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Surfing Malibu on July 9th. A video by Brian Behrens. Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

Video clips of all the surfing at Malibu on Sunday, shot by SoCal Surfer.

A Walk On Water (“AWOW”) was featured on the Fox 11 News.

A filmmaker from Australia, Kale Brock, put together a video of his surfing experience at Malibu.

One of the key figures in the early evolution of skateboarding from a wholesome, contest based "sport" into the freewheeling art form that it is today was Tony Alva.

At 61-years-old Alva, the oldest professional skateboarder in the world, is considered by many to be the godfather of modern day skateboarding. Alva’s brand of aggression and bravado in the 70’s set the stage for the way skateboarding would be forever defined. Vans’ The Tony Alva Story chronicles T.A.’s humble beginnings on the streets of Santa Monica to his rise to superstardom as part of the legendary Z-Boys, his inevitable drug-induced implosion and his ultimate rise from the ashes to accept his rightful place as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations of skateboarders the world over.

BREAKING NEWS /// Surf Relik scam uncovered. Loggers got dooped!

More madness from the Relik. Check out this news report below obtained by Innocnts

CLICK HERE see more stories, drama, & nonsense from Surf Relik.

Devon Howard at Malibu, Rincon, and Lowers, 2018 ~ 2019. Filmed by his good friend Tatsuo Takei

"Longboard and the Midlength Master. Devon knows how to put it all together nicely in the water. “Calm and Corrected,” that’s the words I think of for Devon. We’ve been friends for 20 years and have really good time each session - whether we scored good waves or not."

Check out this video form Wes Swartz of the longboarding before and during the Relik contest.

CLICK HERE see more stories, drama, & nonsense from the infamous Surf Relik.

Another successful International Surfing Day paddle out in Venice, with WSL Pure and Surfrider LA to raise awareness of the threats facing our ocean. We got some good surfing photos from the paddle out coming, but in the meantime, check out the video below from Michael Monak

Double Good has put together a video of last week's Surfers Healing Malibu Surf Camp. Check it out below:

And if you love popcorn and would like to support Surfers Healing, you can use code SURFER when you order popcorn from Double Good 50% of your purchase will go toward helping them continue to provide these incredible camps free to kids with autism.

A few nice barrel rides at the Venice Beach Pier, taken from our May 31, 2019 Instagram stories.

A new video of older footage from Allen Sarlo.

Luke Stedman is the embodiment of a lifelong waterman, possessing a classic surf style that’s all his own. He began surfing and competing at an early age, qualifying for the WCT by 22 and spending a number of years on tour. After retiring from competition, Luke moved to Venice, CA and founded his own clothing brand, Insted We Smile - IWS . He continues to surf, travel, and create all over the world.

A pumped up surf report from this morning at Zuma.

Video is from Hamishpatterson High Frequency Tribe

A company called Real Surf Stories just put up this video about last years Surf Relik event in Malibu

Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Tommy Witt, Justin Quintal, Harley Ingleby and the most stylish traditional loggers at all-time Malibu, California for the Relik.

Check out this video of the surfing at Surfrider, shot on Tuesday May 14 by Wes Swartz.

Cheap thrills, no frills. The Southern California Blue Collar Special.

A traditional surf film brought to you by Doubles.

Filmed between County Line and South San Diego from August 2018 to February 2019. Starring, in order of appearance: Joel Tudor, Yuta Sezutsu, Devon Howard, Barrett Miller, Lucas Dirkse, John Haffey, Grant Noble, Saxon Wilson, WiIlliam Hennessy, Tosh Tudor, Zack Flores, and Judah Tudor.

Filmed and edited by:
Andrew Burr

Additional filming by:
Ryan Cannon
Johno Ross
Ryan Donahue

Back in the 1980's the skaters of Venice Beach, California had to make due with what they had: an old abandoned pavilion on the boardwalk and a few scraps of wood. What they did with those limited resources helped change skateboarding forever.

The Malibu surfer who Sean Penn based his "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" character on has no idea he was the inspiration for Jeff Spicoli.