Stern hosted the second annual Surf Summit in Malibu. The summit gives children who have never visited the beach the opportunity to learn how to surf.

Watch an amazing father-daughter bond while Malibu's Frankie Seely and her dad, Mitt talk about surfing, fatherhood and how girls are treated differently out in the water. This short film is by Too Pretty Brand

Watch the new film from Jeff Ho and Vissla.