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Surfing by West Adler
Video by Gary Adler
Music by West Adler

The “Maiden” departs Los Angeles’s Marina Del Rey Harbor on the next leg of their round-the-world voyage. The All-female crewed vessel is sailing with the mission of raising awareness for gender equality and providing education for women around the world.

Inspired by their mission the Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguard Division staffed the first ever all Female Rescue Boat crew to escort the Maiden out of Marina Del Rey Harbor on November 2. The 2 crews shared experiences and talked of challenges they have faced working in predominately male workplaces.

Another episode of Rider Shack Guide to Surfing Los Angeles, this one is about Surfrider.

Surfrider Beach is a world famous right-hand point-break with 3 different take-off zones offering a combination of incredible waves and constant crowds.

Rider Shack Guide to Surfing Los Angeles: County Line

County Line is located on the borders of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. This break offers a right-hand cobblestone point break at the northern end of the beach, as well as 500 yards of beach break to the south.

Avalon Gall surfing Malibu in this video by Full Moon Surf Club

Joackim Guchard surfing small waves in California. 3min surf video created by Leco Moura in 2019.

River Covey at Oceanside, Malibu, and Lower Trestles, California in 2019.

From Booty and Barrels:
First time surfing here in a few years because the sand has been all messed up, but it was kinda working. If you ever try to surf here be careful because if there is really ever size you can get thrown into the wall since it is so shallow and you cannot get under the waves."

Just a bunch of waves and surfing at Malibu and Playa Del Rey back in the mid to late 1970's

Bird Man Media presents Malibu. A daycation short movie shot entirely in Malibu, California. Starring Richie Cravey, Erin Ashley, Nathan Strom, Ricky Cunningham, Joe Rickabaugh, Mikey M, and David Arganda.

Shark breaches right in front of standup paddleboarder Darcio Fao at Sunset on September 11, 2019, in this footage taken from the Surflies Cam that he posted to his Instagram Story.

Sugar The Surfing Dog riding an epic wave at 1am in Malibu

About Sugar:

Over the past few years, Ryan and Sugar have perfected their surfing technique and have won multiple surfing competitions together. Ryan's goal is to start a non-profit organization that focuses on using surf therapy to inspire others to get outside, to challenge themselves, to surf, and to build a strong sense of community.

Organizations Ryan and Sugar have worked with and hope to continue working with
-Life Rolls on Foundation
-Make A Wish Foundation
-Mighty Underdogs Foundation -Long Beach Veterans Hospital
-CHOC Children's hospital

Thanks to the many donations from all of you supporters, Ryan and Sugar have been able to lease the van of their dreams and are now able to safely drive to various coastal communities in hopes of setting up surf camps, visiting various hospitals, and partnering with animal organizations to make a positive impact at every location they visit. Please continue to support Ryan and Sugar so they can keep their dream van and continue the mission they have set out to accomplish!

Devon Howard and Saxon Wilson spotted outside LA on a dull, cloudy California Morning

Untamed Daughters is an event experience, conceptualized by Changing Tides Foundation and GrlSwirl, to bring together untamed, unconventional and adventurous women for a day of community, environment, action sports and empowerment.

This was the first-ever Untamed Daughters event which took place in Venice beach in the summer of 2019! Some of the special guests and attendees included: Rochelle Ballard, Elena Hight, Lex Weinstein, Sian Hurst and Laura Thornhill Caswell.

The event would not have been made possible without the support of Rothys , Vuori, Marine Layer, GoPro, Mizu, & The Butcher's Daughter. Huge thanks to all the sponsors who donated to our goodie bags and to the day as well: Boz Tea, Zola, ClifBar, Leus Towels, Aloha Collection, Simply Straws, Avasol & Summer of Surf. Thanks to our after-party sponsors Juneshine, Lone Wolfs , Carver, Big Daddy's Pizza, Dersu, King Archie Band & Winter.

Edit: Devon Steigerwald
Photos: Jessica Whitehead

Good times surfing and riding Hamboards in Malibu, California.

Hamboards team riders: Chapman Hamborg, Maleah Miller, Curren Lizares, Sophie Lizares, Neil Messmer, Franky Seely, and Camryn Harrell.

Malibu's LaLanne Surf just put out this video of these two surfing Topanga.

"There are a hand full of surfers that know the feeling of the Gemini surfboard created by shaper Jeff Alexander in the mid 90's. Shaper and Malibu local Jon LaLanne started making the board 10 years ago in an effort to revive the design that Surfer magazine snubbed and never rode the board.Kelly Slater held the board for hours at the 2003 surfer poll awards. Tomo created his Vader off the Gemini and shapers like Stretch , Mickey Munoz, Dane Hantz from Vulcan and Scott Anderson were inspired by the design..." - LaLanne Surf

First Installment of Full Moon Surf Club 's "Kingdom Of Malibu" series. Filmed and edited by J.D. Stroud at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA. Featuring Kris Hall - Sean Cusick - Cedric - Michael Davidson - Saxon Wilson- Jonesea - Avalon Gall - and Aaron.

Surfing highlights from Shacked Mag's Instagram Stories for the week of 8-4-2019. Surf spots include Venice Beach, Sunset Point, and Topanga.

Neil Messmer surfing Malibu
Filmed by Laura Hoffman // @saltwatersoulutions
How One Surf Shop Brought Surfing Culture to Unexpected Places

O’Neill's video series, “Surf Shop Chronicles”, celebrates America’s most iconic surf shops.

Val Surf is one such shop, having first opened in 1962 in an unexpected place: the San Fernando Valley. Founder Bill Richards got the idea to open an inland surf shop from shuttling his then-teenage son Mark from their home in North Hollywood to Malibu’s classic peelers. Mark couldn’t be the only inland surfer, of course, and Bill seized the opportunity to open a surf shop far from the beach. Fast forward to present and Val Surf boasts five locations throughout the Los Angeles area and continues bringing the stoke well beyond the coast.