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Surfing. 1778–2015

From catching waves in California in the early 1900s to relaxing on Bondi Beach in the 1930s: Stunning images in this new book chart the evolution of surfing through the ages

- Incredible photographs chart evolution of surfing as both a sport and a lifestyle through the ages
- Images, which date back centuries, capture surfers maintaining their boards in Hawaii in the 1890s
- Other pictures show people surfing in California in 1900s and relaxing on Bondi Beach in the 1930s
- The images have been compiled into a new book, which provides a visual history of the water sport

At nearly 600 pages and featuring over 900 images, this new book from Taschen tells the complete history of surfing,

California is featured in the book, with photos such as this one of Craig Stecyk posing with his surfboard in Venice, California

Vintage surf photos of Santa Monica and nearby beaches.

Surfing. 1778–2015 is available on Amazon :

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