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Athletes, coaches, and long time friends Ryan Schafer and Tully Chapman discuss a broad range of health and fitness related topics on their Bourbon And Balance Podcast

This week they interview Solo Scott from Venice Beach, California. Solo tells us his story about growing up in California, skateboarding and surfing, and eventually touring the world as a professional surfer. Listen to the podcast in the player below:

As we all know, the Santa Monica Police ignored all the warnings about the upcoming looting attack on the city, and their incompetence led to the looting of over 100 stores in the Downtown Santa Monica.

Now, two of the looters who hit REI and VANS have been arrested.

According to their press release, Detectives with the Santa Monica Police Department scoured hours of security video and social media posts. A suspect vehicle was identified by searching social media videos of the civil unrest. It showed a vehicle license plate with two suspects loading various items from REI. After reviewing REI security video, the two subjects were identified inside the store removing thousands of dollars of merchandise. During the investigation one of individuals was also identified as the suspect of an assault on a police officer.

The Manhattan Beach Police Department stopped the wanted vehicle and notified Santa Monica Police Department Detectives. The occupants of the vehicle were determined to be the two outstanding suspects and were subsequently arrested.

A search of the suspect vehicle pursuant to a search warrant led to the recovery of several stolen items from both the REI and the VANS store.

Suspect #1 is Sebastian Martinez (2/22/1996) of El Segundo, CA. Suspect #2 is Christopher Gutierrez (11/5/2000) of Los Angeles. Both now in SMPD custody.

These arrests still do not excuse the fact that the Santa Monica Police allowed this to happen in the first place, and the fact that the Santa Monica Police Chief and several city council members blatantly lied about what happened.

For more of our coverage of the protests and looting in our beach communities, CLICK HERE

Photographer, Timothy White, takes you behind the lens on his shoot with N.W.A. following the release of their break album, Straight Outta Compton. Timothy recounts his experience riding in Dr. Dre's Mercedes, the moment the surfer walked into the frame that Timothy just barely captured as Dre was making a phone call. An incredible set of photos of an iconic group by a young photographer that would go on to make a name for himself in the world of celebrity photography.

Originally posted by Ross Furukawa on the Santa Monica Daily Press

Local entrepreneur, extreme sportsman and original Dogtown local Mike Vaughan passed away suddenly on June 18th. He was 48 years old.

A third generation Santa Monican, Mike attended Grant Elementary, John Adams Middle School and Santa Monica High School. Many locals knew the Vaughan family, they owned DSJ Printers on Pico Blvd for many years.

Mike started his printing career at DSJ, then launched his own printing company, Positive Existence Printing. Mike built Positive Existence to become an industry leader, printing movie posters, point of purchase displays and many of the billboards you see throughout Los Angeles.

Mike served on the boards of the Boys and Girls Clubs council and the Santa Monica YMCA.

In 2005, Mike started Pro Sup Shop with his then-partner Nikki Von Reisen, Ross Furukawa and his father, Mike Vaughan Sr. Through insight, hard work and a long term vision, Pro Sup Shop became the largest Santa Up Paddle board business in LA County, operating at Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey.

Mike touched the lives of many through Pro Sup Shop. He introduced thousands of people to his love of the ocean through this accessible water sport, and was always generous with his time, resources and skills with anyone who showed interest.

He was instrumental in facilitating and building Stand Up Paddleboarding as a team building, social activity, and found it a great way to network with everyone on the water.

Mike played a huge role in starting the Santa Monica Pier Paddle and Ocean Festival, one of the largest water sports events on the West Coast.

A true waterman, Mike competed on a national level in Stand Up Paddleboard racing, eventually cracking the top 5 in his class. He would jump off his board to try to catch sharks with his bare hands. He paddled from San Pedro to Catalina, ran a marathon, then paddled back. He competed in the San Diego Bay to Bay 20 mile race in 10 ft swells during a winter storm. He never quit.

Mike was always the first to go out and the last to come in. He was always the guy who caught the biggest wave, surfed closest to the rock, and got stuffed in the deepest tube.

Most of all, he had a passion for sharing his love of sports and this infected everyone around him.

Mike Vaughan is survived by his wife Jennifer, son Cole, father Mike Vaughn Sr, mother Linda, brother Matt and sisters Diana, Christine and many nieces and nephews.

