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Day One of the Los Angeles County Beach Closure and it looks like someone already got a ticket for surfing, but updated info shows the $1,000 ticket have been given for a different reason. Read On...

That footage from Ashley SaveLA shows the police, followed by Lifeguards, telling surfers to get out of the water and that they can be arrested for not doing so. Awhile later, one surfer ends up getting a ticket.

"This happened after the water had been cleared an hour earlier by the police. I watched a lifeguard personally approach him while he was stretching on the sand & told him the beach was closed and he needed to leave. Instead he paddled out & the cops showed up"

And below is one of the surf cam's angle of it:

UPDATED INFO! #1 -Thanks to Reno Jack Aguinaldo for the news tip)

The ticket wasn't so much for surfing as it was for...well... just read what happened according to eyewitness Derek Levy:

"The lifeguard gently told the surfer that the beach/ocean was closed. The surfer said 'Fuck you, waddaya gonna do?' The cop stepped in and gave the surfer a $1000 ticket."


Everyone has been very cooperative, it was just that one guy,” said Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Mike Sistoni, who said lifeguards contacted police to issue the surfer a citation when the guy refused to leave the beach. “Everyone else has been pretty cool… I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what.”

Manhattan Beach Police Sergeant Steve Kitsios said Saturday afternoon that no other beach closure violators have been cited and that his department is relying on voluntary compliance.

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

Noah Hill decided to make a video about how to improve your surfing from home.
Need something to watch during the lockdown, check out this pro surfing championship contest from 1987 that was held at Surfrider Beach.

WINNER: Dino Andino (19 years old)
With: Mike Lambresi, Jim Hogan, Scott Daley, Craig Comen, Joey Buran, Bud Llamas, Chuy Reyna, Jeff Baldwin, Chris Burke, Colby Outlaw, Jeff Booth
WOMEN: Kim Mearig (winner), Jorja Smith, Tricia Gill, & Liz Benavidez
LONGBOARD: J Riddle (winner) Israel Paskowitz, Jonathon Paskowitz & Jeff Higgenbotham
BODYBOARD: Ben Seveson (winner), Mike Stewart, Kevin Cev & Keith Sasaki

Malibu's Frankie Harrer joins Nora Vasconcellos, Laura Enever,, Jaleesa Vincent, and Shanae Collins and fires up the ol’ 94 stretch limo and head west. With special guests Stephanie Gilmore, Nicole Hause and Jordyn Barratt, the crew drove across dusty roads from Texas to California. Skateboarding and surfing their way through small towns, snow capped mountains and desert plains. 1355 miles, 4 states and a shit load of memories made this trip one to remember. Doing fun stuff with your friends is what it’s all about!

Steve~O from Jackass takes some guy named Poopies surfing County Line and Sunset, and tome cruising around Malibu in his van.

It is said that every Lifeguard has a story.... You name it, it seems to have happened. On this episode of Tales from the Tower, we take a look at the beginnings of modern day Ocean Lifeguarding in Los Angeles started by George Freeth.

Devon Howard in Malibu, California, 2020. Filmed by Trent Stevens

German in Venice gets some footage of the sail boat that washed ashore at the Venice Breakwater.

Malibu's Frankie Seely and the Hamboards tribe let go on the waves and paves of Venice, from the iconic Windward Ave to the Pier.

Malibu's Frankie Seely and friends, filmed by SaltWaterSoulutions™

Brian Behrens has posted some raw surfing 4K footage from Saturday 12-7-2019 at Topanga.

Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens

Tosh Tudor surfing at Cardiff Reef, Malibu, Lowers, and Newport Beach, Spring, Summer and Fall 2019 in this video by NobodySurf

"I met Tosh when he was 5 years old and he was a very shy boy back then. I saw Tosh’s break through over the last year. Something changed in him after his first trip to the North Shore. Now, Noseriding and Tuberinding are his things." - Tatsuo Takei

Surfing by West Adler
Video by Gary Adler
Music by West Adler

The “Maiden” departs Los Angeles’s Marina Del Rey Harbor on the next leg of their round-the-world voyage. The All-female crewed vessel is sailing with the mission of raising awareness for gender equality and providing education for women around the world.

Inspired by their mission the Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguard Division staffed the first ever all Female Rescue Boat crew to escort the Maiden out of Marina Del Rey Harbor on November 2. The 2 crews shared experiences and talked of challenges they have faced working in predominately male workplaces.

Another episode of Rider Shack Guide to Surfing Los Angeles, this one is about Surfrider.

Surfrider Beach is a world famous right-hand point-break with 3 different take-off zones offering a combination of incredible waves and constant crowds.

Rider Shack Guide to Surfing Los Angeles: County Line

County Line is located on the borders of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. This break offers a right-hand cobblestone point break at the northern end of the beach, as well as 500 yards of beach break to the south.

Avalon Gall surfing Malibu in this video by Full Moon Surf Club

Joackim Guchard surfing small waves in California. 3min surf video created by Leco Moura in 2019.

River Covey at Oceanside, Malibu, and Lower Trestles, California in 2019.

From Booty and Barrels:
First time surfing here in a few years because the sand has been all messed up, but it was kinda working. If you ever try to surf here be careful because if there is really ever size you can get thrown into the wall since it is so shallow and you cannot get under the waves."