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On June 11th, 2020, a surfer's vehicle was stolen from 18th Ave at Venice Beach. The car thief took the keys that were hidden under the fender and stole the vehicle.

It appears he may have been watching the driver the whole time, he walks right up to the car, looks back and then goes right to where the keys were hidden. As of the time of publishing this video, this thief has not been caught, LAPD has done nothing yet.

Thieves have been targeting surfers' vehicles in the Los Angeles area. Watching for them to hide the keys and go out into the water, then using the keys and either stealing items from the vehicle, or as in this case, driving off with the vehicle. So don't hide your keys at your vehicle. At the very least, use a lock box, do something to not make yourself an easy target. While, lock boxes are not 100% theft prove, they are a good deterrent. Most of the car burglaries and thefts we have heard about have involved keys that were hidden on or near the vehicle.

Below are two different lock boxes available on Amazon. Longtime surf photographer Randy Wright recommends the WordLock Key Lock Box both for it's security and for it's large capacity cylindrical container.

Someone in Ventura had his longboard fly off his car, and it vanished. It's the blue board pictured above.

Here's the Craigslist posting about it:

Missing Surfboard* URGENT + Reward - $69 (Pierpont/Seaward)

My beloved log flew off my roof this afternoon (Sunday 9/22) at the Seaward 101 N onramp. I retraced my route seconds later and it's gone.. If anyone has this PLEASE contact me ASAP. Reward of course!

I just lost my other longboard 2 weeks ago, so this happened to me twice this month. If you have it, please have a heart and return it :)

Here's the link to the original posting: Missing Surfboard* URGENT + Reward - $69,

Residents in the Philips Ranch neighborhood of Pomona say someone prowling around vehicles late at night broke into one woman's van and made off with some unusual items: her dog's surfboards.

Susan Gan's dog, Giselle, loves to surf, and she's made it more than a hobby. Giselle is a competitive surfer, and she has a few wins under her leash.

After a thief broke into Gan's van early Monday morning, Giselle might be landlocked for a while.

A homeowner caught a man lurking around her vehicle on surveillance footage that night. Later, Gan's van was hit just down the street. Residents believe it was likely the same man.

The thief stole two surfboards, and it could not have come at a worse time for Susan and Giselle. The dog was set to compete this weekend in Northern California.

Giselle's sponsor was, however, able to loan her a few boards.

"We will not be able to completely customize it before we leave on Wednesday night. We'll do it well enough where we can compete," Gan said.

Gan is happy that Giselle will still be out on the water this weekend, but for her, those boards are important.

"The board holds a lot of memories for us. She has won many championships with those boards," Gan said. "All I want is for the people who took those boards to bring them back. No questions asked."

The lifeguard tower on the Venice Pier was broken into late Friday night.

The unofficial info we got was that one or two people broke into the tower, they rummaged through everything and made a mess. They smoked out while inside, then they took off with 2 surfboards that were stored in there. We will update with more info and the board photos once they are available.

"STOLEN from DTLA 725 Hill St parking lot. 6’0 Hull shape 4+1 setup shaped by Michael Arenal please spread the word, I need to get this board back" - Sophea Khem

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Below is the posting from the guy who had his board stolen, you can DM him via Instagram at @lance_mountain_

Malibu's Francesca Seely just got two of her surfboards stolen from her house. Keep an eye out for them. Any info on them contact her via Instagram: @franksterseely

"Tonight the pickle was stolen off the top of my car in front of Ralph’s. I love this board, it’s the board i learned to surf on, and put many hours and dollars into fixing it. More than anything is the sentimental value of this board. I feel violated. Cheated. Heartbroken that someone would do this. Please share this post and do anything to help get it back. The surf community wouldn’t do this, i hope not at least. If it shows up, no questions asked. Please please help me get my baby back. The board was taken while i was in Ralph’s on Lincoln in Venice." - Patrick.Lucas.Selsted
From the Bodega Boarder Crew:

The security cam got it all:

From : Bodega Boarder Crew