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Closing & Photo Gallery Links

"We had the most entrants ever. We couldn't have asked for a better day or better waves, and this year's contest will go down in history as one of the best!"
Kevin from the Ocean Park Surf Club

Shacked had 3 photographers shooting photos. There are 3 large photo galleries to check out. If you competed in this, there's gonna be a ton of shots of you in each of these galleries. The links below will send you directly to each photographer's gallery for the contest.

Photo Galleries

Scuba Zac

Six12 Media

Steve Christensen Photo

Thanks to all the contest sponsors!

Arbor skateboards
Bagel Nosh Deli
Bay St. Boards
Bennett Truks
Bob's Market
Chano Surfboards
Green Goo
Hecho en Venice
Kind Snacks
Ocean Park 26 Clothing
Rip City Skates
Rip Curl
Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards
Scott Anderson / Aquatech
Shaka Shack
Skater Made
Sticky Bumps
ZJ Boarding House

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