June was a good month for waves at our local spots and we got a ton of surf photos from a bunch of days at different spots, from Venice up to County Line.

Below is the list of Surf Spots with the days we got photos for during the entire month of May. Each link will take you to the page with a few surf photos and at the bottom of those photos there will be a link to that photographer's gallery where you can find all the surf photos for that day (many times there's well over 100 photos to check out). Most of these photographers offer high-res downloads and prints for sale.

County Line

County Line - Tuesday 6-9-2020 Photo Gallery

Leo Carrillo

Leo Carrillo - Thursday 6-4-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Friday 6-5-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Tuesday 6-9-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Thursday 6-11- 2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Friday 6-12-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Monday 6-22-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Monday 6-29-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Tuesday 6-30-2020 Photo Gallery


Zeros - Wednesday 6-3-2020 Photo Gallery
Zeros - Thursday 6-4-2020 Photo Gallery
Zeros - Friday 6-5-2020 Photo Gallery
Zeros - Saturday 6-6-2020 Photo Gallery
Zeros - Monday 6-8-2020 Photo Gallery
Zero's - Tuesday 6-30-2020 Photo Gallery


Zuma - Monday 6-8-2020 Photo Gallery


Sunset - Wednesday 6-24-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Sunday 6-28-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Monday 6-29-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Tuesday 6-30-2020 Photo Gallery

Venice Breakwater

Venice Breakwater - Wednesday 6-3-2020 Photo Gallery
Venice Breakwater - Sunday 6-7-2020 Photo Gallery

The County of Los Angeles just announced all that they are closing all Los Angeles beaches this upcoming weekend. Here's part of their press release:

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is ordering L.A. County beaches closed from July 3 through July 6 at 5:00 a.m. to prevent dangerous crowding that results in the spread of deadly COVID-19.

For that same reason, the department is also prohibiting fireworks displays in the County this July 4th holiday weekend.

A modified Health Officer Order will be issued today.

During the holiday weekend, beaches will be totally closed to all recreational activities. Beach parking lots will be closed, as well.

All public beaches, piers, public beach parking lots, beach bike paths that traverse that sanded portion of the beach, and beach access points will be temporarily closed to the public as of 12:01 a.m. on July 3, 2020, until 5 a.m. on July 6, 2020. Long Beach has its own health department and this announcement does not apply to that city, at this time.

It is reported that this new order makes it illegal to trespass at these locations and is punishable by law to include, but not limited to, a $1000 fine.

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has told reporters that he will NOT enforce the beach closure order for 4th of July weekend. Says LASD was not consulted, and they'll only enforce closing parking lots/traffic on PCH.

The Lost Hills Sheriffs Department, which patrols Malibu made this announcement via their Facebook:
"Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors announced the closure of our beaches, piers, beach bike paths, and beach access points beginning 7/3/2020 through 7/6/2020. The Malibu/Lost Hills Station Beach Team will be patrolling the beaches throughout the weekend and late into the evening. This new order makes it illegal to trespass at these locations and is punishable by law to include, but not limited to, a $1000 fine."

And just a reminder, those mystical $1,000 surfing tickets that you heard a friend of a friend of another friend say someone got, or that you read about on some bullshit Surfline or lame Inertia article, there were none given out.

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

On June 11th, 2020, a surfer's vehicle was stolen from 18th Ave at Venice Beach. The car thief took the keys that were hidden under the fender and stole the vehicle.

It appears he may have been watching the driver the whole time, he walks right up to the car, looks back and then goes right to where the keys were hidden. As of the time of publishing this video, this thief has not been caught, LAPD has done nothing yet.

Thieves have been targeting surfers' vehicles in the Los Angeles area. Watching for them to hide the keys and go out into the water, then using the keys and either stealing items from the vehicle, or as in this case, driving off with the vehicle. So don't hide your keys at your vehicle. At the very least, use a lock box, do something to not make yourself an easy target. While, lock boxes are not 100% theft prove, they are a good deterrent. Most of the car burglaries and thefts we have heard about have involved keys that were hidden on or near the vehicle.

Below are two different lock boxes available on Amazon. Longtime surf photographer Randy Wright recommends the WordLock Key Lock Box both for it's security and for it's large capacity cylindrical container.

May was a good month for waves at our local spots and we got a ton of surf photos from a bunch of days at different spots, from Venice up to County Line.

