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Photographer, Timothy White, takes you behind the lens on his shoot with N.W.A. following the release of their break album, Straight Outta Compton. Timothy recounts his experience riding in Dr. Dre's Mercedes, the moment the surfer walked into the frame that Timothy just barely captured as Dre was making a phone call. An incredible set of photos of an iconic group by a young photographer that would go on to make a name for himself in the world of celebrity photography.

Hawaiian big wave surfer Koa Rothman heads to Lowers and then to a crowded Malibu on his Cali trip.

Nothing like a Saturday in the summer in Malibu.

Filmed by @brianbehrens on June 6th, 2020.

Groovy California and Hawaii 70's surfing at Malibu, Pipeline, Honolua Bay, Haleiwa, Oxnard, Moss Landing featuring surfers Jeff Hakman, Rolf Aurness, J. Riddle, Brad Mc Call, Angie Reno, Andy Davis, David Nuuhiwa, Greg Elterman, and more of the "Cosmic Children".

Join Bobby Hundreds on Venice Beach in Los Angeles as he starts his day with a ritualistic solo surf session. Amongst all the noise and distractions, his morning routine gives him pause for thought and a moment to catch his breath in preparation for the day ahead; remaining driven by what lays out of view, beyond the horizon.

On June 11th, 2020, a surfer's vehicle was stolen from 18th Ave at Venice Beach. The car thief took the keys that were hidden under the fender and stole the vehicle.

It appears he may have been watching the driver the whole time, he walks right up to the car, looks back and then goes right to where the keys were hidden. As of the time of publishing this video, this thief has not been caught, LAPD has done nothing yet.

Thieves have been targeting surfers' vehicles in the Los Angeles area. Watching for them to hide the keys and go out into the water, then using the keys and either stealing items from the vehicle, or as in this case, driving off with the vehicle. So don't hide your keys at your vehicle. At the very least, use a lock box, do something to not make yourself an easy target. While, lock boxes are not 100% theft prove, they are a good deterrent. Most of the car burglaries and thefts we have heard about have involved keys that were hidden on or near the vehicle.

Below are two different lock boxes available on Amazon. Longtime surf photographer Randy Wright recommends the WordLock Key Lock Box both for it's security and for it's large capacity cylindrical container.

Video and text by David Malana


The death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many more is absolutely unacceptable, and I can't sit idle or away anymore. Protests are continuing to make real change, and I am all for it (please stay healthy y'all!) I am 100% down with it as long as it lasts, but when it dies down, I am hoping everyone involved, including myself, can find ways to take the motivation and community we find in it and move it into our daily lives, that uncomfortable place where we all need to have it to be able to shift the paradigm. Policy changing is important too, this is not to downplay any of it... but the personal life change I think is where we as individuals can really dispel the lies created to keep us divided. So, as we plan to try and incorporate that kind of change into our daily lives, here is mine.

I want there to be more equity in the water. One thing noticeable in the paddle outs that I have been going to is that most people there are white. That's great that people are showing up, but it's also a really good indicator of the demographic of surfing. Surfing is something I think could really help a lot of people... it's really helped me, and there are so many barriers that BIPOC have to break through to make it happen. So I am hoping to help remedy that by offering FREE surf lessons and surf media to any BIPOC interested in learning. I also call on all my surfers out there to do the same, and help me close this gap between people and the ocean.

This video of a brave man that I met while surfing. He was teaching himself in really tough conditions and he was able to learn as fast as anyone I had ever met. Now, he is my friend, Winston, and I am happy to introduce you all to him.

ps. It's also Prince's Birthday that I made this in commemoration of, which is why I have the song lyrics and font that I do. He would have never guessed, but maybe he always knew that it would be in Minneapolis that the revolution would start.

Video and text by David Malana

In honor of George Floyd, we paddled out to pay respects in Santa Monica. One thing you notice more than anything is that the surfing community is predominantly white. A sport created by people of color (ancient Polynesians) banned by white colonizers who proclaimed it an act of evil, reintroduced to the world by a Hawaiian, and then taken over again by vast majority white people who now make billions off of a surf industry that uses people and places of color as decoration for events, videos, movies, and photos. It's a bit of an irony that as a Filipino man, I often feel out of place. My challenge to surfers is to practice the concept of equity in their surf lives by sharing our love for the ocean and its waves with people and communities that didn't inherit the wealth you did, didn't have learning to swim or going to the beach as a birthright, and who now are represented by a brave few that paddled out with us that day, as a small somber amidst a crowd of generally jovial surfers enjoying their unintentionally closed communities. If you would like to find a hopeful surfer of color who wants to experience what we so readily enjoy, please let me know and I can help. That is one way we can do our part moving forward. Take the feels you get from these things, and do more to get BIPOCs back in the water where they once so naturally belonged.

