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2017 Ocean Park Surf Contest: Awards and Results

The trophies made by Robert Asher of Asher Guitars & Lap Steels . Trophies were given to the top 3 in each division, along with prizes from the contest sponsors. Among the prizes given were complete skateboards from Arbor - Venice and Bay Street Boards , gift certificates to Gilbert's El Indio Restaurant and Shaka Shack Burgers , hats and t-shirts from Guy Okazaki Surfboards and Hecho En Venice .

1. Greg Dahl
2. Kalani Perez
3. Marcus Mclendon

1. Emily Flavin
2. Mimi Sullivan
3. Lulu Asher

1. Fabien Delgado
2. Eric Kim
3. Jett Prefontaine

1. Bennett Kelly
2. Cooper Colby
3. Zephyr Wilson

1. Cole Sweeney
2. Simon Torres
3. Dylan Kruger

1. Rusty White
2. Nick Nevarez
3. Frank Corruna

1. Todd Roberts
2. Charlie Diaz
3. Guy Camilleri

1. Maddie LoMonaco
2. Chloe Kleinman
3. Almudena Sancho

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