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Last Saturday 4,583 Heal the Bay volunteers removed 11,298 lbs trash and 313 lbs recyclables from 65+ miles of California beaches, streets, neighborhoods, and waterways for Heal the Bay’s 33rd Annual Coastal Cleanup Day.

Life Rolls On's They Will Skate Again 2022 at Venice Skatepark. WCMX action with Nitro Circus' Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, Robert Thompkins, Oscar Loreto, Jr., Tracie Garacochea, and more adaptive athletes.

This happen on Sunday, September 11, 2022 at approx 12PM. This is on Speedway near Navy in Venice Beach, near the Santa Monica border. Unknown who is the real owner of the bicycle.

Cam footage of the artist applying his dislike of Surfline to the wall at Venice Beach.

Surfline Venice Cam viewers tuned into this Monday morning.

Celebration of Life for Los Angeles County Fire Department Ocean Lifeguard Derek Traeger.

New film from Full Moon Surf Club:

" Our first feature full length that brings together the incredible surfing of our usual suspects and the behind the scenes look at the moments that could never be re-created at our favorite summer spot. Featuring Jack Hill, David Vizulis, Brooke Carlson, Spencer Navarro, Zian Boyd, Josh Perez, River Covey, Allen Sarlo, and Sam Heck alongside a cast of motley characters who are always with us behind the scenes. Enjoy this 20 minute long debut that was filmed in it's entirety in just eight days, a testament to how much incredible surfing and hyjinx that goes down on a day to day basis at Malibu first point. Cheers."

Dogtown Devils hosts the 1st Annual Venice Classic. Over 200 classic showed up this car show held on Venice Beach.

From Brad Jacobson:

"I headed to Malibu on Sunday August 28th to catch a fun south swell for the second episode in my new series "the Daily Chase".
Great weather, fun surf and... chickens?

Thanks for watching. I'm Brad Jacobson and I'll see ya on the sand."
Here's yet another update to what appears to the new popular Malibu drama, The Angriest Man In Surfing.

Andy "The Angriest Man In Surfing" Lyon has spoke with the 25+ year old "kid" and both agreed it's a "matter to be forgotten." Each will fix their own boards.

The "kid" wants to stay out of the spotlight.

“I have respect for the guy. He didn’t go to the cops, he didn’t bitch out," Andy said in an interview, "not like the guy who made the TikTok!”

So now the guy who shot and originally posted the now viral video is being accused of purposedly going after Andy. Of course this is from the pro-Andy crowd.

A person who claims to be a witness went online via the name RedDucky and wrote this:

"The incident has been blown completely out of proportion. Both Andy and the other adult male did not communicate well. They both caught a wave from the previous set, and paddled back up the point together. They were talking about their respective waves. The younger man was paddling faster. A function of age. The older man stopped shy of the top of the point. A wave came and the younger man took off. The older man mistakenly thought the younger man ‘back paddles’ him. (Silly because there were at least 5 other surfers sitting at the top who didn’t go in the last set and had priority (I know because I was one of them.) With that in mind, when all this went down, the guy who shot the video (Shane Lotz) gave a copy to the young man with the yellow board. Guess what? The young man did nothing with the video. But Shane who operates a surf school (crowding the public line up and profiting off it) had a prior heated discussion with the older guy previously so he seized the opportunity to use it against him. He doxed him and engaged in major’ cancel culture, even calling his employer and getting him fired from his job.

Meanwhile the two men directly involved did not call the authorities or get lawyered up. Instead, they met at the young man’s home, shares a cold drink (non alcoholic since neither drinks alcohol) and settled their differences which included fixing boards. Since the two involved moved on everyone else should too!"

The part about Shane running a surf school doesn't hold true though. Someone who knows Shane had this to say:

"Shane doesn’t “operate a surf school” - he gives mellow lessons every now and again to kids and completely stays out of the way - often in that little cove area right in front of the Adamson property. Shane is mellow and nice (but also shreds) - he’s not out there causing trouble. andy brings violence and bad vibes to the line up. period. whenever I see him I just look the other way."

This seems to go in line with what others mentioned about Shane. This person goes on to add"

"Would rather have shane around than andy ffs. You know this isn’t an isolated innocent with Andy. Andy also says some real foul stuff about young women on IG.

The factor of the matter is, the scene at Malibu is not cheering andy on. Nobody is. Nobody likes his vibes. Maybe just some kooks on the internet who think thruster jerk fests are cool and fun. Yesterday a group of older men in the line up were discussing putting Andy in a cage or dog crate or something when I paddled by…"
Here's an update to The Angriest Man In Surfing drama.

Malibu's Andy Lyon, who has been dubbed The Angriest Man In Surfing due to the viral video of his incident with another surfer, has embraced the positive side of all this.

“You know, it’s a good ride right now,” he told the website Beach Grit. “Fucking dealing with all these little punks, keyboard warriors. It’s pretty amazing how stuff goes like this…I’ve become sorta famous I guess.”

Andy went on the Dirty Water Podcast and tells his side of the incident, and more. Listen to the podcast below:

As others have said, the "kid" in the video is in his mid-20s. Andy confirms it in the podcast. He also says the same thing that others that were there that day said, the "kid" was not so innocent in the whole ordeal.
So here's the whole deal on Malibu's Andy Lyon smashing a kid's surfboard drama.

