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"North Shore" 30th Anniversary

" North Shore" Is 30 Years Old Today. Exactly 30 years ago, on August 14th, 1987, Universal Pictures took a big risk on a big screen surf film that had never been done before... and it tanked... BUT, what Universal Pictures doesn't realize, is that it far from tanked in the wide eyes of hundreds of thousands of young people who found it hilarious, captivating, inspiring and just straight UNREAL!!!

With each decade that passed, and with its release onto VHS, cable, and DVD gained a cult-classic fan base that spans worldwide.

Fans have proudly made North Shore a part of their lives and their children's lives... Exchanging favorite one liners with their friends and family...naming their kids and pets after their favorite characters, and even inspiring them to surf, to shape, to dream big and to keep the stoke, all while "staying loose"--- on Hawaii, on the mainland and worldwide.

With an 80s dynasty of a cast, packed with pro surfers who are still charging today, with actors who are all still good friends, working hard but still finding time to take surf trips together, and with a soundtrack that was packed full of power ballads (Nature of the Beast by The Angels), legendary Reggae beats, and Australian bands who are still touring today, there's no doubt that this film will continue to charge into the next 30 years with a new generation of stoked youth!

Celebrate as you wish with a few tacos bought with a giant check... with a 20 dollar glass of champagne... some good homemade pork jerky or a flaming hot sugar stick....maybe a good surf sesh... a movie night with family and friends....

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