Below is the list of Surf Spots with the days we got photos for during the entire month of May. Each link will take you to the page with a few surf photos and at the bottom of those photos there will be a link to that photographer's gallery where you can find all the surf photos for that day (many times there's well over 100 photos to check out). Most of these photographers offer high-res downloads and prints for sale.

County Line

County Line - Saturday 5-16-2020 Photo Gallery
County Line - Thursday 5-28-2020 Photo Gallery

Leo Carrillo

Leo Carrillo - Tuesday 5-19-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Wednesday 5-20-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Wednesday 5-27-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Friday 5-29-2020 Photo Gallery
Leo Carrillo - Saturday 5-30-2020 Photo Gallery


Zeros - Friday 5-29-2020 Photo Gallery
Zeros - Saturday 5-30-2020 Photo Gallery


Topanga - Tuesday 5-19-2020 Photo Gallery
Topanga - Sunday 5-31-2020 Photo Gallery


Sunset - Saturday 5-9-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Sunday 5-10-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Monday 5-11-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Tuesday 5-12-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Saturday 5-30-2020 Photo Gallery
Sunset - Sunday 5-31-2020 Photo Gallery

Venice Breakwater

Venice Pier - Saturday 5-2-2020 Photo Gallery
Venice Breakwater - Monday 5-4-2020 Photo Gallery
Venice Breakwater - Tuesday 5-5-2020 Photo Gallery
Venice Breakwater - Wednesday 5-20-2020 Photo Gallery

Venice Pier

Venice Pier - Tuesday 5-5-2020 Photo Gallery
Venice Pier - Wednesday 5-6-2020 Photo Gallery
Venice Pier - Saturday 5-16-2020 Photo Gallery

Venice Skate Park's Sergeant-At-Arms Peck and Venice Skateboarding Stuff got everyone together to clean out the skate park.

As seen on our Instagram Stories, the clean up started late Sunday afternoon, Peck rounding up shovels, brooms, and buckets, and the crew started removing most of the sand from the mini-bowl.

Sunday afternoon, mini-bowl almost cleared out and was skate-able.

Venice Skateboarding Stuff put the word out that skate park clean up will continue at 8am on Monday.

Clean up resumed early Monday with a few people, then it grew throughout the morning to a large number of people coming down to help out. More shovels and buckets were brought over. All ages pitched in, even the non-skaters jumped in and started shoveling out sand.

Peck in the completely buried snake run Monday morning.

There were all ages helping out.

No interruptions from Police or The Department Of Parks & Recreation. But a source said that Parks & Rec are just going to tell the workers to fill the skate park back up with sand again.

This kid was shoveling sand on Sunday and Monday morning, took a break from that to get some air over the hip.

@somasugiyama with sandals frontside airing a penny board.

By Sunday afternoon, the last bucket of sand was removed from the snake run. The mini-bowl was cleared of sand, and they were working on getting the last of the sand out of the pool. By late afternoon, everyone was skating the park again. But as seen in the photos, the city let the skate park get thrashed, there is graffiti everywhere, it has never been this badly tagged up before.

Venice Skateboarding Stuff , Peck, and all who helped get the skate park.

We'll have to wait till Tuesday morning when the Parks & Rec head honcho shows up to find out the fate of the park.

The city workers gave a heads up, that the park will just be refilled with sand. But Peck said, "We are prepare for that, we're ready for that, we prepared for that. But hey, let it be a battle. We gonna fight for what we believe in and our rights, cuz this skate park is our life and we're gonna fight for it."

Check out more photos of the clean up and skating in this gallery:

Venice Skatepark - May 2020 Photo Galley
On May 22,2020, LA County released this updated set on Beach Rules ALLOWED:

- Individual or family ocean activities (such as surfing, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding and body surfing)
- Individual or family active recreation & exercise (such as walking, running and using the beach bike path)


- Sunbathing, or sitting or lying on sand
- Picnicking
- Chairs, canopies or coolers
- Group or organized sports (such as volleyball)
- Gatherings or events
- Fishing

HEALTH & SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: - More than 6 feet physical distance from others at all times (except between members of same household)
- Face coverings, when out of the water AND around others (except for children under age 2 and those with breathing problems)
- Stay at home if you, or someone you live with, is sick

CLOSURES STILL IN EFFECT (until further notice):

- Piers – CLOSED
- Beach Accessways – CLOSED
- Beach Volleyball Courts – CLOSED

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors announced the opening of parking lots for limited capacity at select beaches throughout the County, including Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach in Malibu. County disaster service workers will be at the lots to advise beach patrons of the COVID-19 related rules. In addition, County-operated beach access ways throughout the City will be unlocked during posted hours to allow easier public access to beaches.

