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Bay Street Barrel Hunters

Most people get super frustrated surfing Bay Street, or any other local beachbreaks for that matter. The waves are generally very poor in shape - quick, crappy closeouts that give you no time to get a turn in or even choose a line to pump down.

But one man's trash is another's treasure. Bay Street locals know that although the shape isn't the best at their break, they are blessed to have waves that teach other HUNTING BARRELS!!

All those closeouts may look like shitty walls to you, but a true Bay St local sees another opportunity to get DEEP in da tube! Chances are they ain't making it out, but it's all about that split second moment and view. To honor all the guys looking to get shacked at crappy beach breaks, Bay Street Boards has created a sick new Bay Street Barrel Hunters T-Shirt!
For the Bay Street boys that are always hunting for the tube, looking to get shacked, getting deeper and deeper bruuuhh!!! Happy hunting!!

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