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Luke Stedman is the embodiment of a lifelong waterman, possessing a classic surf style that’s all his own. He began surfing and competing at an early age, qualifying for the WCT by 22 and spending a number of years on tour. After retiring from competition, Luke moved to Venice, CA and founded his own clothing brand, Insted We Smile - IWS . He continues to surf, travel, and create all over the world.

A pumped up surf report from this morning at Zuma.

Video is from Hamishpatterson High Frequency Tribe

A company called Real Surf Stories just put up this video about last years Surf Relik event in Malibu

Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Tommy Witt, Justin Quintal, Harley Ingleby and the most stylish traditional loggers at all-time Malibu, California for the Relik.

Check out this video of the surfing at Surfrider, shot on Tuesday May 14 by Wes Swartz.

Cheap thrills, no frills. The Southern California Blue Collar Special.

A traditional surf film brought to you by Doubles.

Filmed between County Line and South San Diego from August 2018 to February 2019. Starring, in order of appearance: Joel Tudor, Yuta Sezutsu, Devon Howard, Barrett Miller, Lucas Dirkse, John Haffey, Grant Noble, Saxon Wilson, WiIlliam Hennessy, Tosh Tudor, Zack Flores, and Judah Tudor.

Filmed and edited by:
Andrew Burr

Additional filming by:
Ryan Cannon
Johno Ross
Ryan Donahue

Back in the 1980's the skaters of Venice Beach, California had to make due with what they had: an old abandoned pavilion on the boardwalk and a few scraps of wood. What they did with those limited resources helped change skateboarding forever.

The Malibu surfer who Sean Penn based his "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" character on has no idea he was the inspiration for Jeff Spicoli.

Captain Remy Smith is showing comedian Kevin Hart how to be a Lifeguard at the Santa Monica Pier.

A 5 minute micro-documentary on acclaimed surfboard maker and Venice Beach local, Guy Okazaki. A behind-the-scenes look at how he creates his hand-crafted surfboard designs, something he has been mastering in Venice Beach for more than 30 years.

Allen Sarlo, Mr Wave Killer, takes host Brad Jacobson on a tour of Malibu.
A short video from Beck Adler's recent trip south of the border.

Topanga's Shane Borland heads down south for some waves in Mexico.

Check Out Torren Martyn’s New Surf Film, “Thank You Mother”. It will be screening at The Waterfront, Venice, CA, on Friday, February 8th at 8:00 pm

If you’re into cinematic surf films, have a nostalgic love of the 1970s mind-bender “Morning of the Earth” or you just simply enjoy watching beautifully crafted boards slice through flawless right-hand points, then you’d be wise to check out Torren Martyn’s new film, “Thank You Mother”.

Martyn, as you might know, has made a name for himself riding an extensive range of twin-finned boards–everything from 5’4″ to 7’9″–with enviable style and grace. The man who’s crafted each one of Martyn’s twinnies is none other than Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards. After watching Falzon’s seminal film back in the ’70s, Jones was heavily influenced by the boards the surfers were riding in the film and remains so to this day. Jones and Falzon are now good friends and kindred spirits in a way, living lives that Martyn has always been inspired by.

Martyn explains that “Thank You Mother” is primarily an all-action surf film, but it hints at the relationship between himself, Jones and Falzon in subtle ways. According to Martyn, Jones shaped four unique boards for him which Martyn test-drives on the long points of J-Bay and Desert Point alongside Jones and his son, Dash. Falzon makes a cameo too–well, sort of. While Martyn and his filmmaker Ishka Folkwell sat down to interview Falzon, Falzon reflected on surfing and what’s important in life. Since Falzon has quite a way with words, Martyn and Folkwell decided to use his interview as narration throughout the entire film–layered beautifully over Martyn’s fancy footwork.

A montage of Lower Topanga footage by 3 surf filmmakers - Scott Dittrich, Hal Jepsen, & Grant Rohloff - set to the music of Blue Juice. It shows the houses, nude beach, psychedelic parties, and up-close encounters with fires and floods. This film is now available to buy at Brass Tacks Press .

A clip from the upcoming documentary on the Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest.

Division 1 Basket Ball player A.J. Lapray puts on a wetsuit and challenges some players to a game.

A short video montage of the surf therapy evnet in Malibu from from The Dark Side Riders and The Mighty Under Dogs of Malibu.

Frankie Harrer joins the Crap® Surf Family

A fixture in Los Angeles' unique surf scene, Frankie is a pro surfer from Malibu, CA, known for her world class shortboarding and hard charging in waves of consequence.

Damn WaveStorms~!.. A video shot by Brian Behrens. Check out more from Brian on his Instagram: @brianbehrens