Travel along the California coast to surf Big Malibu as Dewey Weber, Miki Dora, Lance Carson and the local boyz strut their stuff on the wave they all claimed, that stretch of sand along Pacific Coast highway called Surfrider Beach. Hear a new original score that will take you back to a time when the beaches were pure and the waves were always breaking- surf music that makes you long for the Rendezvous’ Ballroom, laying down the line for the “Surfer’s Stomp!”

Surfing bioluminescent waves at Venice Beach during May 2020. Filmed By Cameron Chacker

Surfing on Wednesday, May 13th at Malibu. Filmed pre-beach opening.

Graffiti Legend "RISK" talks to Jayme "Vision" Burtis, Jim "Red Dog" Muir, Josh "Bagel" Klassman, Nick "Tame" Bradley and DJ Dash talk about the early days of Venice Beach graffiti, skate and surf culture. From the roots of WCA to Dogtown Skateboards it's all here. Risk's @riskrock weekly Instagram Live "Happy Hour" feed.

Go behind the scenes with owner and designer Francesca Aiello at our Frankies x Victorias Secret photoshoot - Day Trip to Malibu.

Surfing this week's swell at Malibu. Filmed pre-beach opening.

Skateboarding, surfing, and dirt biking in Santa Monica, CA, captured by a pre-teen David Markey on 8mm film in 1976/ '77.

The dawning of the Dogtown era; Road Rider 4's, Bennett Trucks, Logan Earth Ski's, 2 colored Vans. Shot at Bay Street, Kenter Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Harvard Street, and the former vacant lots of Santa Monica. Skaters include Paul Hoffman and Paul Cullen.

As we reported two weeks ago , the renegade crew at Mt Baldy reopened their lifts for skiing and snowboarding, offering up some prime spring conditions. Slushy goodness. They did enforced some strict social distancing rules, and only allowing a limited amount of people on hill.

Sunday was their closing day, making it one of their latest closing days ever.

"That’s a wrap on the 2019/20 snow season. Needless to say it was one for the record books, opening day was November 30 after a big Thanksgiving Day storm followed up by another massive post Christmas Day dump. For the next 16 weeks we had great coverage on Thunder Mountain, a few weeks of snow to the parking lot and several laps on #4 before closing 3/20/2020 due to an escalating COVID-19 virus outbreak."

"On behalf of ‘The Most Solid Crew Any Mountain Has Ever Had’ I’d like to thank you all for treating our operating plan with the respect that it deserved. Those 11 days of lapping Thunder Mountain could not have happened if everyone didn’t do their part." - Mt Baldy

Hamboards' team rider, Frankie Seely wrote about her experience surfing the wave ranch and the story of her video: “Experience the Dream".

The Project

When I first spoke to Donnie about the project, I was driving back to class from a surf session at Seaside Reef, San Diego. I distinctly remember talking about how crowded the spot was and how we could use that as a way to showcase the surf skate product “Hamboards” and maybe an idea for a women's film festival. We spoke about having a surf session at the ranch, we wanted to emphasize the idea of my own “private wave”.

The premise would be about a California girl frustrated with the overcrowded beaches of California, after a frustrating surf session she drifts off to sleep. In her “dream” the girl goes into a trance where she surfs the wave pool trying out different equipment, different crafts, and maneuvers. She is having the time of her life surfing perfect waves at Kelly Slater's Wave pool, smiling from ear to ear until she wakes up. After she realizes that her experience was “just a dream” she goes outside to skate with her friends creating her own “ private wave”.

The Logistics

I didn’t know the logistics if this project would happen because Kelly Slater's Wave Pool is a very coveted location and only a select group of either wealthy people or pro surfers have access to. We confirmed our schedule time at Kelly Slater's wave pool only a couple months down the line after our first conversation. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe that I was going to a place that seemed out of my reach at the time. I have watched endless videos about this wave since Kelly documented his first ride on the wave machine. I did not contain my excitement when I found out I was going to the pool.

A couple weeks down the line, I had heard there was a chance that we could not go on the ranch or we might need to go next time. I was somewhat disappointed but miraculously we were able to figure out a new time to go to the ranch. Again all of the excited emotions came rushing back. I bragged to my friends about it after of course, r I found out that the appointment to the wave ranch was one hundred percent confirmed. I felt like the most blessed human, I felt like I could dance all night when I received the confirmation from the ranch. I can say without hesitation that surfing is an addiction. The Trip

I remember that it was only a couple weeks after my birthday when we got to the ranch. It took my dad and I around three hours to get there from my house in Topanga, California. I could not sleep the night before, it didn't seem like it was real or it felt like I was going on a remote trip. We drove inland which seemed like to be in the middle of nowhere. I could see small towns, country towns, and ranches as I went from county to county. The air was dry and cold, it almost felt like I was heading to snowboard in Mammoth instead of going surfing .