A video with the text "The Angriest Man In Surfing" get posted to Tik Tok, showing a surfer dropping in on a "kid", and burning him. The video then cuts to the argument on the beach where the Angriest Man throws a huge rock onto the kid's surfboad putting a large gash in it. Angriest Man then throws the kid's board out into the water. The video shows the kid going to retrieve his board and shows the damage done to it.

Here is the full video:

After this video was posted, it went somewhat viral.

People were pretty quick to point out who the Angriest Man is.

Several people on Tik Tok, Instagram, and websites where the video was shared, like Reddit, were not only revealing that the surfer was Andy Lyons, they also started posting his Instagram info, which led to a lot of people attacking him via comments to his instageam account.

Andy responded to some of the comments defending his actions:

It didn't stop there, several people on websites discussing the video went as far as to post all his personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, as well as his employer's info. People were spammng his employer's email and social media accounts about Andy. And they were encouraging others to spam as well.

One unknown individual created accounts on Instagram and online, going after Andy with a vengance, posting Andy's person info and encouraging others to go after him and his employer.

"After hearing from locals who are familiar with Andy, it is apparent that this is not an isolated incident. Andy has a reputation for behaving aggressively while surfing, and seems to be under the impression that because he is an OLD local, he has the right to behave this way." is what the person stated.

"We believe that Andy should be held accountable for his actions, and feel that this needs to be brought to the attention of the wider community, as well as the surfing community as a whole, to show that this sort of behavior is not acceptable."

After awhile Andy made his Instagram account private, but wanted to make amends for his actions. Here is his DMs with person who runs the Anti-Andy Instagram:

On Monday morning, Andy's employer posted to their Instagram: "Thank you to the Malibu community for bringing this to our attention." Along with the image below saying that they "parted ways" with Andy:

The kid from the video is still unknown. The person behind the Anti-Andy Instagram account is trying to identify him.

r One source has said the "kid" appears to be in his mid-20s or older, and that he was not being the most innocent of people prior to the filmed incident.

On Monday afternoon, the person running the Anti-Andy Instagram stated: "Andy's friends have been in contact with the person who originally posted the video and threatened and intimidated them. They also claim to have been in contact with the kid in the video, who apparently apologised to Andy for the inconvenience."

Video by Noshington Wells:

August 4 2022
Surf at Malibu Surfrider beach today

From Koa Rothman :

"Chaos at the most crowded wave on the planet!"

Video by Noshington Wells:

August 2 2022
Point Dume Malibu

From Brad Jacobson:

" Malibu got really good on Wednesday July 20th. The waves were stacking all the way through... and yeah, it was super crowded.

I headed to Malibu to catch the Code Red Swell and decided to try something new, film off the end of the Malibu pier. The waves were really good and the angle turned out to be just right.

Thanks for watching. I'm Brad Jacobson and I'll see ya on the sand."

Video by Scott Gudahl:

"Code Red 2 Swell sends 7 Days of super fun surf to Malibu California. Spent a full weeks surfing and shooting photos of the Code Red 2 swell. After watching how the swell tore through the south pacific nailing Tahiti and Hawaii. Every Californian was waiting with anticipation for this run of waves. On arrival it was much smaller than originally forecasted, but I have to say from sun up to sun down for 7 days straight we had good surf. Malibu was running from the top of the point to the pier on Tuesday with every day around it producing super fun surf. Its been 10 years since the first Code Red swell hit and I have my fingers crossed we link into a good late season here in California."

Video by Noshington Wells:

July 20, 2022, Luke Davis, Andy Nieblas, and Allen Sarlo surfing Malibu.

Dave Letterman and Paul take a break from the Late Show to hang ten in Malibu.

(From "Late Show" in Los Angeles, air date: 5/13/94)
DISCLAIMER/EDITOR's NOTE: They are finally doing something about these horrible douchbags, they block all the handicap parking spots, they trash the whole area, they clean their equipment on the handicap access paths, they illegally use Handicap Placards, numerious people have said they were mouthed off to when they questioned why they park in the handicap spots. Unfortunetly they are only getting cited here for vending.

"It’s about time that the city did something! They would take up all the spots in front row including the handicap, cause the owner would have his employees drive his vans and scooter down and park them in spots early. All had handicap license plates so he could take up that corner spot to set up business and park for free. So if I wanted to bring down my mother who is 87 who doesn’t think she needs a disabled plaque all are taken and it’s been going on since 2020 even the girl uses a DP plaque. People are abusing DP plaques in that lot everyday it’s no longer for people with physical disabilities! It’s a Shit Show their running ,taking people out to surf when it’s big and the locals don’t even go out or on a low tide when you can really get hurt. It’s all about the money! Owner is a total KOOK!!!" comments Chavez via Youtube.

From Santa Monica Close Up:

"Santa Monica Code Enforcement Officers from the Vendors Task force issues a citation to a surf school for vending in a public parking lot at Santa Monica Beach parking lot on Sunday, July 17, 2022."

Santa Monica Close Up is a photo blog by Santa Monica based Photojournalist/Press photographer Fabian Lewkowicz. Fabian is the former staff photographer for the Santa Monica Daily Observer Press, Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Corsair.

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