For more of our coverage of the Coronavirus lockdown, closures, and how our local surf community and businesses are doing, CLICK HERE

Travel along the California coast to surf Big Malibu as Dewey Weber, Miki Dora, Lance Carson and the local boyz strut their stuff on the wave they all claimed, that stretch of sand along Pacific Coast highway called Surfrider Beach. Hear a new original score that will take you back to a time when the beaches were pure and the waves were always breaking- surf music that makes you long for the Rendezvous’ Ballroom, laying down the line for the “Surfer’s Stomp!”

Surfing bioluminescent waves at Venice Beach during May 2020. Filmed By Cameron Chacker
Latest Update was 5:00 PM 5-18-2020.
As of now, this is an on-going story. Newest updates are added as they come in, scroll down for all the updates as they are posted in chronological order.

Around 3:40pm, LA County Lifeguards responded to a call, a large group of swimmers got pulled out by the strong rip current. Lifeguards made contact with a number of the swimmers, but one did submerge. They are searching for an adult male.

LA CO Fire Dept reports were that they evaluated a 10 year old boy after lifeguards rescued him from the water and are currently searching for his father who remained missing as of 5:30 p.m

Around 3:40 p.m, scanners picked up reports of "lifeguards responding to a reported missing swimmer in Venice Beach. Section 3, Area 23, LR200. Dive 1 also on scene."

Live footage of the search was posted to our Instagram Story as it was happening.

"Lifeguards are conducting Line Searches throughout the surf zone. Dive 1 is Conducting subsurface searches with support from Baywatch Del Rey. LA County Fire Air Ops Copter 12 is conducting an aerial search. Location is Ketch Tower in Venice Beach."

Statement from LA Fire Dept: (LA County Lifeguards) requested LAFD medical support in their search for two reported missing swimmers. One 10yo male was located, evaluated and did not require transport to the hospital. LA County Lifeguard is leading the continuing search for the 2nd swimmer, reported to be the adult father of the 1st patient. LAFD is on medical standby only. All further questions are referred to LA County Lifeguards ; FS 63; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; E63 RA63; CH4; Margaret Stewart

The Coast Guard stated they "are currently searching for missing 39-year-old man off the coast of Venice Beach."

SECT3 reports the search for the missing person continues from the air, surface, and underwater. Water is 15-30’ deep with a north facing lateral current at 4 mph. Swells still 5-6’

"There was a large rescue of 6+ people shortly before. I watched the whole thing, but still don’t understand exactly what happened. It happened so quickly." commented witness Rhiannon Dourado.

*Update* As of 7:30PM subsurface searches have been suspended for the evening.
Lifeguards will continue periodic land based patrols throughout the area. Dive and Sonar search operations will resume at 7:00AM tomorrow.

UPDATE 5-18-2020, 10:30 AM
Lifeguards resumed Sub-surface Dive operations at 7:00AM

The missing swimmer is said to be Former WWE star Shad Gaspard, who is 39 years old. Gaspard was swimming with his 10-year-old son who was rescued and unharmed.

Gaspard's wife posted this to her Instagram story:

UPDATE 5-18-2020, 1:30 PM
Reports came in that at approximately 12:30PM, the search has been stopped.

"We had one of our lifeguards go out to make a double rescue of a father and a son. The father unfortunately got pushed down by a wave as they were getting pulled out of the current. The lifeguard rescued and grabbed the boy, the son, and tried to grab the father as well. He ended up getting pushed down by a wave and we couldn't find him and we immediately started with our rescue boats, called in additional lifeguards to search that location of his dad." - Kenichi Haskett, Los Angeles County Fire Dept Lifeguard Division.

UPDATE 5-18-2020, 5:00 PM
“Every effort will be made to locate this gentleman, he is somebody's family member, and we all have family, so we will not rest until we feel that every effort has been made to locate him,” said Deputy Trina Schrader of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department Monday.