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Bay Street Boards

By Kevin Osborne

Bay Street Boards is a local family-owned surf & skate shop in Santa Monica. The shop was started a few years ago by the Bentivoglio brothers, Galeazzo and Sante. Growing up in Santa Monica the Bentivoglio brothers learned to surf and skateboard and supported local shops such as Horizons West and Islands, but as those shops closed they saw a need for a non-corporate local shop to serve the needs of surfers and skaters. They created Bay Street Boards.

Bay Street has a full selection of surf and skate gear and specializes in local hardgood and softgood brands like Anderson Surfboards and Ocean Park Clothing. Along with supplying equipment, the brothers also teach surfing lessons, make videos of local talent, hold art shows in the shop, and host free BBQ's at Stoner Skatepark. So if you are looking for a family-style local surf & skate shop, Bay Street Boards is the place for you!

Bay Street Boards
3216 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90404
Instagram: @baystreetboards

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