I fell asleep for most of the car ride because of my restless night and before I knew it we were driving into the town of Lemoore. As we checked into the hotel, I noticed that the hotel was also a “native american themed” casino. The hotel was decorated as if we were in a history museum mixed with a dave and busters, those two styles of decor and architecture do not mix well together in my opinion. I remember the smell in the casino, a potent mixture of cigarettes and booze.

My dad thought that we should explore the casino since we got to the hotel earlier than expected. We walked around and noticed that the meals were fairly cheap, there were a lot of people of hispanic descent, and the tension was extremely high. This casino wasn’t glamorous like Las Vegas in the Bellagio, this place looked like a place of desperation. I saw people clinging onto the slots as if they blew their last bit of their savings away .

The casino didn’t feel like entertainment instead the slots seemed like a necessity. I couldn't watch it anymore , I had to go to sleep because we had to be at the ranch at 6 am sharp the next morning. Somehow I fell fast asleep.

The Ranch

I woke up to a foggy morning, I got out of bed as fast as I could and I shook my dad to get up. We rushed out of the hotel as fast as we could down to the lobby, into the car, and on the road in a matter of minutes. We didn’t realize how close the surf ranch was to the hotel, we waited for twenty minutes in the car before we started to see more cars showing up. It felt like a dream, everything was very hazy and fog was hovering over the ground. The Surf Ranch looked like a small modern cabin like a country club and it felt like it too.

As we walked through the doors all I could see were rows of firewire surfboards from one side of the room to the other in between the lockers with our names on each one. We walked through the first room and into the second room which had a T.V and a catering set up on the side table. The table had the most elegant looking avocado toast I have ever seen, beautifully executed with other snacks like hummus, coffee, and fruit. It was one of the best hospitality I have ever experienced, better than the four seasons, the hilton, the estancia hotel, and the ritz carlton.

This hospitality was at one hundred percent, the staff told us what to expect while surfing, showed us the jacuzzi, jam room for playing music, and they were always around to answer questions. The curation of design at the Ranch was amazing, it had country vibes with mid century modern elements in the architecture. Everything seemed perfectly placed and everyone's stoke level was off the charts.

The Wave

The wave itself looked fake , it was something we would day dream about during class or when the waves are flat. I have never seen perfection in a wave like this, no ripples and completely glassy. During the first morning session the fog was starting to disappear which gave a luminous color from the sun peeking through the fog and glistening onto the water. It looked like we had just found paradise despite the extremely cold weather. I was grouped with three people on one side of the pool while the other three were located on the other side of the pool.

I was grouped with two frothy groms which wasn't ideal but fortunately I could keep up with them. We went back and forth for an hour, I switched off with as many boards as I could. I went from a shortboard, to a fish, to a longboard, to a fun board because I wanted to make the most out of this opportunity. I wanted to get the most footage and utilize my time at the ranch as best as I could hour to hour.

The way the wave is set up is that each person gets a chance to surf from one end of the pool starting at a colored flag to another colored flag then the next person goes or each person gets two waves per session all the way from one side to the other.Our group chose to split the waves so we all could have more time surfing and to have less risks of messing up a perfect wave at Kelly Slater's Wave Pool. I caught so many waves that day but my best session was my last when I got the wave more dialed in.

What people don’t understand when they first get on their first wave is that it is not like the ocean, every area is calculated like the tube section. Naturally, surfers are used to figuring out what type of section will be next in order to carry out a maneuver. When surfing the wave pool, each section is already there and there's no need to look for “the barrel section” or “ when to turn '' because it is the same every time just like a skate park.

After a long four hours of surfing the wave pool I felt one of the happiest I have felt in a long time with non stop waves for 4 hours to myself. I remember my smile going from ear to ear after I caught my last wave in during sunset hour. After the group left the pool, we had an amazing dinner to top off an amazing day. I played the guitar while eating some cookies with the group, we said our goodbyes, and we were off to a long three hour drive but this experience was something I’ll never forget.

Frankie has a new blog, check it out: the front half

Inspired by owner and designer Francesca Aiello's Malibu roots comes Frankie's Bikini's exclusive swim collection, Day Trip to Malibu. Filled with shimmering pastels and an edgier blue snakeskin print, this collection is for the effortlessly cool Cali girl. SHOP THE COLLECTION