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Haunted Heats 2017

ZJ Boarding House held their 10th Annual Haunted Heats Surf Contest this past weekend right down the street from their location in Ocean Park.

Surfers in Haunted Heats are judged on their costume, with the costume performance portion on the beach and then on how they surf as the character they are dressed up as. Many surfers enter as a group with choreographed dance numbers and battle scenes. Some bride the judges with candy or string cheese.

The Cheese Goddess.

Winning Best Grom Surfer with this wave.

The Grom-Zombie, who drove up from Carlsbad for the contest, took Runner-Up in the Groms.

A member of the 3 Pinatas who took Best Runner-Up Costumes.

Best Adult Surfer Winner

One of the North Korean Bombs on one of the bigger waves.

Kim Jong and his Bombs during their costume performance, that combined with their surfing, won them the Best Overall Trophy.

The Bee Gees Staying Alive on a wave.

The Pirates took a trophy for their battles on the sand and sea.

This is just a few of the shots, there are over 100 more photos of the all surfing and costumes.

Check out the huge gallery of all the photos, all full size and in high-resolution:
Haunted Heats Photo Gallery


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