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Boy Linked To Armed Robbery Shoots His Hand

On Monday just before 3PM, Santa Monica Police responded to the 800 block of 2nd Street to a report of a gunshot wound. This is over in the Montana area of north Santa Monica.

Apparently, a "boy" shot himself in the hand. As he was being treated and taken to the hospital, the police discovered that he is linked to an armed robbery and a stolen vehicle (this information was overheard from the detectives conversations with the parents).

Several investigaters and the Forensics vehicles soon arrive to the scene and a search of the street facing apartment began.

A neighbor stated that the kid and his parents must have just moved in, because the aparment was vacant about two months ago.

Also overheard was that the boy will be going to juvenile hall.

Below are screenshots of the Video Stories from the Shacked Mag Instagram:

Searching the apartment


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