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Venice Leash Pull Truth: Intro

We never wanted to run stories like this, but we now feel we have to.

Since non-surfing surf coach Rhonda Harper wants to continue milking this made up hate crime to fund her very questionable Black Girls Surf and Inkwell Clothing companies and her many GoFundME accounts, we decided to not stay silent any longer. Rhonda keeps doing interviews, is constantly in contact with news sites and just keeps lying about what happened (in one of the more recent ones, she is now saying the board was grabbed from under the surfer's feet). Always promoting it as a hate crime, which it was not. All the news sites love her story, because it's a good race-baiting headline for them. It's got to stop.

She is not even the victim in this, she is just exploiting the situation for herself and because of her hatred of white people and the surf industry. Unfortunately since she is playing the race card, we will have to address that.

This is such a huge ridiculous dramafest that we have to break it into several parts. The first five parts will be:

Part 1: The Leash Pull
We talked to surfers that were in the water, people that were on the pier, and to Wagner Lima himself about what happened. And did some digging up of info. We are the only site that actually did that. The NBC cameraman lied and Harper is not telling the exactly what happened.

Part 2: The Real Rhonda Harper
Rhonda starts her online harassment and doxing of Wagner Lima. She finally has a white man she can make an example of, even if he isn't white, but he's good enough to use to promote her agenda. Her Facebook page is filled with her making hateful comments.

Part 3: The Fake SeaMaven Story
The complete BS story that this feminist blogger wrote using race that triggered all the backlash and harassment everyone was receiving.

Part 4: The Harassment and Backlash

Part 5: Rhonda Can't Surf
A surf coach that can't surf? Yeah really. People that have tried surfing with her told us how awful she surfing.

Everyday or so we will post a Part of this ridiculous story.

PLEASE NOTE: Danielle is the surfer whose leash was pulled, she never wanted to make a police report or a huge fuss over all this. She actually wants it all to go away, unfortunately Rhonda Harper is the one who wants to keep milking this. They actually had a falling out over it, with Rhonda calling her a coward and such (it will be covered in on of the stories). We ask our readers to not harass any of the parties involved.

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