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THERAsurf Is Returning

THERAsurf is a diverse collective of parents, professionals and members of the surf community committed to the belief that there is healing energy in the power of the ocean. Our goal is to provide children with special needs the opportunity to benefit from that positive energy by safely getting them into the water and up on waves. We help children and their families access the stoke of surf culture, and aspire to create a can-do environment in a world full of limitations.

We embrace the notion that surfing is therapy and believe in its transformational power and its ability to instill courage and confidence. Witness a child who cannot walk bombing down the face of a head-high wave and learn what it means to be inspired. We honor the life-altering effects of these experiences and the unforgettable memories they provide for kids and their families.

We hold that all children are equal, regardless of race, religion, or ability, yet respect their individual needs and differences. We recognize that we are their advocates, especially those with severe challenges, and welcome their families and friends as part of our community. Through advocacy, there is hope: Hope for living. Hope for dreaming.

More info at THERAsurf

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