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Venice Surf-A-Thon

If you never got a chance to check them out, here are all the contest and after-party photos from the 22nd Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon. these were shot by Six12 Media.

The contest was held back in December. Here the surfing shots:

There's a few hundred more shots, which is obviously way too many to fit onto this page, so you can CLICK HERE for the complete Venice Surf-A-Thon 2015 Photo Gallery and check out all of the photos.

If you surfed the contest, or were watching it from the sand, there's most likely photos of you.

There was also an after party that was held at the Arbor Shop:

There are a bunch more after photos as well in the Venice Surf-A-Thon 2015 Photo Gallery. Check them out.


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