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N-Men - Untold Story Skateboard Documentary LA Premier

In 1975 the Z-Boys came to life in Dogtown. That same year in Northern California, the N-Men were formed. The Z-Boys only lasted 3 years. The N-Men and women have never stopped and have had a global impact on the world of skateboarding. Their story has never been told.

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In 1975 in downtown Sacramento, California, a diverse crew of young skateboarders met at a paved embankment under the I-5 freeway. They had no idea that their underground movement would have a global impact on the world of skateboarding.

What sets them apart?

They’ve stuck together for almost 50 years and they’ve never stopped.

Unless you were a pro skater visiting Northern California, you might have never heard of them.

One of the N-Men, Don Bostick went on to create the skate and snowboard events for the X-Games for ESPN. Don Bostick even had a hand in helping Tony Hawk and others get skateboarding into the 2021 Olympics for the first time ever. The N-Men have influenced many of the best pro skateboarders in the world and they have continued to remain relevant to the sport and to the industry.

They kept their pools, pipes and ditches secret.

They were inclusive, never exclusive.

If you could find them, keep up with them and charge hard, you became one of them.

It was never about fame or fortune, just the pure soul of hardcore skateboarding.

It was and still is a movement.

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