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The Infamous Venice Beach Leash Pull Attack!!!!!

"Why isn't Shacked posting about it?"
"Why aren't you blasting this kook?"

We got posts on Instagram, as well as DMs and emails asking this question. A couple that were insinuating that we are not being supportive of female surfers and black female surfers.

Well, first off, we didn't get news of this till a day after it starting making the internet rounds. We were not tagged in the initial posts on the incident like KooK_of_the_Day , Kookslams, and Inertia were. Which was probably for the best.

Second, if you're reading this, you already know what the incident we are talking about, as it has made the rounds of all the surf related websites and social media.

As we're started gathering info to make a story on the incident, we saw how the friend of the surfer who got her leash pulled and a website that is close to that person's organization were attempting to turn this incident into a racial hate crime of sorts. Now to be clear, what one surfer did by pulling that other surfer's leash was not right, but neither is what this friend and that website are doing.

That website has a very poorly written and factually inaccurate blog post "breaking" this story, stating race was the motivation behind the incident. Any person who points out the writer's errors in facts, or does not fully 100% side with surfer that got her leash pulled automatically gets labeled as "racist white man" by the website.

We politely and respectfully asked the writer some question about her story in a public forum, not only did she back-peddle, constantly lie, and just refuse to answer questions, she attempted to talk down to us, accuse us of harassment (ironic) , and more... As many have stated all over social media, the writer solely used race in order to drum up more clicks to her website.

Even worse comes from the friend who is spear heading this hateful vendetta against the surfer who pulled the leash.

Pretty much all the websites posting on this story are taking their info directly from those two sources. Some are calling it what it is, others are following those two's footsteps and labeling this as a race issue to earn sympathy views and shares (in order to make more money off the ads run on the sites).

The guy was being an arrogant kook, he wasn't being a racist.

We did find a lot of info to run a pretty good story on the incident, but the truth was that neither parties come off looking good. In fact, we are the only website that has actually talked to people that were present during all this, including Wagner Lima himself. We also found proof that all involved have a history of certain behaviors.

That and because we didn't want to give these false claims of a "race motivated assault" anymore attention (since sadly many have their minds made up already , they will accept no facts proving otherwise ). We made the call to not post anything

The only reason we are posting this is because some are trying to say this website is hiding the story because it is run by a "triggered white men" and "a Venice/Lima type". We just want to clear that BS up.

Will we eventually post the story we started writing up and getting screenshots for? To be honest, not sure. Prefer to not bring anymore negativity to our community.

NOTE: We withheld names of all parties involved including the name of that race-baiting website. We don't want to be the "source" of any attacks or harassment made to them by our readers. Looks like they are getting it enough now anyways.

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