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Child Molested On Venice Boardwalk

This past Sunday, just after 6PM, a crowd of people on the Venice Boardwalk witnessed a man molesting a female child in broad daylight.

The child appeared to be 3 years old or possibly younger, according to the reports, which also state the man was mildly intoxicated, but knew what he was doing.

It took over a dozen calls to 911 and about 15 minutes before police arrived. Thankfully, some witnesses were able to follow the man as he was trying to flee with the child. And they were able to lead the police to him.

He was arrested, as many of the witnesses had video and photos to show the authorities of his disgusting sexual assault of a child.

Supposedly, he told the police he was her father, and that the mother lived elsewhere.

The child is now with other family members and did received medical care.

A more detailed report of this can be found at Reports of Child Assault on Venice Beach Boardwalk in Broad Daylight.

*No one from Shacked witnessed this event, this scumbag would have had to be transported in an ambulance, not a cop car if we did. We are reporting this from other sources, as linked above*

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