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Miss Malibu Pro 2015

Photos By Brian Asher Photography .

Congratulations to Soleil Errico, the 2nd Annual Miss Malibu Pro Champion! Her surfing at the two day Womens Longboard competition at Surfrider Beach fit the progressive criteria to a T, not only winning the event but receiving a perfect 10 and taking home the Wave of the Day award by Jericho Poppler.

The Miss Malibu Pro was held on on October 22nd & 23rd.

Gina Sinotte

Raquel Bartlow

Mary Scwinn

Ahlia Hoffman And Travis Long

High Surf/Coastal Flood Advisory

... Coastal Flood Advisory in effect from 5 am Tuesday to 5 PM PDT Friday...

* coastal flooding... minor overflow of sea water into low-lying coastal areas is expected Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon... especially during the morning high tides. Areas of most concern include Port Hueneme... Oxnard Shores... Malibu and Long Beach.

* Tides... astronomical high tides of 6.7 to 6.9 feet are predicted for area beaches. However... as observed water levels have been exceeding predictions by almost 8 inches... waters levels during high tide are expected to rise to near 7.5 feet.

* Surf... elevated surf of 3 to 6 feet is expected on area beaches Tuesday through Friday... highest on exposed west to northwest facing shores.

* Impacts... minor flooding of low-lying areas along the beach... including beach parking lots. Strong rip currents will also be possible at area beaches.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A coastal Flood Advisory means that minor and shallow flooding is occurring or imminent. Coastal communities should take precautions to protect vulnerable low-lying areas from overflowing sea water if it is safe to do so during low tides.

Bay Street Boards Halloween Sale!

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Venice Pier - Sunday 10-25-2015 Part 2

Here's another set of shots from Sunday.

These are just some of the photos taken by Six12 Media, there are many more. Visit the Venice Pier - Sunday 10-25-2025 to see more. Prints and hi-res digital downloads of all the photos are available.

Venice Pier - Sunday 10-25-2015 Part 1

These photos are by Steve Christensen Photo.

These are just some of the photos taken, there are many more. Visit the 2015-10 Venice Beach Photo Gallery to see more. Prints and hi-res digital downloads of all the photos are available

Ocean Park - Saturday 10-24-2015

Photos By Six12 Media .

Some shots at Ocean Park from late in the morning on Saturday.

There are several more photos from this day at the pier in the complete gallery: Ocean Park - Saturday 10-24-2015 Photo Gallery

Video: "All Kinds of Wealth"

In Episode 27, we see a lot of old faces and some other REALLY old ones. We also get some new surfers in the mix. Malibu brings great surfers like Tony Stevens from down south. We get to #meetjoemud with some fancy footwork by Joe Rickabaugh. Also, a hand off with our little grom, Christopher Wong, as he gently gets handed to Andy Lyon by Captain Pelican, Jean Pierre Pereat. All are MALIBU UNDER DOGS. Enjoy...

Venice Pier - Sunday 10-18-2015 Part 1

Photos By Six12 Media .

A couple weirdos in colored jumpsuits were out in the water on this day.

Here's some shots from the Venice Pier by Six12 Media.

There are several more photos of the weirdos from this day at the pier in the complete gallery: Venice Pier - Sunday 10-18-2015 Photo Gallery