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UPDATE! Venice Skatepark pool destroyed


The security cameras' footage revealed that it was one individual who vandalized the skatepark.

Late Friday night a group of people were hanging out in the park getting drunk. As the night went on, all but two left. Those two were sitting on top the shallow end of the pool, as they were about to left, one noticed that the coping block he was siting on was loose. So he pulled it off and threw it into the pool were it shattered. He then preceded to pull off more pieces and throw them then in all directions, having them break apart at impact in the snakerun and street sections. After doing that to about 16 pieces of coping, he couldn't pull off the 17th piece and just decided to leave.

The graffiti left behind, which was rumored in earlier reports to be done by the vandals, was a separate act, not done by the drunk who tore up the pool.

Previous report: The Venice Skatepark was vandalized last night, not just some graffiti, a group of cowardly d-bags tore up a huge section of the pool's coping and threw the debris all over the park. And of course, they tagged their stupid names on the park. The park remains closed for now (see photo below).


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